Babyletto Pure Core crib mattress Review

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Babyletto Pure Core crib mattress reviews

Babyletto Pure Core crib mattress Review

If you search for a non-toxic baby crib mattress, which is made of all-natural materials, Babyletto Pure core crib mattress might be the right choice for you.

In our opinion, it is one of the best crib mattresses on the market, and many parents agree with us. Of course, it is not just the Eco feature which makes it so great. After reading our Babyletto Pure Core crib mattress review, you will see that it is much more than just a regular baby crib mattress.

Natural crib mattresses without any toxins and an affordable price usually don’t go hand in hand. You can buy a luxury organic crib mattress for a high price, or you have to accept the fact that a cheaper mattress may not be as green as it might seem at first glance.

When designing their mattresses, Babyletto sticks to two simple rules:

  1. producing a trusted, toxin-free crib mattress
  2. for a reasonable and fair price

And I think they succeed.

As you will see later in our review, the Babyletto Pure crib mattresses line contains two different mattresses’ types. While Babyletto’s Coco Core crib mattress doesn’t lag behind a lot, a Pure Core is a winner!

You can find their differences below, but our review is focused mainly on the Babyletto Pure Core crib mattress. Why? Not just because it is our winner, but because it won many parents’ hearts too. It is the best selling Babyletto crib mattress and one of the best selling baby crib mattresses overall.

Babyletto Pure Core Crib Mattress Review At A Glance:

Babyletto Pure Core crib mattress review


  • non-toxic
  • Eco-friendly
  • fully recyclable
  • lightweight
  • dual-sided
  • vegan core
  • luxury mattress for an affordable price
  • no additional smell
  • fits all standard size cribs


  • minor confusion due to the different available mattress’ covers*

* Parents might think there are several Pure Core crib mattresses on the market, but it is actually just one. It is one mattress, with three different available covers. I will explain their differences below.


Pure by Babyletto line of non-toxic crib mattresses

Babyletto didn’t want to send a tone of different baby crib mattresses on the market. They only wanted a clean line, of trustworthy crib mattresses, for an affordable price.

They decided on two models:

  1. Pure Core non-toxic crib mattress
  2. Coco Core non-toxic crib mattress

Babyletto designed three different covers for their mattresses. While you can buy a Coco Core crib mattress only with the first two covers, you can choose between all of them beside a Pure Core crib mattress. And that is already the first thing that speaks in favor of Pure Core.

Available mattress covers are:

  1. Dry waterproof cover
  2. Smart cover
  3. Hybrid waterproof cover

→ You can find their differences below.

Babyletto Pure Core vs. Coco Core crib mattresses

Their cores are made of different materials. But looking strictly from a health point of view, the result is the same. Both mattresses contain 0% of toxins.

  1. Babyletto Pure Core is made of fully recyclable polyester
  2. Babyletto Coco Core is made of natural coconut husk

What I like about Pure Core is its dual-sided feature. As you might already know, a crib mattress for infants must be extremely firm. That is, of course, great for their safety, but it might be too firm for a toddler.
Dual-sided crib mattresses are a perfect solution for that problem. Babyletto Pure Core crib mattress has two different sides, one for babies, and one for toddlers.

On the other hand, the Babyletto Coco Core doesn’t have two different sides. Don’t get me wrong. You can use Coco Core mattress in cribs and toddler beds, but your toddler will sleep on the same firmness as an infant. That is not uncommon for baby mattresses, but if we compare those two, I think a dual-sided feature is a big plus for Pure Core.

Overall, I would not think twice about which one to choose. If you choose a Babyletto Pure Core instead of Coco Core crib mattress, you will get more, for a lower price.

Comparison chart: Babyletto Coco Core vs. Pure Core crib mattress
Babyletto Pure Core crib mattressBabyletto Coco Core crib mattress
0% of toxins0% of toxins
lightweight fully recyclable polyester corefirm natural coconut husk and natural latex core
lower pricehigher price
vegan and hypoallergenicvegan and hypoallergenic
includes a removable cover for easy changesincludes a removable cover for easy changes
available with all three Babyletto’s coversavailable with Dry and Smart cover
dual-sided featureboth sides are the same
Latest PriceLatest Price

Babyletto Pure Core crib mattress structure and specifications

The structure:

Babyletto Pure Core crib mattress' structure
  1. removable cover*
  2. 100% cotton inner cover
  3. naturally flame retardant modacrylic/polyester layer
  4. firm support for infants
  5. lightweight, fully recyclable polyester core
  6. cushier support for toddlers

*While the main mattress’ parts are the same you can choose among three different removable covers.

The Babyletto Pure Core non-toxic crib mattress specifications:

Babyletto Pure Core crib mattress's specifications
  • Mattress size: 52″ long by 27,75″ wide
  • The thickness of the mattress: 5,0″
  • Mattress weight: 22 lbs

Babyletto Pure Core mattress cover

I can’t give you an exact answer to this question. Babyletto covers have different features. While a particular feature can be a great benefit for one parent, it can be useless for another. So, pick the one that suits your needs the most.

Same as majority parents, I would decide on a hybrid waterproof cover too. It offers everything I expect from the cover. It has a soft cotton face, with a vinyl-free waterproof backing to protect the mattress against accidents.

Besides that it is safe and cozy for my baby, I want an easy-clean cover, which is also removable and machine washable. Its only downside is a slightly higher price from Dry and Smart cover, but I think it is worth it.

Comparison chart: Babyletto crib mattress covers

Dry coverSmart coverHybrid cover
materialvegan polyester cover, with a fabric feelpolyester/cotton coversoft cotton face, with vinyl-free waterproof backing
water repellentXX
easy clean
machine washable
Latest PriceAmazonAmazonAmazon

Our Babyletto Pure Core crib mattress Review


The breathability of the mattress depends mainly on its cover. I am glad to say that Babyletto doesn’t use vinyl covers. All Babyletto covers enable sufficient air circulation through the mattress’ core. Their soft, breathable sleeping surface lets air in and keeps moisture out. That is a perfect combination to prevent moisture and mold formation in the mattress’s core.

However, there are slight differences amongst them. The Smart Cover is not waterproof, but only water-repellent. That means it keeps liquids on the surface only for a certain amount of time. But because of such structure, it offers a higher air circulation through the mattress. That makes sense because if the moisture gets into the core, it dries faster.

Because covers are not plastic, and also doesn’t contain vinyl, they have a good heat regulation too. That is great because it reduces night sweats during hot summer nights.


Crib mattresses, especially those meant for newborns, must be extremely firm. If the mattress seems too hard for you, it has probably just the right firmness for your newborn.

Research has shown that firm crib mattresses reduce the risk of suffocation. Besides lowering the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), firm mattresses also help with proper child’ bone and muscle development. Your baby won’t sink into the firm mattress. A firm mattress will also allow the baby to push up, sit down, and eventually stand up.

Most crib mattresses can be safely used in toddler beds too, but not all of them offer a perfect firmness for babies, with sufficient comfort for toddlers at the same time. Either they are too firm for toddlers, or too soft for babies.

Babyletto Pure Core is a dual-sided crib mattress, so it offers a perfect solution for that problem.

Babyletto Pure Core has two different sides, a firm side for babies, and cozy side for toddlers. When you convert your crib into a toddler bed, simply turn the mattress too. You will get a perfect sleeping surface for your toddler.

Be careful that you use the right side! You should feel the difference by hand, but to be extra sure, Babyletto added arrows to point out which side is which. They are under the cover, so you need to unzip it, and find the arrows on the mattress’ side.

With its design, Babyletto Pure Core baby crib mattress offers a great firmness for your baby and comfort with sufficient support for your toddler.


Babyletto Pure Core crib mattress is a standard size baby crib mattress, so it fits into all full-size cribs. Cribs and their mattress’ dimensions are regulated by the government. So any new crib mattress should fit into any new full-size crib.

If you use an old crib, check its measurements first. To be extra sure, you can also make a home fitting test. Put the mattress into the crib. There shouldn’t be more than two fingers space between the mattress’s edge and crib’s frame.

There shouldn’t be bigger gaps in crib’s corners as well. I like that Babyletto Pure Core has square corners. In my opinion, square corners are better than round ones because of two reasons:

  • smaller or no gaps on crib’s corners
  • sheets stay batter on such mattress

Babyletto Pure Core crib mattress fits perfectly into all full-size cribs of all brands. Of course, it is a perfect, very snug fit, with zero gaps for all Babyletto full-size cribs. It fits perfectly into Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 convertible crib and Babyletto Lolly 3-in-1 convertible crib. It is also an excellent choice for a Babyletto Maki, which is their full-size folding crib on wheels.

Oh, another thing I like about Babylett’s covers is their seams. Seams are inverted for a seamless sheet feel.


A good baby crib mattress must have just enough bounce to be safe and not as hard as a rock at the same time. Foam mattresses tend to be less bouncy than innerspring models, so there is less chance to become a trampoline for your toddler.

I think Babyletto Pure Core has just enough bounce for safe and comfortable sleep.


Babyletto Pure Core crib mattress has high durability. There shouldn’t be any problems using this mattress through the childhood of one child. With proper care, it should stay in good condition for another baby too.


Babyletto Pure Core baby crib mattress is hypoallergenic. Its cover is dust mite and allergen resistant, so it is a safe choice for children with allergies too.


Cleaning is not hard. You can wipe it down with a damp cloth. For bigger accidents, you can remove the cover and wash it in the washing machine. Use the gentle program and air dry the cover, so you won’t shrink it, or destroy its waterproof barrier.


As I already mentioned, you can choose between three different covers. Two of them a Dry and Hybrid cover are waterproof. The Smart cover is only water-resistant. That makes the cover more breathable, but liquids will stay on the surface only for a certain amount of time.


Babyletto offers a 10-year limited warranty on this mattress.

Safety Review

Babyletto Pure Core crib mattress is free from vinyl, dyes, allergens, and off-gassing materials. It is a vegan, non-toxic mattress, which is free of polyurethane foam, “soy” foam, or synthetic latex.

Another great thing about this mattress is that it is naturally not flammable, so no additional treatments or chemicals are put on this mattress. Babyletto Pure Core exceeds flammability standards without the use of chemical flame retardants.


I think that Babbletto Pure Core crib mattress deserves five stars. You don’t have to pay a premium to get a trustworthy product. For a reasonable price, you get a non-toxic mattress, which is safe for your infant, and comfort for your toddler.

Babyletto Pure Core crib mattress has two features that usually adds up a lot to the price. It is made of natural materials, without any toxins, and it is dual-sided! I think it has great value for the price, and it is worth your money!


2 thoughts on “Babyletto Pure Core crib mattress Review”

  1. I’m confused how the Babyletto Pure mattress is classed as non toxic when it contains a polyester core? Polyester is made from coal, oil, and water. Plus doesn’t it give off carcinogens? I’m so confused as I really need a non toxic mattress for my new baby but can’t find one 🙁

    1. Hello, Kimberly!

      The Babyletto Pure Core crib mattress surpasses all safety tests to be safe for babies. Their products are sent to a 3rd party CPSC-certified lab for testing to ensure compliance with rigorous standards.

      But, you have right. The Babyletto Pure Core crib mattress has a polyester core, which might raise some concerns, after all, we want only the best for our children!

      Nevertheless, you have to aware that polyester foam is safer than polyurethane or vinyl foam. Furthermore, the Babyletto Pure Core crib mattress’s core is surrounded by the cotton layer. The Babyletto also doesn’t use chemical flame retardants, which is extremely important!

      You have to ask yourself if all products you are using around your baby are polyester-free. Polyester is widely used to manufacture many baby products, including toys, rattles, bedding, playmats, etc. It is the most used fiber as it accounts for over half of the overall fiber market and 80% of the synthetic fiber market.

      I do not want to scare you, but that is our reality. The world that surrounds us is full of artificial stuff. Yes, we can do a lot to avoid them, but I don’t think it is possible to dodge them entirely. All baby products must go through rigorous testing before they are put on the market. So, we have to trust them they know what they are doing, yet that is only my opinion!

      If you would feel safer, you can choose an organic baby crib mattress. But remember that an “organic” label does not necessarily mean the crib mattress is 100% organic. Only certain parts might be certified as organic, which misleads parents to think they are buying a 100% organic crib mattress. You can read more about this problem in our article about organic baby crib mattresses HERE.

      You might be interested in the Naturepedic baby crib mattress, certified as the only 100% organic crib mattress.

      Regards, Baby’s Little Place!

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