What Is The Best Sitting Position In Pregnancy?

Wrong sitting posture before and during pregnancy often results in low back pain. Right body posture during sleeping, walking, and sitting will alleviate several body aches. Let me tell you a secret, the best sitting position in pregnancy, is the same as the one that should be followed by everyone, not just by pregnant women! 

The best sitting position in pregnancy

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So the question is, do you sit properly? We asked the experts how should a pregnant woman sit and what is the safest sitting position in pregnancy.

Improper sitting weakens the skeleton and muscles that provide the body’s stabilization, which may have long-term consequences. Because the body is not in a natural posture, various pains may occur, most commonly in the lower back. Due to many other changes in the body, these problems get even worse during pregnancy.

Sitting Posture In Pregnancy

First of all, do not sit on the back of the buttocks leaning back. And second, never squeeze or cross your legs.

The best sitting position in pregnancy: Sit upright, with your buttocks moved back to the edge of the chair. Place your feet on the floor and keep your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. This way, you maintain the correct curvature of the spine.

You can also sit with a lifted leg. Lift one leg and place the foot on the other, but make sure your spine stays straight and the other leg is still in the right position.

Best Sitting Position in Pregnancy

The best way to sit at a computer during pregnancy: Expand your knees, rather than squeezing them together, and lean forward. Of course, you should not bend too much, but only so much that if a light were shining from your belly button, it would shine a little down. In this sitting position, you are pressing on the front parts of the sciatic bones while the coccyx and sacrum are relaxed. 

In such a sitting posture, a pregnant woman does not shrink the birth canal or shorten the uterine ligaments, and the spine stays nicely aligned. She can also support her lower back by using an air cushion or a folded towel.

It is also very important to get up every twenty to thirty minutes, even if only for a few seconds. A short walk or mild stretching exercises will help with better blood circulation and overall well-being.

How do we sit down and get up from a chair properly?

Put your feet together and your knees straight and sit back with your straight spine. So we sit down properly on a chair, toilet, sofa, etc. The best way to learn is by repeating the process until it becomes a reflex.

It is good to get used to these movements before pregnancy, perform them throughout the whole pregnancy, and keep the habit after birth.

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