How to clean the Newton crib mattress? | Care & Use

If you are a new parent, you might wonder how to keep your baby’s sleeping environment clean and hygienic. One solution that may catch your attention is Newton’s claim that their crib mattress is entirely washable, allowing you to clean the entire mattress from cover to core.

Given the messes that babies can make, easy maintaining and keeping the mattress looking like new throughout infancy and toddlerhood is undoubtedly something any parent wants.

Such a bold claim can be compelling, so we investigated whether the Newton crib mattress is genuinely 100% washable. Keep reading to see how to clean the Newton crib mattress. I will share our findings and add some helpful tips for easy Newton crib mattress care.

Newton Wovenaire crib mattress is the first entirely washable crib mattress on the market. However, the crib mattress’s easy care is just one of its many superior features. You can read more about them in our Newton Baby Crib Mattress Review.

Is the Newton crib mattress really 100% washable?

Initially, I was doubtful about the possibility of washing the entire Newton crib mattress at home. However, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it is achievable with minimal time and effort.

My concern was also about the drying time, as waiting several days for the mattress to dry is not practical. After all, a baby has to go to sleep sooner or later. Nonetheless, I found that the drying time for the Newton crib mattress is reasonable and not excessively long.

We’ve tried it, and you can easily wash and dry the whole thing. The core may require a bit more time and attention, but the cover is conveniently machine washable and dryable, which helps speed up the process. So, in the following section, I will detail the complete process for cleaning your Newton crib mattress.

How to clean the Newton crib mattress?

We’ve washed the whole Newton baby crib mattress, from the cover to the core. And in the following sections, I will detail the complete process for cleaning the Newton crib mattress.

Cleaning the Newton crib mattress Cover:

The cover of the Newton crib mattress includes two layers – an outer breathable cover and a natural viscose encasement underneath.

Both layers are removable and can be machine washed separately. It is worth noting that Newton recommends washing the encasement only if it is soiled. This means that you can wash the cover as needed without having to wash the encasement every time, which can help extend the life of your Newton crib mattress.

1. Washing the outer cover:

As I said, it is machine washable and dryable, so cleaning is quick and easy. However, I suggest you follow a few simple rules to avoid damage and keep it in the best shape.

  • First, do not wash the cover unzipped. This prevents the cover from stretching and keeps the zipper looking like new, even after many washes. Unzip and remove the cover from the Wovenaire core and re-zip it closed before washing.
  • Second, wash the cover with a mild detergent on a cold water cycle. Thus it won’t shrink or absorb unwanted chemicals from the detergent.
  • Third, dry it immediately in the dryer on a low heat setting. It is essential to dry it thoroughly! You don’t want to put your baby to sleep on a damp mattress. Insufficient drying could also lead to the appearance of mold.
  • And fourth, do not add any other laundry to the cycle.

We also conducted tests on drying the cover of the Newton crib mattress and found that a tumble dryer gives much better results than a clothesline, as it prevents lint buildup. If you do not have a dryer, turn and shake the cover several times during drying to avoid bunching on one side.

2. Washing the encasement:

You only need to clean it if it becomes soiled! In that case, remove it from the core and zip it fully closed before washing. The washing instructions are the same as for the outer cover.

Actually, it is best to wash the encasement together with the outer cover for a balanced load without any other laundry.

Some parents reported their Newton encasement developed an odor. That can happen due to the natural viscose material it is made of. If you keep it damp, it may create an odor, just like a wool sweater. In such a case, refresh the cover by washing again with the above instructions and adding 1/2 cup of baking soda to the wash.

How to clean the Newton crib mattress core:

If there is a huge mess, or if you want to do some deep cleaning, you can wash the whole core whenever needed. That’s a unique Newton crib mattress feature that adds to its value!

Of course, you can not squeeze the whole mattress’s core in the washing machine, but washing in the shower or bath is also simple and quick. You can even rinse it outside with a hose. And you do not need anything else than soap and cool water.

Shake excess water out of the core and stand it up to dry. It’s best to place it in a well-ventilated area for faster drying, but avoid drying it in direct sunlight or using heating elements to speed up the process.

I have to say our Newton crib mattress core dried very quickly. We followed Newton’s instructions and shook it vigorously against the floor. Then we left our Newton crib mattress core in a well-ventilated room, where we had also used the fan to speed things up.

Do I have to wash the Newton crib mattress before the first use?

No, you don’t have to wash the Newton Wovenaire crib mattress before the first use. Washing the outer cover before first use is only optional.

The Newton crib mattress comes clean and ready to use safely in your baby’s crib.

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The bottom line:

Washing the Newton baby crib mattress proved to be easy and quick.

I recommend following the simple steps I have described above, and you should be able to keep your Newton crib mattress looking and feeling new for a long time.

The mattress’s unique feature of being entirely washable not only promotes cleanliness but also creates a safer sleeping environment for your little one, as the proper care reduces the risk of bacteria, allergens, and mold buildup in the mattress’s core.

Overall, we were impressed by the simplicity and results of the procedure!

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