What is a mini crib with a changing table?

Did you hear about a crib with an attached changer? How about a mini model that saves even more space? Yes, a mini combo crib does exist. There is not a lot of available models, but we’ve found some excellent places. But first, what is a mini crib with a changing table?

Mini combo crib = crib + changer

Baby’s Little Place

A mini crib with a changing table is more than just a safe sleeping place for your baby. It is also a place to change her and store the baby’s belongings.

That sounds great, but keep in mind that this is a mini crib with smaller dimensions from full-size combo cribs. A mini crib has a smaller sleeping area and a slightly shorter changing table, so babies do outgrow it sooner.

As for the mini crib’s height, it is the same as the standard crib’s height. That is important because you can rest assured your baby won’t climb out of the mini crib any sooner!

best convertible crib with changing table

What is a mini crib with a changing table?

In short, a mini crib with a changing table is two pieces of furniture combined in one. It saves a lot of space, and it’s as such, a perfect baby crib for smaller apartments or modest-size homes.

Manufacturers began producing mini cribs due to the increasing space issues of modern families. They created a wide range of different mini cribs with the same features as full-size cribs, just in a mini version.

A mini crib saves space! That is its main purpose! But, a mini crib can offer more:

A mini crib with a changing table, or a combo crib?

Many different names confuse young parents, thinking these are different baby cribs. They are not!

The same baby crib, a mini crib + changing table can be found under the following names:

  • mini crib with a changing table
  • mini crib with changer
  • combo mini crib
  • combination mini crib
  • multi-purpose mini crib
  • multi-functional mini crib

Now, that we have resolved the possible confusion, let’s see which mini convertible cribs with changing table are the best in 2023.

The best mini cribs with changing table in 2023

A quick peek at the table gives the impression that I made a mistake, but I didn’t! Those two mini cribs with changers are basically the same. Dream On Me Casco and Jayden are both convertible, with adjustable mattress support, and even take the same amount of space.

Dream On Me Casco 3-in-1 convertible crib with changerDream On Me Jayden 4-in-1 convertible crib with changer
Conversionsdaybed & twin beddaybed & twin bed
Adjustable Mattress Height 33
Assembled Dimensions 56.75″L x 29″W x 41″H 56.75″ L x 29.0″ W x 41.0″ H
ColorBlack, White, Espresso, Pebble Grey, Cherry Cherry, Espresso, Black, Natural, Storm Grey, White
PriceBest mini crib with changing table - Dream On Me Casco 3-in-1 mini convertible crib with changerBest mini crib with changing table - Dream On Me Jayden 4-in-1 mini convertible crib with changer

I have no idea why Dream On Me named Casco a 3-in-1 and Jayden a 4-in-1 convertible crib, as both convert into a daybed and twin bed.

It was clear to me that Jayden can convert into a twin bed with or without a footboard, and hence its 4-in-1 name. I expected Casco doesn’t have this option, but in the manual it says that it has.

Keep in mind:

  1. Naming convertible cribs 4-in-1, just because the final full-size bed can be with or without a footboard is a common practice, which misleads many costumers thinking they will get a toddler bed and daybed conversion with the crib.
  2. Mini convertible cribs with changing table don’t convert into a toddler bed.

Dream on me Caso 3-in-1 or Dream On Me Jayden 4-in-1 mini convertible crib with changing table?

The choice between these two beds is based only on appearance and price. Jayden looks a little more robust and strong, but they are both stable and durable.

I have to say, while I personally like the Dream On Me Jayden more, the majority of parents prefer Dream On Me Casco. Maybe because of the price difference since the Casco is almost $80 cheaper than Jayden.

Mini crib with changing table buying guide

Dimensions of Mini combo crib

Due to the attached changing table, is the overall size of mini combo cribs bigger than other mini cribs.

But the interior dimensions are the same. Inner measurements of mini cribs are around 38″ long, and 24″ wide. Those are the measurements you need to know to buy the right mini crib mattress.

What is the height of a mini convertible crib with a changing table?

The high of all mini cribs is the same as the height of full-size cribs. Don’t get me wrong we are not talking about the exact high of the cribs because it can little differ from model to model. 

That is because of the crib’s framework, legs, and style. That reminds me, if you are a petite mom, there is a lot of safe cribs for short moms in the market too.

What mattress should I buy for a mini convertible crib with a changing table?

While the measurements of full-size cribs are regulated by the government, those for mini cribs are not. Any baby crib that is smaller from a regular crib is defined as a mini crib. However, in most cases, mini cribs’ inner dimensions are around 38″ (96,52cm) by 24″ (60,96cm). That is great because most mini crib mattresses correspond to these measurements and as such fit snuggly into the crib.

You can use any fitted mini crib mattress in the Casco or Jayden, but the manufacturer recommends using a Dream On Me mini portable crib mattress

If you are interested, these are the measurements of full-size cribs, which are defined by the law.

Convertible or nonconvertible combo mini crib with changer?

What is a mini convertible crib with changing table?

Nowadays, parents looking for a crib that offers them as much as possible. Therefore, combo mini cribs are convertible at least to some point. 

As they are smaller, convertible mini cribs (except DaVinci Kalani 4-in-1 mini convertible crib) usually don’t transit into a toddler bed, which is also the case with mini combo cribs.

Mini convertible cribs with changing table convert into a daybed and/or twin bed.

Like the best mini combo models we have described above, most of them transit into both beds, but some, like Sorelle Newport, convert directly into a twin bed.

What to consider when buying a convertible crib?

No matter if you are buying a full-size or mini convertible crib, you have to keep in mind three things:

  1. Numbers in cribs’ names only tell you how many possible conversions a particular model has, not into which beds it transits. For instance, not all 2-in-1 convertible crib converts into a daybed. A 2-in-1 convertible crib can transit to a toddler bed, or daybed, or full-size bed.
  2. Parts for the conversions are usually not included in the price. A bright exception is, for instance, the Babyletto with their full-size convertible cribs. You have to buy a safety guardrail for a toddler bed or conversion kit for full-size and twin beds.
  3. You don’t need any additional parts for the conversion into a daybed. Such conversion is made by removing the crib’s front rail and setting the mattress to the lowest position.

NOTE: If you know you will convert the crib in the future, we recommend buying the conversion kit at the same time as the crib.


  • you have everything you need by hand
  • a conversion kit might not be on the market anymore
  • it might be out of stock at the time you need it, and you will have to wait for it
  • sometimes you get a discount if you buy everything at the same time

Changing table of mini combo cribs

Mini cribs are smaller than full-size cribs. So, is the changer smaller too? Yes, it is! The changing table is shorter than on full-size combo cribs, as it must fit the width of the mini crib. Your baby will outgrow it sooner, but it is suitable for use until about his first year.

A typical changer has three drawers in the front, and two or three little shelves at the back, but there are exceptions where the combination is different.

It is hard to find a fitting changing pad, but usually, you get it beside the changer.
If a mini combo crib converts into a twin bed, in most cases, the detached changer can serve as a nightstand.

The next statement applies only to a few mini convertible cribs with changing table:

In some models, you can pick whether you will attach the changing table to the left or right side. Some even allow you to remove the changing table and use it separately from the crib. Well, it is your choice, but if you are buying a combo crib, I don’t see the point of doing that. In that case, it’s worth looking into other types of mini cribs and buying the changing table separately. But as I said, your crib, your choice! 

What about mini combo crib’s price?

A combo crib is a space and money saver. At first glance, the price might seem higher than other mini cribs, but you get two pieces of furniture. If you compare it to the merged price of a separately placed changing table and crib, you will notice that purchasing a combo crib is cost-efficient.

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