Dream On Me Casco mini crib with changer review

Check up if this mini combo crib fulfills your expectations. Our Dream On Me Casco mini crib and changer review will give you all the answers you need before your decision.

Dream On Me Casco 3-in-1 Mini Crib & Changing Table

Baby’s Little Place Crib Review

Having a full-size combo crib already saves you a lot of space, let alone a mini model such as Dream On Me Casco. 

The Dream On Me Casco is a mini package with high functionality. It has all, a crib that grows with your child, a changing table, and drawers for easy storage. But everything is useful if a crib is not safe and quality made. Those are only a fraction of everything we checked in this Dream On Me Casco mini crib and changer review.

Facts about Dream On Me Casco mini combo crib and changer:

  • Dream On Me Casco is a mini crib. Your child will outgrow it sooner than a full-size combo crib. However, it does grow with your child.
  • Dream On Me Casco is a 3-in-1 convertible crib, meaning it can convert into two beds. The Casco converts into a daybed and a full-size twin bed.
  • Dream On Me Casco is a combo crib, meaning it has an attached changing table.

Dream On Me Casco is a perfect solution for smaller apartments or small homes, where the traditional crib won’t fit. And smaller doesn’t mean worse in quality and functionality. Yes, Casco is a mini crib, but yet with changing table and possibility to converts into bigger beds.

Pross and cons of Dream On Me Casco mini crib with changer

Dream On Me Casco detachable changer review


  • space-saving design
  • it grows with your child
  • a changing table with roomy drawers and shelves for a mini combo crib
  • elegant crib, with timeless design
  • adjustable mattress support
  • sturdy crib
  • durable crib
  • it meets all safety standards


  • your child will outgrow the mini crib stage sooner as on a full-size crib

Keep in mind:

Few parents complained that the assembly of the Dream On Me Casco mini crib with a changer took them more time than they expect. However, from our experiences, if follow the provided instruction carefully, you shouldn’t have problems. And my personal opinion? Assembling the crib for your baby is a lovely and fun job, so take your time and enjoy it!

Casco is a mini crib, so your baby will outgrow it sooner as a standard full-size crib. However, as it is a convertible crib, your child can use it longer than other mini cribs.

The changing table is smaller than on full-size convertible cribs with a changer. But it is big enough to change the baby’s nappy until age 1, and a great storage place for baby essentials.


Dream On Me Casco mini convertible crib & changer review breakdown

Dream On Me Casco is a combo crib, which is also convertible!

A combo crib is a multifunctional piece of furniture, which is more than just a sleeping place for your little one. With the attached changing table, it is also a convenient space for dressing and storing baby belongings.

The convertible crib grows with your child. When your baby outgrows the crib, you can transform it into one or more bigger beds. 

Dream On Me Casco’s convertibility review

Casco matures with your child from infancy through childhood to adulthood. 

The crib transit into a daybed, and later, into a full-size twin bed. The conversions are easy and quick. The Casco doesn’t transit into a toddler bed, but directly into a daybed, which is typical for all mini convertible cribs with changer.

How long can my child use a Dream On Me Casco as a crib, daybed, or twin-bed?

  • stop using Dream On Me Casco as a crib when your child begins to climb or reaches 35 inches
  • the child weight limit for a daybed: 40 lbs

Many toddler beds have a safety guardrail, which you have to buy separately. If you don’t feel comfortable using the Casco without a safety guardrail, you will have a hard time finding a mini alternative. The only mini crib with a toddler bed conversion that has a safety guardrail, which I can recommend at this point, is DaVinci Kalani 4-in-1 convertible mini crib. But it doesn’t have an attached changing table.

Look at the bright side, as Casco converts directly into a daybed, you don’t have to make any additional purchase until the last conversion into a twin bed. You need twin size bed rails, conversion post, and the mattress for a twin bed.

Dream On Me Casco mini convertible crib with changing table Review

Dream On Me Casco’s changer review

Casco’s changing table is attached to the right side of the crib. It has three drawers on the front, and two little shelves on the back. Shelves are not large, but there is room for baby lotion, wipes, etc.

Usually, it is hard to find a fitted changing pad for changing tables on combo crib. That’s why it is excellent you get a changing pad with the crib.

The changing pad is actually of pretty good quality. It has a contoured shape and non-skid bottom, with an anti-bacterial, hypo-allergenic, water and stain-resistant quilted cover.

Dream On Me Casco detachable changer review

The changer has a security strap with easy release buckle that keeps baby safely in place, which gives the Casco even more points in our review.

Another great thing about Dream On Me Casco’s changing table is the last conversion, where it becomes a nightstand beside the twin bed.

Note: Some claim that you can attach the changer on the left or right side of the crib. That’s not the truth! We contacted Dream On Me team, to make sure about that, and they confirm our claims. You can attach the changing table only on the right side of the crib. That is the same with all combo cribs from Dream On Me.

Description And Specifications

Dream On Me Casco is constructed from sustainable New Zealand Pinewood. The crib is sturdy, with rugged good looks, which makes it a very elegant and expensive-looking crib. It is available in five non-toxic finishes: black, white, pebble grey, espresso, and cherry. We think the color selection is big enough to pair the crib with almost any furniture.

Manufacturer: Dream On Me
Model: Casco
Type: 3-in-1 convertible crib with changing table
Style: elegant design
Material: natural, New Zealand pine wood
Color: black, white, espresso, pebble grey, and cherry
Assembled dimensions: 56.75″L x 29″W x 41″H
Assembled weight: 64.5lbs

Can I move Dream On Me Casco around the house?

No, Casco is not a portable crib. Yes, it is a mini crib. And yes, a lot of mini cribs have wheels, but not convertible and combo mini cribs.

Because it is a mini crib, it does fit through lots of doorframes, so if it’s absolutely necessary, you can move it from one room to another without disassembly the crib. But don’t do that every day, because it can start wobble or scratches your floor.

Dream On Me Casco’s mattress information

The crib features three-level mattress support. Start with the highest position for a newborn, and gradually lower it down while your baby grows.

You can use any fitted mini crib mattress in the Casco, but the manufacturer recommends using a Dream On Me mini portable crib mattress

Compatible mattress size: mini
Mattress Included: no
Recommended mattress: Dream On Me mini portable crib mattress
Adjustable mattress height: yes, 3 positions

Dream On Me Casco’s Safety Review

First of all, we would not recommend it if it was not safe! Dream On Me Casco 3-in-1 convertible crib with changing table meets or even exceeds all applicable ASTM and CPSC safety standards

The crib is free of phthalates, latex, lead, and BPA. Dream On Me uses only non-toxic finishes for their cribs!

Casco is a stable crib, without dropping sides, which are banned since 2011. It is a sturdy crib that doesn’t wobble after conversions.

Dream On Me Casco is the best decision for families with space issues. It has the same features as full-size combo cribs, and even grows with your child!
It is a beautifully designed crib, with a timeless design. It has a good quality and durability, comparing to other mini, and even full-size convertible cribs with changing table.
The changer has everything we expect from a mini combo crib’s changer, and even more. Not all changing tables convert into a nightstand in the last conversion!
Comparing price and functionality is Dream On Me Casco 3-in-1 mini convertible crib with changing table certainly worth your attention!

    2 thoughts on “Dream On Me Casco mini crib with changer review”

    1. I have a silver or Gray 3 and 1 I think Mini crib with changing table attached to the right side bought it off at Amazon and and I need to figure out how to use a regular crib mattress with the parts I already have I unfortunately am a single mom and didn’t really do thorough research when I purchased this to this never did get a Mini mattress many mattress but I do have a regular crib mattress brand new and I want to use it… She is one year old now 33 pounds and I don’t feel safe not having her in a crib cause I because I live upstairs so confinement is still important but I won’t hur to be comfortable She is one year old now 33 pounds and I don’t feel safe not having her in a crib cause I because I live upstairs so confinement is still important but I won’t hur to be comfortable And save

      1. Unfortunately, a mini crib, nor its conversions, can not take a regular crib mattress.
        Any mini toddler bed or mini daybed resulting from a mini crib conversion is smaller than a regular toddler/day bed and takes only a mini crib mattress.
        Later, when a mini crib (if a model has this option) converts into a youth or twin bed, its mattress’s dimensions are larger than regular crib mattress dimensions.
        So, unfortunately, you can not put your regular crib mattress in a mini crib.

        To make your mini crib more comfortable for your daughter, you will have to buy a mini crib mattress. There are a lot of safe, quality, and affordable mini crib mattresses, like the one I have already mentioned above: Dream On Me, Holly 3” fiber portable crib mattress.

        However, your daughter is already one year old, meaning she will soon outgrow a mini crib, mini toddler bed, or mini daybed. You may think about selling your mini crib and replacing it with a full-size crib. In this case, you can use your new regular crib mattress, and the crib and its conversions will last longer too.

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