Are Pack ‘n Play sheets the same size as crib sheets?

You have a crib and lots of cute fitted sheets. Does their size also fit your Pack ‘n Play mattress? In rare cases, this is possible. But more likely, the interior dimensions of your crib and Pack ‘n Play are not the same, meaning you will need sheets of different sizes.

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Do crib sheets fit into a Pack ‘n Play?

In theory, you do not need Pack ‘n Play sheets. But, they make the Pack ‘n Play mattress softer and cozier for the baby. Nevertheless, sheets also protect your Pack ‘n Play mattress from getting dirty by spilled milk, drool, and diaper accidents. So I can’t imagine anyone really using a Pack ‘n Play without a sheet.

We recommend having at least two Pack ‘n Play sheets for your and your baby’s convenience. Thus you can have one sheet on the Playard’s mattress, one in the washing machine, and one stored away and ready for use! You will always have a fresh sheet at hand to provide your baby with a clean, safe, and comfortable sleeping environment.

Either to save some money or some much-needed storage space, using the same sheets is undoubtedly tempting. So …

Are Pack ‘n Play sheets the same size as crib sheets?

Unfortunately, cribs sheets are NOT the same size as Pack ‘n Play sheets, so they are not safe for your baby! What about mini crib sheets? Do they fit on a Pack ‘n Play mattress? Most mini crib sheets are not the same size as the Pack ‘n Play mattress, so they also don’t fit!

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How to make the Pack ‘n Play more comfortable for the baby?

A Pack ‘n Play is one of the most commonly used baby equipment. Some have it for holidays, others for naps and occasional sleepovers in grandparents’ house. Some even use it instead of a regular crib.

Its versatility, reasonable price, and long-lasting usability are surely the reason for its popularity. But especially those that use a Pack ‘n Play frequently wonder how to make it more comfortable for their baby.

A Pack ‘n Play mattress certainly doesn’t look as comfortable as a crib mattress. It is a thin and firm mattress pad, but that is how it should be for your baby’s safety. You can purchase a little thicker Pack ‘n Play mattress, but you have to select it carefully and, most importantly, pick the right size!

More about this topic: Pack ‘n Play mattresses 101

Sheets make the Pack ‘n Play cozier for the baby, but you have to pick the right size!

Whether using a provided Playard mattress or a thicker one, you can make it more comfortable with sheets. But you have to find a suitable Pack ‘n Play sheet that fits snuggly on your Playard mattress. Do not use a regular crib sheet!

The supply of Pack ‘n Play sheets has increased significantly in recent years. You can choose between various colors, patterns, and materials. Playard sheets are also available in several sizes to fit any Pack ‘n Play on the market.

And the best part … there are numerous quality Pack ‘n Play sheets for a really affordable price! We’ve already found the best Pack ‘n Play sheet of this year, so feel free to check our list here: The best Pack ‘n Play sheets of 2023.

Can I use crib sheets in a Pack ‘n Play?

The safe answer is no! The interior measurement of Pack ‘n Plays and cribs are not the same!

Standard cribs are bigger than Pack ‘n Plays, so their sheets won’t stay securely in place on Playard mattresses. And a loose sheet poses a dangerous situation for your baby.

Any loose bedding in the crib or a Pack ‘n Play puts your baby at risk for suffocation or strangulation and raises the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrom). Use only the sheet that fits snuggly on your selected crib or Pack ‘n Play mattress!

To learn more about the safety of Pack ‘n Play, you can read the following article: New federal safety requirements for pack-n-plays.

Can I use a mini crib sheet on a Pack ‘n Play mattress?

The government does not regulate the size of mini cribs. Meaning they can be in numerous sizes, including your Pack ‘n Play size.

In reality, however, the same internal dimensions of the mini crib and Pack ‘n Play don’t guarantee that the mini crib sheet would also fit perfectly on the Pack ‘n Play mattress.

The mini crib mattress is usually also thicker than the Pack ‘n Play mattress, so its sheet does not necessarily fit snugly on a Playard mattress, even if it is the same length and width.

Some mini crib sheets fit on some Pack ‘n Play mattresses, but you have to double-check their measurements! Also, do not forget to check the thickness!

The size of a Pack ‘n Play sheet

Pack ‘n Plays comes in many sizes, but most have a standard size, with the mattress measuring around 27-inches by 39-inches. Please check the size of your Pack ‘n Play mattress before choosing a sheet anyway, but most Playards fall into this size range!

Once you know the size of the mattress, then you will be able to choose the right size sheet for the Pack ‘n Play.

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When choosing the right size Pack ‘n Play sheet, it is essential to consider the mattress depth. Only thus, you can tuck the sheet under the mattress securely.

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