The Best travel cribs for babies and toddlers

Best travel cribs of this year

Best travel cribs of 2023

A travel crib is a perfect solution for parents on the go. You can choose between a lightweight travel crib that folds down really small or the one with a higher weight that possesses more accessories. Our list of the best travel cribs in 2023 includes the top-rated models of both types. That’s why I’m sure you will find the one for your baby too.

A quality travel crib saves you quite a bit of worry while traveling with your baby or toddler. First of all, you don’t have to think about sleep accommodation for your child. And second, having your own travel crib, reassures you that the crib is safe, you know that it’s clean, and most of all, your child is the only one who is using it.

Best travel crib: Guava Family Lotus travel crib
Guava Family Lotus Travel Crib

The best travel cribs are super portable and don’t weigh a lot. A quality travel crib should also collapse quickly and fold into a small bag, backpack, or suitcase. As such, you can transport it easily and store it in a small space if needed.

A lightweight travel crib or Pack ‘N Play?

What is the difference?

Well, all travel cribs are also Pack ‘N Plays. However, we usually call Pack ‘N Play those travel cribs that are a little larger and heavier. As such, they possess a larger play area, which is one of the important features of Pack ‘N Plays.

A Pack ‘N Play is a portable sleeper and playpen at once. It can be used from birth through toddler age. It is a portable crib and play area for infants and toddlers, which you can use at home or take wherever you go.

It is one of the most helpful pieces you can own. From nap time or sleepovers in grandparents’ house to traveling and camping. The use of Pack ‘N Play is incredibly versatile. 

We’ve divided our list into two separate parts:
  1. The best lightweight travel cribs
  2. The best Pack ‘N Plays for traveling

Top-rated lightweight travel cribs in 2023

Editor’s choice:

Guava Family Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Playard

Best travel crib: Guava Family Lotus travel crib
Guava Family Lotus travel crib
  • because it weighs only 13 pounds (including backpack)
  • it has a backpack instead of a classic travel bag
  • a multipurpose travel crib and Pack ‘N Play
  • setting up is easy and fast
  • a unique side door for easy access
  • good airflow through the crib
  • Lotus travel crib meets or even exceed all safety standards
  • it’s made of eco-friendly materials
  • the included mattress is better than an average travel crib mattress
  • optional bassinet
  • Guava Family offers accessories, like Lotus Playard Fun Shade or mosquito net for the Lotus travel crib


The best modern design:

BABYBJÖRN Travel Crib Light

Best travel crib with a modern design: BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light
  • because it weighs only 13 pounds 
  • Travel Crib Light has a beautiful modern design
  • it packs up into a convenient and compact carrying case
  • simple setup and takedown
  • a soft and comfortable mattress
  • although it is a lightweight travel crib, it’s suitable from newborn to toddler’s age
  • it has an airy design
  • easily removable and machine washable mattress cover and all travel crib fabrics
  • BABYBJORN stands firmly on the floor and doesn’t contain toxic materials
  • it meets and exceeds required safety standards
  • quality, durable, and aesthetically pleasing material


Best bang for the buck:

Flisko’s All-in-One lightweight travel crib

The Best Cheap Travel Cribs - Flisko's Lightweight portable crib
  • it is an all-in-one travel crib
  • it has a full-size bassinet for infants
  • this travel crib grows with the child
  • lots of features for a cheap price
  • perfect from newborns to toddler up to 3 years old and more
  • it comes with a waterproof mattress pad and a fitting sheet
  • it has a side zipper door
  • included carrying case 
  • easy setup
  • it meets all safety standards
  • long-lasting


Best portable Playards in 2023

Best folding mechanism:

4moms Breeze Classic portable Playard

Travel crib with the best folding mechanism: 4moms Breeze Playard
  • because it is super easy to put together or close
  • it grows with your child from newborn to toddler’s age
  • as it is available in two different versions, with or without a newborn bassinet and changing table
  • removable bassinet with a separate mattress*
  • bassinet easily snaps securely into position*
  • removable changer which sits securely on the top of the Playard*
  • All-in-one care station*
  • it comes with a quality carrying bag
  • great quality
  • sturdy construction
  • breathable mesh
  • sleek design
  • gender-natural color
  • it meets and exceeds all required safety standards

*features are available only on 4moms Breeze Plus Playard


Most accessories:

Graco Pack ‘n Play Newborn Seat DLX Playard

Travel crib with the most accessories: Graco Pack 'n Play Newborn Seat DLX Playard
Graco Pack ‘N Play DLX
  • easy setup and takedown
  • it grows with your child from newborn to toddler’s age
  • airy mesh on all sides for maximum ventilation
  • lots of different accessories
  • removable seat and bouncer with vibrations
  • a canopy on a portable seat
  • infant full-size bassinet
  • soft light to check up your sleeping baby
  • large changing station
  • it meets all required safety standards
  • good airflow through the crib
  • it’s like a little nursery combined in one Pack ‘N Play
  • it has an affordable price


Best value for the price:

Ingenuity Smart and Simple Playard

Best value for the price: Ingenuity Smart and Simple Portable Playard with Changing Table
Ingenuity Smart & Simple Pack ‘N Play
  • great value for the price
  • easy set-up
  • collapsing is easy and quick
  • easily moving around the house
  • breathable mesh
  • grows with your child
  • the napper is at a slight incline, so the newborn’s head is elevated and more comfortable
  • organizing units on the side
  • stable changing table
  • adjustable sleeping mat (2 stages)
  • meets all required safety standards


For Disney lovers:

Disney Sweet Wonder Playard

Best choice for Disney lovers: Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Sweet Wonder Playard
Disney’s Pack ‘N Play
  • because we love Disney
  • setting up and folding down is easily and quick
  • newborn insert folds up into the travel bag
  • as it grows with your baby
  • easy moving from room to room
  • it possesses a lot of storage space
  • Pack ‘N Play has an included changing table, which is safe and stable
  • it meets all safety standards


How we choose our favorite travel cribs?

Our list of the best travel cribs of 2023 is the result of excellent collaboration with parents. We’ve asked numerous parents about their favorite travel cribs and their experiences.

Of course, we’ve also done comprehensive research, evaluated which features are the most important, and reviewed various travel cribs.

These are the most important features we’ve taken into consideration:

  • the footprint
  • the weight and size of the folded crib
  • folding mechanism (Is folding/setting up easy and fast? Does the travel crib fold up in one motion, or it requires more steps for the collapse.)
  • the quality of travel crib mattress
  • the quality and shape (travel bag, backpack, suitcase) of the carrying bag
  • value for the price
  • safety
  • design

The best travel crib reviews

Guava Family Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard

Best travel cribs: Guava Family Lotus travel crib


  • lightweight
  • a backpack instead of a classic travel bag
  • perfect for travel or home use
  • setting up is easy and fast
  • side door
  • good airflow
  • exceeded all safety standards
  • the mattress is better than a standard Pack’ n Play mattress


  • some have difficulties with Velcro straps: they have a hard time to insert them through slots and keep them there while securing the mattress on the bottom (we did not notice these problems)
  • only one color option

Lotus is an ultra-portable travel crib. It packs into an easy-to-carry, hands-free backpack. The Lotus weighs only 13 pounds, and that’s together with a backpack. So it’s a perfect choice for those who travel by plane.


Lotus’s backpack makes your journey less stressful and a lot easier. Having free hands while traveling with a baby is an excellent benefit. Although it’s great that the backpack is small, an extra inch wouldn’t hurt. It would save you the hassle to get the travel crib back in it.


The side access door is the feature that differs the Lotus from other portable travel cribs. You can open it only from outside, so if the doors are closed, they stay closed.

Side access door and mattress position enable cuddling with the baby or placing her into the crib, without leaning over the rail. We all know how hard it is to put a sleeping baby into the crib without waking her up.

With the help of these doors, the Guava Family Lotus crib later transforms into a perfect play space for your toddler. It can be zipped and securely closed, or you can leave it unzipped and let your toddler crawl in and out of the crib. Your toddler won’t feel trapped inside the Playard. Placing the blanket over the crib also transforms it into some sort of fort. Isn’t that great?


If you travel a lot, is the Guava Family Lotus travel crib one of the best choices for you! You can set up the crib in a few seconds, the crib is lightweight, and you can carry it in a backpack.
Yes, Lotus is a perfect travel crib for around the World, but it is not just that. It is a useful napper or playpen, which you can easily use at home too.

LINK TO THE LATEST PRICE: Buy Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard station on Amazon
LINK TO ITS REVIEW: Guava Family Lotus travel crib Review

BABYBJÖRN Travel Crib Light

Best travel cribs: BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light


  • travel crib stands firmly on the floor
  • a soft and comfortable mattress
  • it is perfect for newborns and toddlers
  • airy design for good supervision
  • easily removable and machine washable mattress cover and travel crib fabric
  • a safe crib without toxic materials
  • quality and durable material, which is aesthetically pleasing


  • higher price

This is another lightweight travel crib, which packs up small and weighs only 13 pounds. BABYBJÖRN travel crib Light is, in many features, very similar to the Guava Family Lotus travel crib. Those two travel cribs are both such a great choice that you really can’t go wrong either way.

BABYBJÖRN travel crib Light vs. Guava Family Lotus travel crib

  1. Babybjorn costs little more than Lotus, but its quality is slightly better too.
  2. The BabyBjorn’s mattress is the thickest and most comfortable you can get with any portable crib.
  3. While BabyBjorn’s footprint is slightly smaller than the Lotus’ footprint (we are talking about 1″), is their height the same.
  4. Babybjorn narrows on the top more, so its top opening is smaller from the Lotus.
  5. BABYBJÖRN travel crib Light folds up compactly into a suitcase, whereas the Lotus folds into a backpack.

Setting up the BabyByorn travel crib was like a breeze. You can unfold it in one easy movement. It’s as effortless to fold it down too.

I must say that popping it back into the carry bag is a little easier than with Lotus. There are no loose parts that you would have attached. The legs unfold automatically, and the mattress has a built-in base plate that keeps the crib stable.


BABYBJÖRN is a well-known brand, which is famous for its high-quality, safe, and modern products. So, yes, you pay a few bucks more for a brand. But is it worth it? I think it is, but on the other side, is the Lotus crib described above more affordable and as good as this one.

Anyway, traveling with babies typically involves a lot of luggage. With only 13 pounds and the ability to fold into a small suitcase, is the Babybjorn Travel Crib Light one of the best travel cribs to take with you wherever you go.

Setting up and folding down couldn’t be easier too. BABYBJÖRN is perfect either for traveling around the World or for a short visit to family and friends.

LINK TO THE LATEST PRICE: Buy BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light on Amazon
LINK TO ITS REVIEW: BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light Review

4moms Breeze Classic Portable Playard

Best travel cribs: Breeze Playard


  • super easy to put together
  • grows with your child
  • removable bassinet
  • comes with carrying case
  • great quality
  • sturdy frame
  • gender-natural color
  • bassinet easily snaps securely into position around the
  • top of the Playard


  • lack of color choice
  • higher price
  • the bassinet does not fit in the carrying case

If you are on the market for a classic Playard that is set up in a second, this is the one for you! One push down in the center and the 4moms Breeze travel crib is ready to use. The same is with folding. Grab the handle in the center, pull it up, and you are done.

The whole crib is perfectly folded in a second! Just put it in an included travel bag, and you are ready to go. It couldn’t be easier, like a breeze.

4moms Breeze doesn’t have wheels, which could be a problem for someone. Although it’s not as light as the first two travel cribs, it doesn’t weigh as much as other similar Pack ‘N Plays.

Because of its lightweight and great folding mechanism, you can easily move it around the home anyway. It depends on what you are looking for, but I don’t think the wheels are necessary.

I also love the newborn bassinet, as it is so simple, but stable and useful. The whole unit is sturdy and stable, and the fact that you can set it up in a second does not affect the overall crib’s stability at all.

The bassinet provides a comfortable sleeping space for your newborn. It is removable and can withstand the baby’s weight up to 18lbs.


The biggest advantage of 4moms Breeze classic portable Playard towards other travel cribs is its simple usage. It folds down and sets up as the name says, like a breeze. Handling this travel crib is extremely easy!

LINK TO THE LATEST PRICE: Buy 4moms Breeze Classic Portable Playard on Amazon
LINK TO ITS REVIEW: 4moms Breeze Classic Portable Playard Review

Graco Pack ‘n Play Newborn Seat DLX Playard

Best travel cribs: Graco Pack 'n Play Newborn Seat DLX Playard


  • folding is quick and hassle-free
  • simple to pack it up
  • full-size bassinet
  • cozy newborn napper for babies under 3 months
  • airy mesh on all sides for maximum ventilation
  • perfect as a Playard
  • extra large and sturdy changing table
  • musical box with soft songs
  • napper offers soft vibrations, and as such calms the baby down faster
  • affordable price
  • included travel bag


  • little heavier from travel cribs above
  • the napper and changing table can’t be used outside of this unit

If you want an affordable travel crib that can double as a Pack ‘N Play, is this one, or one of the similar Graco’s Pack ‘N Plays the best portable crib for you.

It is a little heavier than other travel cribs here, but hey, you get everything you can imagine with the crib. It has a tone of accessories!

If you intend to travel by car, then there are no reservations to opt for Graco DLX Playard. But if you plan to take it on a plane, then you might consider a minimalist crib like BABYBJÖRN travel crib Light or Guava Family Lotus travel crib described above. These cribs are very lightweight and can fold in even into smaller packages.

One of my favorite features of Graco Pack ‘N Play is the fact that it grows with your child. It is designed to transition with your child’s growth, from newborn to infant and toddler’s age.

Part of the reasons why Graco Pack ‘N Plays are one of the US best-selling Playards is also its durability and convenient use. It is like you will have a little nursery combined in one affordable Pack ‘N Play.

Besides standard Pack ‘N Play’s features, it possesses a full-size bassinet, the napper for a newborn, changing table, and even an electronics module with vibrations and different songs and sounds.

If that’s not enough you’ll also like that it comes with:
  1. the newborn bassinet features a canopy that shields your baby from bright lights
  2. you can use a changing table with babies up to 30 pounds
  3. it has a built-in shelves
  4. it possesses a signature Graco’s push-button for easy fold
  5. it has a quilted mattress pad that is more comfortable than the mattress pads of majority brands
  6. the musical box provides soft tunes and gentle vibration, and shut-off automatically

All the accessories, longevity, quality, and low price are Graco Pack ‘n Play Newborn Seat DLX Playard’s winners. It will last for years of play and rest!

LINK TO THE LATEST PRICE: Buy Graco Pack ‘n Play Newborn Seat DLX Playard on Amazon
LINK TO ITS REVIEW: Best 5 Graco Pack ‘N Plays with Bassinet

Ingenuity Smart and Simple Playard

Best travel cribs: Ingenuity Smart and Simple Packable Portable Playard with Changing Table


  • folds up quick and easy
  • easily moving around the home
  • good airflow to create a cooler space for sleeping
  • grows with your child
  • newborn napper has a slight incline for greater comfort
  • organizing unit on the side
  • stable changing table
  • adjustable sleeping mat
  • affordable price


  • heavier from some other travel cribs on our list

Ingenuity Smart and Simple Playard is another affordable Pack ‘N Play that keeps babies safe from naptime to playtime. Its features are very similar to Graco’s Pack ‘N Play.

It doesn’t have an electronic module for sound and vibration, but that is not an essential feature on travel cribs, so I don’t see a reason why it wouldn’t be as good or even better than Graco.

Ingenuity Smart and Simple Playard is a quality Pack ‘N Play on wheels, which folds up quickly and easily. A great Ingenuit’s feature is the collapsing, where there is no need for removing the bassinet.

You might think the elevated changing table takes up too much space. Well, because you can use it up to baby’s 25 pounds, it does take some space, but it flips out of the way when it’s not in use. You can also easily fold it down without removing it from the crib.

I like the fact that the crib parts are washable in the washing machine. You can easily zip-off pieces of fabrics from the napping center, and a changing table and wash them.

Other Ingenuity Smart and Simple Playard features:
  1. extra storage on the side
  2. it has a removable toy bar
  3. quickly folds up without removing the bassinet
  4. bassinet for newborns is lined with a white plush
  5. it has a baby crib-mobile with hanging toys

The Ingenuity Smart and Simple Playard is a classic Pack ‘N Play with lots of accessories, which is available for a low price. It is durable and stable, with everything you need for a newborn up to toddler age.

LINK TO THE LATEST PRICE: Buy Ingenuity Smart and Simple Playard on Amazon
LINK TO ITS REVIEW: Ingenuity Smart and Simple Playard Review

Disney Sweet Wonder Playard

Best travel cribs: Disney Sweet Wonder Playard


  • Disney toys swing on the detachable toy bar
  • folding up is easy
  • newborn insert folds up into the travel bag
  • it grows with your baby
  • easy moving from room to room
  • lots of storage space
  • it has an included stable changing table
  • changer is easy to clean thanks to a wipeable pad


  • some parents reported that the organizer often falls off the Pack ‘N Play

Do you like Disney? If you do, you will love this Pack ‘N Play. Their Mickey or Minnie mouse themed Playard is perfect for Disney lovers. Crib’s designers included Disney characters elegantly, and even though it is a cartoon-themed crib, it’s not over colorful.

Of course, the appealing design alone wouldn’t place Disney Sweet Wonder Playard among the best travel cribs. The crib is designed by Safety 1st, which is a well-established baby product manufacturer. It is a safe choice, with lots of additional features for your baby and you.

Disney’s Pack ‘N Play is a little smaller than other Pack ‘N Plays above, and it doesn’t possess a newborn napper like Graco or Ingenuity. I am talking about the napper, which you place on the top of the crib!

Disney Sweet Wonder Playard has a regular full-size bassinet! That is the insert that you hang on the crib sides and hangs inside the crib. You can use it until your baby starts pulling herself up. Such bassinet also packs up with the crib in the travel bag, which accessories such as nappers or changing tables can’t.

Other Disney Sweet Wonder Playard’s features:
  1. easy-clean changer, which is wipeable and removable
  2. removable toy arch with plush Disney characters
  3. it features open view and breathable mesh
  4. indicators which show you it’s safely locked and ready for use
  5. two wheels for easy mobility
  6. travel beg is included
  7. side storage organizer

Disney Sweet Wonder Playard is a beautiful, safe, useful, and affordable choice, which is extremely popular among parents who like Disney.

LINK TO THE LATEST PRICE: Buy Disney Sweet Wonder Playard on Amazon

Things to consider when buying a travel crib


  • Do you intend to travel a lot?
  • Do you need it only as a secondary crib in grandparents’ or caregivers’ home?
  • Will you use it as a Playpen a lot?
  • Will you take the crib on a plane, bus, or train?


There is a big difference if you are camping or staying in a hotel.


  • Is it setting up quick and easy?
  • The same goes for folding.
  • Do you need a lightweight travel crib or a care station Playard?

A portable travel crib

Travel cribs belong to a group of portable cribs. But this is a very wide group, which includes lightweight travel cribs, care station Pack ‘N Plays, full-size, and mini cribs on wheels.

While the difference between lightweight travel crib and care station Pack ‘N Play is minor, is the difference towards portable wooden cribs very big. Any full-size or mini crib, which stands on wheels is classified as a portable crib, but that doesn’t mean you can use it as a travel crib. Well, some mini portable cribs, like Babyletto Origami, fold up as small that they do fit into a car trunk, but that’s it.

The difference between travel cribs and wooden portable cribs 

  • travel cribs are much lighter
  • travel cribs fold up smaller than portable cribs made from wood
  • travel cribs pack up into a convenient travel bag
  • Travel cribs have soft mesh sides, which provide comfort to the baby. Because of the material they are made of, travel cribs fold up into smaller and lighter packages than portable cribs made from wood.
Wooden portable crib vs. travel crib
portable crib made of wood vs. lightweight travel crib

Types of Travel cribs

Depending on the start of use:

  • 0+ months
  • 6+ months

You can choose between travel cribs with or without a newborn bassinet. There are even travel cribs with snuggle nests, bouncers, or changers, which are placed on the top of the unit. Those travel cribs are bigger and heavier, and you can’t pack these accessories into a travel bag.

However, it is nice to know you have that option. You can use it at home or in the grandparents’ home, or just left it at home while you are traveling. On the contrary, a full-size bassinet folds up into the package with the crib, so you can take it with you anywhere you go.

Your options are:

  1. a travel crib without a full-size bassinet
  2. a travel crib with a full-size bassinet
  3. a travel crib with a full-size bassinet + accessories, like snuggle nest, changer, bouncer, etc.

Depend on the weight and size of the travel crib:

  1. Bigger travel cribs: Those cribs weigh a little more and fold up a little bigger, but they have lots of additional features, like a snuggle nest, changing table, toys, side organizers, and more.
  2. Basic, minimalist travel cribs: Those are lightweight travel cribs, perfect for hiking or taking on the plane, as they fold up really small.

    8 thoughts on “The Best travel cribs for babies and toddlers”

    1. Hi, love all the information, really lots of stuff to learn about cribs! I have one question on a Crib in particular the

      BABYBJÖRN Travel Crib Light. Do you have any idea if they come in different colors or the one we see on the photos are the only colors available? Thank you

      1. Hello, Barbara!
        The most common colors for Baby Bjorn are silver and black, but sometimes you can get it in pink, light and dark blue or brown version. These colors are special additions which are not available all the time.

        You can find all the information about this lightweight travel crib in our BABYBJÖRN Travel Crib Light Review!
        Regards, BLP

    2. I read your post with interest because we are expecting another grandchild soon and want to be prepared for when the precious one comes to visit! It is so much easier if we have a convenient travel crib here so the baby’s dad doesn’t have to carry that along, too! Do you recommend the ones that have the bassinet for new babies? We want baby to be safe and comfortable. Also, if we leave the travel crib up for several weeks at a time, do you know how well they hold up? Thank you for detailing the way you came to your ratings on the travel cribs you reviewed.

      1. Hello Karin!

        First of all, congratulation grandma!

        If you intend to use it in your house, it is better to choose one of the heavier traveling cribs on our list. Although you can use a lightweight travel crib at home, Graco Pack ‘N Play Playard, Ingenuity Smart and Simple Playard, 4moms Breeze Classic Portable Playard, or Disney Sweet Wonder Playard are more suitable for you.

        You can leave them up for several weeks without a problem. Some parent even uses them instead of standard cribs.

        At this point, I want to tell you for another model which might be suitable for you as well. A folding full-size or mini crib on wheels – portable wooden cribs. Those cribs are made from wood, you can fold them without any disassembly, and store them until another use.

        Best travel cribs on our list I am talking about here have a special infant insert. Insert hangs on the travel crib sides, so your newborn baby is higher.

        Similar to standard convertible cribs, where you adjust the mattress height on the highest position for a newborn.

        The newborn nap station on the top of the travel crib is a nice addition, as many newborns feel safe and cozy in it. Like it kinda snuggles them. But it is certainly not the “must have” feature, as an infant insert or bassinet is completely enough from the safety point of view.

        Regards, Ines

    3. Hi Ines! This is so useful! I’m glad I found your site. It’s exactly what I have been looking for. Thank you for putting in all the time to review all these cribs and come up with this selection. You have saved me lot of time. I’m grateful!

      After reading, I choose the Graco Pack ‘N Play Playard with Newborn Napper station. I need something to be folded up quickly. That has sufficient ventilation. And enough space for a very hyperactive baby to move around. This crib, being a bit heavier is not a problem, in my case. Thank you very much!

      1. Thank you, Hanry for your kind words!

        We are trying to provide quality reviews and best of lists to help young parents with their decision.

        Buying a travel crib is as important as any other crib. We try to provide versatile “best of” lists, so any parent can find the perfect model for their baby.

        Such kind words always encourage us to work even harder and show to us we are on the right path.

        And if you are looking for a folding crib for your home, which you won’t use on your travels, there are good wooden portable cribs as well. We have made a list of them as well.
        Here is the link: 
        Best rated portable cribs

    4. We have the Graco Pack’n Play with napper that you have mentioned. I love it in theory because it had everything we needed, but I had a hard time getting my son to sleep well in it. He does better now as a toddler, but do you have any recommendations for a portable mattress that would be a little more plus than what comes standard with it? Thank you!

      1. Unfortunately, the Pack’n Play’s mattresses are not as good as classic crib mattresses. That’s because of the breathable mash around the Playard. If you use a thicker mattress, the baby could trap between the mash and the mattress’ side so it can be dangerous.

        Of course, that applies mostly to newborns and young babies. I do not see safety problems if you use a thicker mattress for a toddler. However, it can be annoying if the toddler slips between the mattress and the mash side while sleeping.

        For toddlers and babies older than 6 months, I recommend using a Dream On Me 3″ Playard mattress at home, or Milliard Tri-Fold Pack N’ Play mattress while traveling.

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