Best Mobiles for Baby Bassinets

Some bassinets come with a nursery mobile, but most don’t. Unfortunately, finding the right one for a bassinet is not as easy as buying a crib mobile, so we wanted to help. We’ve compiled the list of the best mobiles for baby bassinets. There are not many, but all of them are quality and worth your consideration!

I have also added tips on what you should look for when buying a nursery mobile for the bassinet. I hope it will help!

Best Bassinet Mobiles

Baby’s Little Place top-rated products:

Baby Mobiles for Bassinets

Baby mobiles hang above the sleeping surface, but their primary function is not to lull your baby to sleep. They are designed to stimulate her visual and motor skills and thus help with the baby’s brain development.

However, that doesn’t mean they do not help your baby to sleep better!

The best mobiles for bassinets have just the right level of stimulation. A good mobile gently engages your baby long enough that she eventually falls asleep without your help. You don’t want a mobile that would keep her up all night!

Is it safe to put a mobile on a bassinet?

Yes, but only if you choose the right one! Not all nursery mobiles are safe to use on a bassinet!

Best Mobiles for Bassinets

Best overall:

Tiny Love Take Along Mobile

This mobile is our absolute winner for use on a bassinet!

The Tiny Love Take Along is a highly versatile baby mobile that can fasten securely on a bassinet, crib, Pack ‘N Play, car seat, or stroller.

From my experience, it is very engaging for the baby but also calming and can gently lull her into sleep.

Tiny Love Take Along is highly portable and grows with your baby. Your baby will have a familiar toy that provides comfort and security wherever you go.

Best Mobile for Bassinet: Tiny Love Take Along Portable Mobile
Tiny Love Take-Along Mobile Review

Best design:

FEISIKE Mobile for Boys and Girls

This cute mobile is perfect for the bassinet, but be careful not to order the one with the wrong fixed axis.

The FEISIKE mobile is available with two different types of connectors:

  1. With a clamp to fasten on a bassinet or crib
  2. With a knob to attach to a crib only

Make sure you pick the one with the clamp for use on the baby bassinet! 

Best Mobile to Use on a Bassinet: Best Design

Best responsive mobile for a bassinet:

Fisher-Price Rainbow Showers Bassinet to Bedside Mobile

What I like the most about this mobile is its convenient sound detection. It automatically reactivates the mobile if the baby wakes up at night and soothes her back to sleep.

The Fisher-Price Rainbow Showers mobile is the only one with sound detection and the only one with a nightlight!

Best Responsive Mobile for a Bassinet

Baby mobiles appropriate for use with the bassinet

Baby mobiles belong to two groups based on their attachment type:

  1. Most baby mobiles attach to the unit. These are so-called crib-mounted mobiles that you can use on a bassinet too. (Therefore, we will call them bassinet-mounted mobiles from now on.)
  2. Some baby mobiles attach to the ceiling and hang above the bassinet (ceiling-mounted mobiles).

While toys on the ceiling-mounted mobile hop and swing only with the help of the wind, the bassinet-mounted group gives you more options.

Bassinet-mounted mobiles are divided into three subgroups according to the way of operation.

They can work via:

  • The motorized unit that works on batteries
  • A mechanism that winds up manually
  • Wind

The first two use a small motor that spins the toys under the hand of the mobile and plays music. They can have additional features like night lights, a projector, different preloaded sounds and music, a timmer, Bluetooth, etc.

However, more features usually mean a larger mobile and therefore more weight, which can be problematic when used on a bassinet.

What type of mobile is best for the bassinet?

You can choose any type. But you have to pay attention to certain things with bassinet-mounted mobiles.

  • First is already mentioned weight. Your bassinet must withhold the weight of the mobile without any problems. The bassinet side shouldn’t twist or bend under the weight. A heavy mobile can also tilt some units, which is very dangerous for the baby.
  • Another thing to look for when choosing a bassinet-mounted mobile is the way of its attachment to the bassinet. Lots of mobiles can attach only to cribs’ slats and spindles. Such a mobile won’t mount securely to the bassinet, and you shouldn’t use it.
  • Look for the mobile with a specially designed clamp that attaches the mobile’s arm to the top of the bassinet side.

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