The best bassinet mattress pads in 2023

We’ve found the best bassinet mattress pads (also called bassinet mattress protectors, covers, or toppers) and added some tips on how to find a fitting one for your baby’s bassinet.

Biloban Bassinet Mattress Protectors

Protect your bassinet mattress with a quality mattress pad!

Baby’s Little Place Top Picks

A bassinet mattress is one of those baby items that can get dirty fast, but unfortunately, you can not throw it in the washing machine. Infants spill and drool a lot. A leaky diaper or diaper blow-up is something that will happen sooner or later.

Yes, you can and will use bassinet mattress sheets, but most are not waterproof, so you will need a reliable mattress protector to keep your mattress clean and comfortable.

Solids and liquids shouldn’t be able to penetrate the bassinet mattress! Leaking into its core increases the risk of mildew, bacteria, and mites, which is unhealthy for your baby. The best bassinet mattress pads keep the liquids and dirt away from the mattress, thus maintaining your baby’s mattress fresh and safe.

Our top choice:

Biloban Bassinet Mattress Protectors

Best Bassinet Mattress Pads - Biloban Mattress Protectors

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What to Consider Before Buying Bassinet Mattress Pads?

Bassinet mattress pads come in various materials, including cotton, polyester, and organic options. You can pick amongst multiple sizes, shapes, and thicknesses, decide on a quilted protector, etc.

But the most important features to consider are those that ensure the mattress protector is safe for your baby. Those are the pad’s thickness, size, and breathability. Also, you shouldn’t forget to check the mattress pad’s waterproofing abilities.

Best Bassinet Mattress Pads / Protectors

The more research we’ve done, the more convinced we were that Biloban is the only brand we’ll include on this list. The Biloban bassinet mattress pads are so superior that we didn’t see the point in adding others to the “best-of” list.

Believe me; I wanted to add more brands. But we have not found one that could compete with Biloban’s excellent value for money and its wide selection of different sizes.

Even with more options … I’m sure you’d end up going with one of Biloban’s bassinet mattress pads. So I thought, why not write more about their mattress protectors, their range, and how to choose the right one?

Top-Rated Biloban Bassinet Mattress Pads

Having a right-sized mattress pad is essential! But there are so many shapes and sizes that finding the right one can be a challenge.

That’s why I appreciate Biloban’s effort to make your search as easy as possible. You can shop their mattress pads by size or by the name and brand of your bassinet!

Best Bassinet Mattress Protectors:

Shop by Size

These white bamboo bassinet mattress protectors are available in multiple sizes. You can choose from 18 sizes and all three shapes (rectangle, oval, or hourglass).

→ Click the link under the picture → then click the “SIZE” button and choose the suitable sizes. 

The Best Bassinet Mattress Pad: Biloban White Bamboo Protector

Bamboo Bassinet Mattress Pad Cover – WHITE!

*Note! Only the white pads are made of bamboo. The colored protectors in this link are made of microfiber!

PACK OF: 2 mattress protectors
MATERIAL: 100% bamboo terry, 100% waterproof TPU backing
SIZE: multiple sizes

TIP: If your size is not among them, pay attention to the individual descriptions. Choose the shape and size closest to your bassinet mattress. It must be smaller, not bigger than your bassinet mattress! Then, read its description to see if it has a flexible fit to fit various kinds of bassinet mattresses.

Best Bassinet Mattress Pads:

Shop by Brand

Biloban offers an impressive selection of mattress pads compatible with multiple well-known bassinet brands. Check under our 3 pictures if your bassinet is amongst them! Then click on the link below images.

Now all you have to do is open their list with bassinet brands and find yours. Click on your bassinet and order the pad it provides. No worries about the wrong size!


Best Bassinet Mattress Pads - Rectangle


Best Bassinet Mattress Pads - Oval


Best Bassinet Mattress Pads - Hourglass

Bamboo Bassinet Mattress Protector Compatible with various Bassinet Brands

PACK OF: 2 mattress pads
MATERIAL: 100% bamboo terry, 100% waterproof TPU backing
SIZE: multiple sizes for the well-known bassinet brands

TIP: Our bassinet list was made when I was writing this article. Unfortunately, we can’t check for updates daily. My point is that even if your bassinet isn’t listed here on the site, you may still want to check out their list (on the provided link). Maybe you’re lucky, and they’ve already added your bassinet too!

Best Budget Buy:

Some Biloban bassinet mattress pads, like these (17 x 33 inches), are made of microfiber, which makes them cheaper than the bamboo pads described above.

Microfiber is soft and safe for your baby! In fact, microfiber’s smooth surface and moisture-wicking abilities make it an excellent choice for babies with sensitive skin.

Another great thing about these microfiber mattress pads is their universal fit. They fit snuggly to:

  • Large rectangle bassinet mattresses (up to 33″ x 17″ x 3″)
  • Small rectangle bassinet mattresses (up to 28″ x 15″ x 3″)
  • Peanut or HourGlass bassinet mattresses (up to 30″ x 17″ x 3″)
  • Oval bassinet mattresses (up to 33″ x 17″ x 3″)

These pads have an elastic bandage around the edge, making them flexible to fit various bassinet mattresses. I like how easy and quick you can put it on the mattress or take it off. Much easier than mattress pads with an envelope casing design.

PACK OF: 2 mattress protectors
MATERIAL: Microfiber
SIZE: 17″ x 33″, but has a universal fit

NOTE: For this option, you must choose one of the packages containing pads of two colors. Only those are microfiber and thus cheaper! The pack of two white mattress protectors is made of bamboo and is more expensive.

More about Biloban bassinet mattress pads:

Benefits of Bassinet Mattress Pads / Protectors

1. They prevent stains on the mattress’s surface:

The bassinet mattress pad with a waterproof layer will protect your bassinet mattress from accidents. Liquids and dirt will not reach the mattress, so it will remain stain-free. Your bassinet mattress will stay clean and look like new.

2. Mattress protectors keep the mattress’s core clean and dry:

Waterproof mattress protectors prevent liquid from reaching the surface of the mattress, let alone into its core. The bassinet mattress will stay dry and fresh! Moisture inside the mattress core can promote mold growth. You definitely don’t want this around your baby!

Best bassinet mattress pads are made of durable materials to withstand repeated washing. You can wash them frequently to keep them clean.

3. Mattress pads protect against allergens and pathogens:

Yes, waterproof bassinet mattress pads prevent mildew, bacteria, or dust mite formation in the mattress. But fiber, such as bamboo or cotton, also works antibacterial naturally. These fibers are also hypoallergenic, meaning they do not irritate a baby’s sensitive skin.

And last but not least, a bassinet mattress pad represents the barrier between your baby and the mattress. So, if anything happens to form inside the mattress’s core, it won’t come into contact with the baby.

4. They keep the mattress cool and cozy:

The best bassinet mattress pads are breathable, cool, and cozy. They absorb body heat, sweat, and moisture, keeping your baby dry and comfortable.

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