The safest baby cribs

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The safest baby cribs

The safest baby cribs in 2020

Baby cribs sold today, regardless of the retailer, must meet all safety standards set by the government. But still, some models are sturdier than others, with a better locking mechanism if they are portable, or more stable after conversions if we are talking about convertible cribs.

The safest baby cribs are those made after 2011 when the new safety standards were released.

In theory, whichever new crib you choose is safe and appropriate for your baby. And most of the time, they are! However, sometimes a potentially hazardous safety issue occurs after the crib is already in mass use. The manufacturer must immediately recall such crib, notice customers, and CPCS (Consumer Product Safety Commission) set it on its recall list.

Our selection of the safest baby cribs meets or even exceeds all safety standards. Cribs are also sturdy and quality made, but all that is pretty much useless if parents don’t use the crib correctly. To provide the safest sleeping environment for your baby, follow the safety guidelines we have listed at the end of this article.

The safest baby cribs in 2020

You can find numerous baby crib reviews and “best of” list on our site. Of course, all cribs and other baby equipment on those lists are safe. They meet or even exceed required safety standards, otherwise, we wouldn’t place them near to the list.

You can find the winners in certain crib types in the table below. But I have included the link to the whole “best of” lists as well. Nevertheless, they are all safe!

The safest full-size baby cribs in 2020

Babyletto Hudson
Babyletto Hudson, a safe convertible baby crib
convertible criblatest priceBest convertible cribs
Storkcraft Portofino
Strokcraft Portofino, a safe combo baby crib
crib with changing tablelatest price Best combo cribs
Babyletto Maki
Babyletto Maki, a safe full-size folding crib
portable criblatest price Best portable cribs
Graco Solano
Graco Solano, a safe convertible crib with drawer
crib with under crib drawerlatest price Best cribs with storage

The safest mini cribs in 2020

Dream On Me Aden
Dream On Me Aden, a safe mini convertible crib
mini convertible criblatest priceBest mini cribs
Dream On Me Jayden
Dream On Me Jayden, a safe mini convertible crib with a changing table
mini crib with changing tablelatest priceBest mini combo cribs
Babyletto Origami
Babyletto origami, a safe mini foldable crib on wheels
mini portable criblatest priceBest mini portable crib

What is the safest crib?

The safest crib is one that has been purchased new, certified by the manufacturer as compliant with CPSC requirements through 3rd party testing and ASTM. The safest crib is also durable, sturdy, and properly cared for. 

CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) is an independent agency of the United States government. It seeks to promote the safety of consumer products by addressing “unreasonable risks” of injury, doing research into product-related illness and injury, and developing CPSC safety standards.

ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) is a standards organization that develops and publishes voluntary consensus technical standards for a wide range of materials, products, systems, and services.

CPSC introduced new crib safety standards on June 28, 2011. The key requirements are:

  • Traditional drop-side cribs are prohibited because of numerous injuries and even tragic deaths. They cannot be made or sold!
  • Do not use an old drop-side crib, because it is dangerous!
  • Immobilizers and repair kits for drop-side cribs are not allowed.
  • Crib slats must be stronger to prevent breakage.
  • Crib’s hardware must have anti-loosening devices to keep it from coming loose or falling off. 
  • CPSC requires a durable mattress support.
  • CPSC set more rigorous testing.

New rules apply to full-size and non-full-size cribs!

Other baby crib safety specifications


To ensure the safest sleeping environment for your baby, you must purchase a firm crib mattress that fits tightly into your crib.
The measurements of full-size cribs and standard crib mattresses are regulated by the government. That’s why any new standard size crib mattress fits into any new baby crib.

is a baby crib with the following measurements: 52 3⁄8 ± 5⁄8 inches in length by 28 ± 5⁄8 inches in width

is a baby crib mattress with the following measurements: at least 27 1/4 inches by 51 5/8 inches and no more than 6 inches thick

Mini cribs are a different story. Their measurements are not regulated by the government. A mini crib or non-full-size crib is any crib that is smaller from a standard crib.
However, in most cases, their inner dimensions are around 38″ (96,52cm) by 24″ (60,96cm), which is great because most mini crib mattresses correspond to those measurements.


Make sure that you assemble the crib correctly. Take your time and follow the provided instructions. Make sure there are no missing parts, and the crib is in working order. Check the crib’s stability when you are done. Shake it, and if it wobbles, check if you assemble it correctly.

Check your crib regularly for missing hardware, loose screws, broken parts, or anything out of the ordinary. It is best to do it every time the sheet is changed.

safety precautions when using a crib

As I already said, just purchasing a new crib that meets all required safety standards and thinking your baby is safe, is not enough! There are safety measurements, which you should take into consideration to provide the safest sleeping environment for your baby.

  • You should always place your baby in the crib on his or her back.
  • Never put blankets, pillows, or sheepskins in a crib. Also, do not put plush toys and comforters in the crib with your baby. They can cause suffocation!
  • It is better not to use sleep position devices, but if you do, use them carefully following the instructions.
  • If you decide to use bumper pads, use breathable materials, which fit firmly around the crib. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) warned against using them.
  • The cord from a baby monitor should not be close to the crib, as the baby can strangle or choke.
  • Keep the crib away from blinds and windows or anything else she can pull down. 
  • Don’t smoke near your baby!
  • Do not over cloth your baby while sleeping, as she can overheat.


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  • I care so much about my baby and I want the best for her 🙂 and here I am in search of the safest baby crib for her.

    What I love more about this is that I did not only find the safest baby cribs for 2020 but I learnt so much on specifications I should for in safest baby cribs and the precautions I should take. This only makes life easier for me. Thanks so much Ines.

  • Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your article on safest baby cribs. While reading I know that the safest crib is one that has been purchased new, certified by the manufacturer as compliant with CPSC requirements through 3rd party testing and ASTM. We must follow SAFETY PRECAUTIONS While USING A Baby CRIB. Safety plays an important role while using baby Crib.

  • Hi Ines, I really wanna commend you for sharing with us such a helpful guide in selecting the best baby cribs for babies.
    I could remember using some baby cribs in the past which I really blamed myself for buying them in the first place.
    There are lots of cautions that should be ensured while using a baby crib which some nursing mothers don’t always take into cognizance.

    • Hi!

      Tnx Carol! The safety of our babies must come first! However, I am aware that moms also want a beautiful baby crib that fits with nursery furniture. That’s why I am glad that the safest baby cribs we have selected are also stylish and appealing.

      Regards, Ines

  • Hi

    Thank you very much for writing this review of crib, as you often wonder what is the best and safest crib for them to use. You wonder if the young child could damage their fingers, or that the child will find it uncomfortable and not get a  good night sleep. I really appreciate all the time and effort you have use in explaining the benefits of each crib. I think it is not an easy decision to make, as you always have doubts, especially if it is the right size and if you are making the right investment. You talk about most cribs require self-assembly, which can be tricky, as I have put cots together in the past. The amount of frustration this can bring can be large, so which one do you recommend for those who struggle in DIY?



    • Hello Antonio!

      From my experiences, combo cribs are the hardest to assemble. That’s because these models have an attached changing table, which posses one or more drawers. Simply because they have more parts: more parts – more work.

      However, if you follow the provided instruction, there shouldn’t be any problems. But if you are not sure, and you are afraid that the safety of your baby crib is compromised, then it is better to contact the manufacturer directly.

      If you buy the crib on Amazon, you can try with Amazon Home Services, and their experienced workers will put it together.

      Regards, BLP

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