Does the Babyletto crib come with a mattress? | Here’s what you need to know

When preparing for a new baby, a crib and a mattress is one of your most important purchases. Many parents decide on one of the Babyletto’s cribs. The brand is well-known for its quality, safety, and eco-conscious. Moreover, Babyletto also has its own crib mattresses. But does the Babyletto crib come with a mattress, or do you have to buy it separately?

Babyletto Crib With Mattress

I can see why some parents would like to get a Babyletto crib with a mattress. They see many advantages in such an arrangement, including quality assurance, cost efficiency, secure fit, etc. Are they right? Well … I will explain, but first, I want to answer the initial question:

Does the Babyletto crib come with a mattress?

Babyletto sells two types of cribs: mini cribs and standard, full-size cribs

Babyletto does not sell their standard-size (also called full-size) cribs with a crib mattress included. However, if you decide on a Babyletto mini crib, you’ll get their mini-mattress pad with the crib.

But if I return to the standard-size cribs; for the price you are paying, you will get a full-size Babyletto crib and a toddler bed conversion kit. That is more than most baby crib brands, where you must buy the toddler bed rail separately!

However, you still have to buy a crib mattress. And you can choose the Babyletto crib mattress or any other standard crib mattress available on the market. They all fit in the Babyletto’s cribs!

If you decide on the Babyletto crib mattress, you won’t regret it. The Babyletto Pure Core crib mattress is an excellent choice, not just for Babyletto cribs but for any other standard-size crib.

More about the Babyletto crib mattress: Babyletto Pure Core crib mattress Review

Reasons why parents are looking for a Babyletto crib with a mattress set

Many parents see advantages in buying a crib-mattress set. While we acknowledge some benefits, they are not so significant that you would decide on another brand’s crib just because the Babyletto crib doesn’t come with a mattress.

Possible benefits of buying a crib-mattress set

1. Compatibility:

The premise: Buying a crib with an included mattress ensures a perfect fit. 

Explanation: Yes, it does, but no more than buying any other crib mattress on the market! In fact, any standard crib mattress (of any brand) fits perfectly into any full-size crib on the market! 

Why? Because the government regulates their sizes

The size of all standard crib mattresses and the internal dimensions of all full-size cribs on the market must comply with the prescribed dimensions; otherwise, selling them is illegal!

2. Convenience: 

The premise: You don’t have to worry about finding a compatible mattress or spending time researching different options.

Explanation: That is right. Yet again, only to a certain point.

We’ve already clarified any new standard crib mattress fits into any new full-size crib on the market. Thus compatibility is not an issue. As for researching … you still have to know how good the included mattress is and compare it with other options on the market. 

3. Cost savings: 

The premise: Some retailers offer package deals for cribs and mattresses, saving you money compared to buying each item separately. 

Explanation: That is right. Bundle purchases are usually sold at a discounted price. However, only a few standard-size cribs have a mattress included in the price. So your choice is minimal.

4. Quality assurance: 

The premise: If you buy a crib and a mattress together, you can be confident that both items meet the same quality standards.

Explanation: Yes, both a crib and a mattress probably meet the same quality standards. But that doesn’t tell you anything about the quality itself. It can be high or low for both products.

5. Time-saving: 

The premise: Shopping for a crib and mattress separately can take more time and effort than buying them together. Buying them as a set saves time, so you can focus on other parts of preparations for your baby’s arrival.

Explanation: That is true. However, the selection of cribs sold with a mattress as a set is quite limited. And if you take a little time, you can even find a better crib and mattress for less money than a set.

Can you buy a Babyletto crib with a mattress?

While Babyletto does not typically sell their cribs with a mattress included, some retailers may offer a bundle deal that includes both the Babyletto crib and a Babyletto crib mattress. 

We recommend checking with specific retailers or contacting Babyletto directly to ask about options for purchasing a crib with a mattress.

After researching, I found a few deals offering a Babyletto crib with a mattress. However, when I took a closer look, I immediately realized buying them in a bundle doesn’t save you money. At least not, on the day I have done the research.

Still, buying them in a bundle can be convenient as they arrive together, and you can avoid paying shipping fees twice.

Babyletto crib with a mattress

Let’s consider the Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 convertible crib in washed natural and the Babyletto Pure Core crib mattress with a Hybrid waterproof cover. I choose these two since they are Babyletto’s most sought-after and popular crib and mattress combination.

With this example, I hope to give you a clearer picture of what you can expect from buying the Babyletto crib with the mattress.

The following prices were in effect on the day of my research:

  • Buying the bundle: Babyletto Hudson with Pure Core crib mattress = $698.00
  • Buying them individually:
    • Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 convertible crib = $499.00
    • Babyletto Pure Core Crib mattress = $199.00
      • → If we add up their prices, the sum is the same.

Do cribs usually come with mattresses?

Most full-size cribs don’t come with a crib mattress. But if you purchase a non-full-size crib, it will come with one.

Most mini convertible or portable cribs come with a basic 1 – 1,5″ thick mini crib mattress. Such a mattress pad is appropriate for sleeping. Still, many parents who intend to use the mini crib daily buy a slightly thicker model.

As said, some standard cribs may come with a mattress. If you need clarification, check the product specifications or contact the manufacturer or retailer to confirm whether your crib comes with a mattress.

In any case, we recommend you take time and research the mattress, even if it comes with the crib! It must be firm, flat, and fits snuggly into your crib. You can read more about this in our Crib Mattress Buying Guide.

Conclusion: Babyletto Crib with Mattress

Babyletto does not sell its standard-size cribs with a crib mattress included. Only their mini cribs come with a mini-mattress pad.

Some retailers do offer a bundle that includes the Babyletto crib with mattress. That may save you money for shipping, but in most cases, that’s all.

Although the Babyletto crib mattress is not included in the purchase, we recommend considering purchasing it. The Babyletto Pure Core crib mattress has high quality, exceeds all required safety standards, and is eco-friendly, just like their cribs.

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