Best baby crib mobiles of 2020

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Best baby crib mobiles

Best baby crib mobiles for your little bundle of joy

Picking the right baby mobile can be a difficult decision. Yes, you need to consider a few technical details, but the main problem is the huge selection of different models and types. In our opinion, the best baby crib mobiles need to be safe, with the ability to entertain babies at the beginning of their life. Babies are unable to amuse themselves, that’s why dangling, colorful toys are much better view than an empty ceiling.

But best-rated baby crib mobiles are not made just for entertaining, as they must have the ability to relax babies if needed as well.

And remember, a baby mobile can be a beautiful decorative item in the nursery, but first and foremost it is meant for your baby. So, look at practicability, not just on the design! While picking the mobile, you need to consider how it looks from the baby’s perspective. Yes, the best baby crib mobiles have to be nice and appealing, but the most important is how they look from underneath.

Although we recommend reading the whole article, you can jump directly to the best baby crib mobiles in their group:

Best battery operated baby crib mobiles
Best wind up baby crib mobiles
Best wind operated baby crib mobiles

Types of baby mobiles

According to the place they are hung on, we distinguish two types of baby mobiles: crib mounted and ceiling mounted baby mobiles.

While ceiling-mounted mobiles swing only with the help of a slight breeze, the crib mounted mobiles operate from three different sources.

Yes, crib mounted baby mobiles can be operated by the wind too. And there are few good wind operated crib mobiles on the market, but more common are those with mechanical box. Mobile utilizes a small motor, which spins the toys and plays the music. And the mechanical box can be operated by batteries or wind-up manually.

Baby crib mobiles differ according to the source needed to spin the hanging toys:

  1. wind operated baby crib mobiles
  2. battery operated baby crib mobiles
  3. wind up baby crib mobiles

Wind operated baby crib mobiles

Wind operated baby mobiles can be hung over the bed, but many parents decide to hang them on the ceiling. Despite their beautiful design, they are less and less popular amongst parents. Although they need only a slight breeze to spin around, they still need it, and not many nurseries have a constant wind flow through them. Parents mostly decide on this type of baby mobile, due to decorative looks, and as an addition to the thematically decorated nursery.

Wind operated baby mobiles are more suitable for its decorative purposes and short baby relaxation. They do not hold a lot of weight, so they contain lightweight objects, like felt toys, balls or feathers. You can’t remove hanging objects from the mobile.

Battery operated baby crib mobiles

On the contrary, battery-operated crib mobiles are made mostly for baby entertainment or relaxation, not for decorative purposes.

Those mobiles are stronger and support more weight, so various interesting and bigger toys can be hung on them. Usually, you can remove the toys, so the baby can play with them when the mobile is not in use. This type of baby mobile utilizes a small motor, which runs on batteries and has various functions.

We described all the additional features a battery-operated crib mobile can have in the section below.

Wind up baby crib mobiles

This type of crib mobile also runs mechanically, but you need to wind up the box manually. So you don’t need batteries or electric power for operating. You wind it up manually and when unwinding the mechanical box spins the hanging toys and plays the music.

As mention before, wind up mobiles usually plays lullaby besides rotating the toys. But they don’t play it as long as battery-operated mobiles. There is also only one song.

As they are almost as strong as electronic mobiles, they can carry more weight than wind operated baby mobiles. Usually, you can also take the toys down from the mobile when it’s not operating.

While you do not have to worry about changing batteries, you have to wind up a knob or handle over and over.

Best baby crib mobiles

After our extensive research, hours of testing and consulting with parents, we got a list of best-rated baby crib mobiles below.

Best battery operated crib mobiles

Not all battery-operated crib mobiles contain all the features, as operating modes vary from model to model.


  • lots of additional features: nightlights, night light projector, remote control, volume control, …
  • different melodies
  • different spinning speed
  • push on the button to start operating
  • longer operating time
  • different operating lengths
  • detachable toys


  • some drain batteries really fast
  • sometimes a rotating mechanism can be too loud

Best rated portable mobile:

Tiny Love take along mobile
Best portable baby crib mobile: Tiny Love Take Along Mobile
CLICK on the picture for the whole REVIEW


  • portable with the spinning motor
  • 4 different models
  • different melodies
  • easy assembly
  • rotating with or without the music
  • good value for the price


  • volume is not adjustable
  • it doesn’t have an option to choose which song/tune is playing

Best Bluetooth baby crib mobile:

Fisher-Price Smart Connect 2-in-1 Projection Mobile
Best baby crib mobiles_best bluetooth mobile: Fisher-Price Smart Connect 2-in-1 Projection Mobile
CLICK on the picture for the whole REVIEW


  • controlled by your smart device
  • light show projector
  • one-minute dim light for a quick check on a baby
  • grows with your baby
  • switching between sounds
  • adjustable volume
  • sound sensor


  • projects one reel of repeating images
  • a little more expensive mobile

Best grow with me musical crib mobile:

Fisher-Price Woodland Friends 3-in-1 Musical Mobile
Best baby crib mobiles: best grow with me musical mobile_Fisher Price Woodland Friends 3-in-1 Musical Mobile
CLICK on the picture for the whole REVIEW


  • versatile use: on a crib, on your stroller, or as a take-along toy
  • grows with your baby
  • adjustable volume
  • owl converts to a take-along musical toy with a handle
  • easy installation


  • toys rotate only when they are attached to the arm of the crib mobile
  • you can’t switch between sounds

Best musical baby crib mobile:

Tiny Love Soothe Groove Mobile
Best baby crib mobiles: best musical mobile_Tiny Love Soothe'n Groove Mobile
CLICK on the picture for the whole REVIEW


  • versatile use: crib mobile, crib musical box, and portable music box
  • grows with your baby
  • multidimensional movement
  • 18 tunes in six categories
  • up to 40 minutes of nonrepetitive music
  • switching between sounds
  • adjustable volume
  • night-light


  • makes popping sounds when it rotates

Best baby crib mobile with night light projector:

Fisher-Price Precious Planet 2-in-1 Projection Mobile
Best baby crib mobiles with night light projector: Fisher-Price Precious Planet 2-in-1 Projection Mobile
CLICK on the picture for the whole REVIEW


  • it grows with your child
  • versatile use: crib mobile and a crib-side music box with ceiling projection
  • switching between sounds
  • adjustable volume
  • it has a remote control
  • night light projection on a canopy or ceiling
  • can be easily attached to the side of the crib
  • easy to set up


  • if you have a really high ceiling, the light show might not be as clear as it is when projected onto the canopy

Best responsive baby crib mobile:

Vtech baby soothing ocean slumbers mobile
Best baby crib mobiles: best responsive mobile_Vtech baby soothing ocean slumbers mobile
CLICK on the picture for the whole REVIEW


  • it responds to your baby’s cry
  • it grows with your child
  • easy to put together
  • switching between 37+ different sounds
  • adjustable volume
  • it has a night light and ceiling projector


  • it doesn’t spin without the music
  • poor customer service

Best remote-controlled crib mobile with a projector:

Fisher-Price Butterfly Dreams 3-in-1 projection mobile
CLICK on the picture for the whole REVIEW


  • versatile use: as a baby crib mobile, tabletop musical projection soother, and portable mobile
  • it can spin with or without starlight projection
  • switching between sounds
  • adjustable volume
  • you can switch between sounds and lights manually or with remote control
  • easy to assemble
  • cute teddy bears


  • no remote control set to end the cycle

Best battery operated baby mobile for early development:

Tiny Love Classic Mobile


  • multidimensional movements
  • grows with your child
  • versatile use: crib mobile, crib musical box with a nightlight, and take-along toy
  • it can rotate without music and light
  • switching between sounds
  • adjustable volume
  • nightlight


  • only dim blue nightlight

Best wind up crib mobiles


  • no battery needed
  • perfect for a themed nurseries
  • a nostalgic touch
  • bigger toys, as on the wind operated mobile
  • detachable toys


  • they don’t run for a very long time
  • only one melody
  • no lights
  • they can be over-wound and stop working if you are not careful
  • wind up music boxes usually break faster than battery operated

The best choice of different motifs:

Just Born Musical Crib mobile
Best baby crib mobiles: best wind up crib mobiles_Just Born Musical Crib mobile


  • great for themed nurseries
  • you don’t need batteries
  • adorable plush characters
  • matches perfectly with Just Born collection
  • brings up nostalgia
  • easy assembly


  • you have to manually wind it up over and over
  • only one lullaby
  • doesn’t spin as long as battery-operated mobiles

Best Disney wind up crib mobile:

Disney wind up baby crib mobile
Best baby crib mobiles: best wind up crib mobiles_Disney-Nursery-Crib-Musical-Mobile


  • good choice for Disney themed nurseries
  • matches perfectly with Disney collections
  • brings up nostalgia
  • easy assembly
  • babies love Disney characters
  • lots of different designs


  • only one lullaby
  • doesn’t spin as long as battery-operated mobiles
  • it can’t rotate without the music
  • only one lullaby

Best rated by parents:

Carter’s Musical Crib Mobile


  • perfect choice for a themed nursery
  • lots of different designs
  • brings up nostalgia
  • easy assembly
  • perfect for baby boy and baby girl


  • only one lullaby
  • doesn’t spin as long as battery-operated mobiles
  • it can’t rotate without the music
  • only one lullaby

Rising star of wind up crib mobiles:

Wendy Bellissimo Baby Mobile
Best baby crib mobiles: best wind up crib mobiles_Wendy Bellissimo Baby Mobile


  • modern design, but still brings up nostalgia
  • perfect choice for a themed nursery
  • lots of different designs
  • quality made
  • easy assembly
  • durable


  • only one lullaby
  • doesn’t spin as long as battery-operated mobiles
  • it can’t rotate without the music
  • only one lullaby

Best wind operated baby mobiles


  • nice nursery decoration
  • lightweight
  • needs only light breeze for moving the hanging objects
  • lots of wind operated baby mobiles are handmade


  • no additional features, like music or lights
  • it needs constant wind flow to operate

Best wind operated crib mobile for early development:

Wimmer – Ferguson Infant Stim – Mobile
Best baby crib mobiles: best wind operated mobiles_Wimmer - Ferguson Infant Stim - Mobile


  • adjustable height
  • award-winning mobile
  • high-contrast images
  • good quality
  • very easy to assemble
  • replaceable graphics cards for different age stages
  • fits on almost all cribs
  • it requires no battery


  • graphic cards easily fall off the mobile
  • it requires wind to operate or you need to move it manually
  • it doesn’t have additional features like music or lights

Best handmade baby mobile:

Tik Tak Design Co. Baby Crib Mobile
Best baby crib mobiles: best wind operated mobiles_Tik Tak Design Co. Baby Crib Mobile


  • handmade mobile
  • a wide selection of different designs
  • you can find a match for almost any nursery design
  • crib or ceiling mounted mobile
  • unique hand-rolled shapes


  • you need to buy a mobile arm separately
  • special safety precaution because of a small hanging objects

Things to consider, before picking a baby crib mobile

From a technical point of view, you have to pay attention to the following things:

  • what type of baby crib mobile you prefer: operated by wind or mechanical operated mobile (wind-up or battery)
  • the frame of the crib on which you will install the mobile

Choose a mobile that fits a wide range of cribs and can be easily attached to the crib frame.

Although crib mobiles are designed to fit onto many different crib types, there is no universal baby crib mobile which would fit into all available cribs. There are too many different types of baby cribs on the market that this would be even possible.

If you have a crib with sleek design and minimalist frame, most likely there won’t be any major problems with installing a mobile onto a crib. But if you have a crib with a big and bulky frame, this is another story. In any case, check thoroughly if the selected crib mobile will fit properly onto a crib.

Some baby crib mobiles fit best on rounded crib rails when others slot perfectly onto cribs with square rails. If the crib mobile doesn’t attach firmly and correctly onto the crib, do not use it! It can damage crib frame and even worse hurt your baby, as it can lose and fall down.

Other things to put into consideration when buying a crib mobile

Crib mobile for a Newborn:

A newborn can only see about 8 to 12 inches away, beyond that, the world seems like a pretty blurry place to him. A crib mobile, which can be set lower, closer to the baby’s eyes, is the perfect solution. But, even if the mobile doesn’t support that, it is not the end of the World. Cribs have adjustable mattresses. Because you start with the highest mattress position, the mobile is closer to your baby. Also, crib mobile will stay out of baby’s reach all the time, as you will gradually lower down the mattress with his growth.

Though it is not known how well babies can distinguish colors at birth, color vision is likely not fully developed at this stage, so your baby will benefit from bright colors on their crib mobile a lot. Choose bright colors with a lot of contrast!

Colors and movement:

When you are searching for a new baby crib mobile, keep in mind that it should stimulate your baby. So, pick the mobile with lots of colors and different shapes. Also, a good crib mobile helps to improve hand/eye coordination. Pay attention to which directions the mobile can rotate the toys.

The best baby crib mobiles can move the toys in different directions, up and down or rotating clockwise and counterclockwise. Your baby will track moving toys with her eyes, and sooner or later she will try to reach them too. By looking into a certain toy and trying to reach it, she will learn to coordinate her movement with eyes, to get what she wants.


As I already mention you should put more attention to usability, but if we focus only on the design, pay attention to the following things:

  • What is the design of your nursery? If you pick a themed nursery, you can find numerous themed crib mobiles, like planes, sea animals, space, jungle and many more.
  • What is the color of your nursery?
  • Do you need a crib mobile for a baby girl or baby boy?
  • If you already have a baby, try to identify her favorite type of toy and pick a mobile with them.

More about Battery operated baby crib mobiles

Battery operated baby crib mobiles are the most popular choice amongst parents. As these mobiles work without your help or help from the wind, they can ease your life a lot. Batteries provide many additional features besides the rotating toys for this type of mobile. And that makes them even more desirable amongst parents.

Multiple flashing lights or even a night light projector are one of the best things they can provide. With projecting an image onto the ceiling or wall, they can create a starry night sky, colorful animals, and more.

Battery operated baby mobiles always contain a musical box. With different soothing melodies with or without the night lights, they will help your baby to feel relaxed and calm.

Some are even remote controlled. You can turn on and of the movement of the mobile, switch between soothing sounds or turn on and off lights.

Additional features that battery operated mobile can have:

  • detachable toys
  • remote control
  • glowing in the dark
  • flashing lights
  • night lights
  • night light projection
  • the sound of a heartbeat, natural sounds or white noise

More about musical baby crib mobiles

There are two types of musical crib mobiles, as both, battery operated and wind-up crib mobiles contain a musical box.

Music is important for babies because it stimulates the baby’s hearing and listening skills. While wind-up mobiles have only one melody, a battery operated musical crib mobiles usually offer several song choices: soothing sounds, natural sounds, heartbeat, lullabies or classical melodies.

Melodies are meant for relaxation, so be sure to choose a musical crib mobile that plays soft and gentle music, instead of very loud and blaring sounds. If the mobile contains volume control, that’s even better, as sometimes the sound can be pretty loud, and you don’t want to keep the baby awake.

The biggest difference amongst battery and wind-up musical mobiles is the duration of the melody. Also, wind up musical crib mobiles require you to physically turn a key and let the music box to unwind when playing a melody and spinning the toys. You need to manually wind them up over and over if you want to play the melody for a longer period.

Battery operated musical crib mobiles, will play music after the push on the button. They have a preinstalled playing time, which ranges from half a minute to a whole hour.

Pay attention to the following things:

  • music duration
  • source for operating
  • numbers of melodies
  • melody types: lullabies, classical music, natural sound, heartbeat sound, …
  • does it have adjustable volume heights
  • does it has remote control
  • does it plays music continuously, or you can switch between melodies
  • do toys stop spinning before the music stops: this helps to calm down babies, as they don’t have visual stimulation anymore

Hardly any musical baby crib mobile will have all the listed features above, as we only presented you all the qualities it can have.

More about Portable baby mobiles

Portable mobile is a variant of baby mobile, that easily goes everywhere with you and your baby. It is adaptable, designed to easily attach to most play yards, strollers, cribs, car seats, and bassinets.

There are two types of portable baby crib mobiles:

  1. you can take off only the hanging toys on the clip
  2. you can take a mobile motor with the hanging toys beside you

Safety tips when uying a baby crib mobile

  • attache the crib mobile tightly onto the crib
  • hang it at least twelve inches away from the baby
  • remove the baby crib mobile, if your baby can reach it and pull down the hanging objects
  • make sure that baby can’t reach the batteries
  • remove the remote control out of baby’s reach
  • check that everything is properly installed
  • be sure that there are no broken and loose parts

Why should you buy the baby crib mobile?

Because, this is a good investment for you and your baby. Yes, for you too! Believe me, you will need a rest! If there is a device that can help parents to get a little time for themselves, I am for it!

The baby crib mobile will entertain your little bundle of joy or help him to fall asleep. I am not saying it will work all the time, for everyone. But I can say it has worked for me. I admit I was one of the lucky ones. I put my daughter in the crib, turned on the mobile and she fell asleep when she was listening to the music and observing toys.

We had three different mobiles. Yes, three! I said I am for the helping devices.

First was a simple Ikea wind operated mobile with little animals above the diaper changing table. She was happy and collaborated when we were changing her diapers, as she was distracted by the hanging toys.

Other two was Fishers Price and Tiny Love musical mobiles on batteries. Tiny Love was the portable mobile, which we took on holidays or used in the grandparent’s house. We do not use it anymore. For the last months, we only used it on a crib in grandparent’s house. When my daughter was big enough to stand up, she started to pull it off the crib, so we put it away.

And for the nursery, I picked the Fisher-Price Starlight crib mobile, with everything you can imagine: different kinds of music, night light projector, rotating animals and the remote control. And it helped, it helped a lot! She is two and a half now and she still uses it. The only difference is that now she turns on and off the mobile or nightlight projector by herself.

Crib’s mobile benefits for the baby

Crib mobile develops baby’s senses:

A mobile provides visual stimulation and promotes brain development. Toys and the mobile slow-motion along with the soft music stimulate baby’s sense of sight and sound. The more colorful the crib mobile is, the more visually stimulating it will be for your baby.


The soothing music and steady movement create an atmosphere that calms babies and helps them through the process of going to sleep.

Language & Communication:

As babies lie in their crib, looking at the mobile characters, smiling and practicing some baby talk, they hone their communication and language skills.

Hand-eye coordination:

As their eyes become attracted to bright colors and fun shapes, a baby may become excited enough to try to touch the shapes. Sooner or later her hands will start following her eyes, trying to reach the certain toy.


Some battery operated baby mobiles can also serve as an education tool after your baby stops using it as a crib mobile. By touching a shape, a sound is made which can either denote a letter or number or can play a relaxing tune.

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