A cheap portable mini crib from Delta Children

Delta Children Portable Mini Crib Review

Delta Children portable mini crib review

Delta Children portable mini crib is an excellent choice for small spaces. The crib is designed to keep the on-the-go urban parent in mind. It includes everything for easy mobility, from a small footprint to quality wheels and folding mechanism. This cheap mini crib is, in my opinion, also a better alternative to the bassinet.

Not only, that it’s much more comfortable, the crib actually costs less than most bassinets. Its strong and sturdy wooden construction offers better stability and comparing to bassinets, you can use it much longer. While most bassinets last up to baby’s six months of age, you can use a Delta Children portable mini crib much longer.

Although at first glance, the crib looks quite simple, it promises a great deal, and most important, parents adore it! That’s why I have approached Delta Children’s portable mini crib review with high expectations. And I must say that this portable mini crib, more or less, fulfilled them!

Delta Children portable mini crib is suitable for:

  • small apartments and urban living
  • for co-sleeping with parents, as a first bed next to parents in the bedroom
  • for a secondary crib in grandparents’ or caregivers house
  • for traveling on shorter distance

Pros and cons of the crib:

Delta Children portable mini crib REVIEW


  • it doesn’t occupy a lot of space
  • a good folding mechanism
  • cheap mini crib
  • well built and versatile
  • it has casters for easy moving around the house
  • you get a 1,5″ mattress beside the crib
  • you can adjust the mattress into two heights
  • available in several different colors
  • a better choice as bassinets


  • it can scratch easily
  • your baby will outgrow it sooner as a full-size crib
  • no locking mechanism on wheels*

* Although I wish the crib’s wheels would have a locking mechanism, you have to aware that this is a mini crib. Your child will outgrow it sooner as a full-size crib, so there won’t be a chance to use it as a handy trampoline, which could move the crib.
I would never buy a full-size portable crib without a locking mechanism, but the lack of it on a mini portable crib wouldn’t divert me from the purchase. Of course, considering that everything else is excellent, and the crib passed all the safety tests!

Yes, this is a cheap mini crib, but overall I’m quite happy with the results of our Delta Children portable mini crib review.

Delta Children mini crib specifications

Measurements and Weight:

  • assembled crib dimensions: 39″ L x 25″ D x 37.75″ H
  • collapsed dimensions: 40″ L x 6.5″ D x 37,75″ H
  • weight: 32 lbs
  • available colors: cherry, dark chocolate, grey, natural & Bianca white
Delta Children portable mini baby crib REVIEW

Child size restrictions:

  1. from birth through 35 inches
  2. set the mattress base to the lowest level, when your baby begins to sit or stand
  3. stop using Delta Children portable mini crib if your child is able to climb out before he reaches 35 inches

Mattress information:

  • a basic 1,5″ mattress is included
  • it has a two-position mattress height adjustment
  • you can use any mini crib mattress in the crib
  • the crib has a solid mattress support

You must be aware that the included mattress is very thin. If you need a crib only for occasional use, it should be fine. But if you intend to use it frequently, I will suggest buying a better mattress. The best choice for this crib is Delta Children’s Twinkle Stars 3-inch mini/portable crib mattress, which is an affordable and quality crib mattress. You can find more about it in our review.

Nevertheless, the included mattress does have some advantages. First, you get the mattress for free. And second, because the mattress is thin, you can store it right in the folded crib.

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Review breakdown

We have compared Delta Children’s mini crib to other portable mini cribs, not to the all available mini cribs. We have reviewed the advantages and disadvantages of the crib’s features and compared them with other portable mini cribs, such as Babyletto Origami or Dream On Me mini portable crib

Delta Children mini crib REVIEW

Delta Children’s portability review

Delta Children’s rolling casters allow easy movement throughout the home. As a mini crib with minimalist design, it also fits through standard room door frames. There were no problems with moving the crib, even on the carpet.

Unfortunately, wheels don’t have a locking mechanism. If a child stands and shakes the crib hard, it can move a little. Of course, I’m talking about a 2-year toddler, not a small baby. Your child will probably outgrow the crib sooner than he can move it.
If this happens anyway, and you still use the crib, you have two solutions. First, you can place the crib on the rug, where it’s more stable. And second, more drastic, you can remove the wheels from the crib.

We also reviewed its folding mechanism

The crib has a quality folding mechanism and folds up easily. You can store the included mattress in the folded crib, which is an advantage over other mini portable cribs.

Although the manufacturer claims it is a perfect crib for traveling, I would not agree with that. Yes, it is foldable, and yes, you can get it into the car, but… it doesn’t fold as small as classic travel cribs. The crib will take the most of the space in your trunk.

Of course, this is not its disadvantage compared to other mini portable cribs. I just want to remind you that it does not fold as small as travel cribs or Pack ‘N Plays.


Is Delta Children mini crib because of its cheap price less safe as other mini portable cribs?

Not at all! Delta Children’s portable mini crib provides safe and comfy sleeping space for your little one. The crib is tested for lead and other toxic elements to meet ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) safety standards. It has JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) certificate and exceeds all safety standards set by the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission). So, no issues here!

So why we’ve rated it one star less in the safety part of our review? Because its rolling feet don’t have a locking mechanism. The crib won’t just roll away from you, but I am more comfortable with cribs whose wheels can lock!

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Frequently asked questions about Delta Children portable mini crib

1. Does the size of the sleeping surface compare to a traditional Pack and Play?

A mini crib is not a Pack ‘N Play! The size of mini cribs and Pack ‘N Plays is not regulated by the government as the size of standard size cribs. So the dimensions of the mini crib’s sleeping surface differ from model to model. The same goes for Pack ‘N Plays.

However, the overall area is about the same as a lot of traditional Pack ‘N Plays. You should never use a mini crib mattress in a Pack ‘N Play!

2. Does one of the sides come down?

No, and that is how it should be! As there were numerous injuries and even tragic deaths, it’s the sale of dropping side cribs forbidden since 2011. If you have an old crib with drop-sides, do not use it! Knowing there is a lot of cheap mini cribs, which meet all safety standards, it’s just not worth the risk. 

3. What is the space between crib slats?

Cribs slats are 2″ apart, so less than prescribed maximum distance (2 3/8 inches).

4. Is this crib easy to assemble?

Yes, just follow the provided instructions.

5. Is the paint on the crib non-toxic?

Yes, Delta Children uses only safe, non-toxic finishes, and meet all Federal and State regulations.

6. Is this portable enough to check in as luggage on a plane?

Although it is a good portable crib, I would not recommend that. I prefer a lightweight travel crib for such purposes.

The verdict

Comparing Delta Children’s price with its quality and available features makes this an excellent purchase. 

It is a cute mini crib with a timeless design. Despite its cheap price, it is a durable crib, which will last long. The fact that you get everything you need with one purchase, a crib, and a crib’s mattress is also not neglectable! 

I don’t see any reservations about why you wouldn’t decide on Delta Children’s portable mini crib!

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