The best Black Friday nursery chair deals in 2024

Looking for the best Black Friday deals on nursery chairs? Then you are in the right place! This guide showcases the best 2024 deals on nursery rockers, gliders, recliners, and nursery chairs with ottomans.

Best Black Friday Nursery Chair Deals

A perfect nursery includes a safe crib for your little one, a convenient changing table, storage space for baby’s essentials, and a comfortable and calming ambiance for parents. And what is not cozier than a quality nursery chair?

To help you find the best one for an affordable price, we’ve gathered the best Black Friday nursery rocker and glider deals in 2024.

Top 3 Black Friday Deals on Nursery Chairs

Black Friday deals on nursery Rockers | Gliders | Recliners

If you’re a parent on a budget or expecting a little one, this year’s early Black Friday sales are an excellent opportunity to save some money.

But navigating all the deals can be overwhelming. Don’t worry though – we’ve got your back. Starting now and lasting through the Black Friday weekend, we’ll be keeping an eye on the best nursery chair deals. Our goal is to save you time and effort so you can enjoy the holiday season stress-free.

Join us as we uncover the top Black Friday nursery chair deals and share tips to help you maximize these festive savings.

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2024 Black Friday Nursery Rocker and Glider Deals 

Not only your child, but you will also spend a lot of time in the nursery. Cuddling, breastfeeding, relaxing, reading books, singing songs, or just rocking to sleep, a quality nursery chair will make that time with your little bundle of joy relaxed and even more special. Therefore, buying a comfortable nursery rocker or glider is one of the best decisions you can make!

There are several nursery chair types, from classic rocking chairs to modern swivel gliders with or without the ottoman. While they have different functions, they have something in common – most of them are not cheap at all.

In fact, some of them are very expensive, so taking advantage of Black Friday deals can save you a lot of money when shopping for nursery chairs!

Black Friday deals on Nursery Gliders

Nursery gliders stand on a stationary base and move on a unique gliding mechanism. They glide back and forth on a fixed track. Some of them also swivel and/or recline. Their movement is smoother and quieter than rockers standing on arc legs.

Delta Children Gavin Glider | Recliner | Rocker | Swivel

Delta Children Gavin Glider | Recliner | Rocker | Swivel

RECLINE: Two recline positions, which are operated by an easy-to-reach pull-tab mechanism

SWIVEL: 360° soothing swivel action

GLIDING: Yes, a quiet, gentle gliding motion

ROCKING: Smooth rocking motions

BASE: Solid base with durable steel mechanism

FABRIC: Stain-resistant fabric that repels moisture

DESIGN: Ergonomic and sophisticated design with buttonless tufting and streamlined silhouette

MORE: LiveSmart technology repels everyday messes | Easy-to-clean | Durable

Save 21% on the Delta Children Gavin Glider

Babyletto Cali Pillowback Swivel | Glider

Babyletto Cali Pillowback Swivel | Glider


SWIVEL: 360-degree swivel base

GLIDING: Gentle back-and-forth gliding motion

BASE: A solid metal base

FABRIC: Upholstered by hand in soft eco-performance fabric (water-repellent, stain-resistant, and durable)

DESIGN: A high backrest with a large plush pillow for extra head and neck support

MORE: Stylish but also a more sustainable choice for the modern nursery

Save up to 15% on Babyletto Cali Pillowback Glider

Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman

Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman



GLIDING: Yes, quiet, gentle, and smooth gliding motions


BASE: Solid hardwood material with enclosed metal ball bearings for smooth gliding

FABRIC: Durable, spot-cleanable, non-toxic polyester fabric

SEATING SURFACE: Offers a generous seating room and padded arm cushions with pockets for added storage convenience

MORE: Award-winning chair | Free matching lumbar pillow and gliding ottoman

Save 30% on the Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman

Evolur Raleigh Basic Glider | Recliner | Rocker | Swivel

Evolur Raleigh Basic Glider | Recliner | Rocker | Swivel

RECLINE: Multiple reclining positions, easy-to-reach lever

SWIVEL: 360° swivel

GLIDING: Yes, smooth gliding motions

ROCKING: Yes, smooth rocking motions

BASE: Solid metal base

FABRIC: Easy-to-clean, durable polyester fabric

DESIGN: Ergonomic design WITH A high backrest and ergonomic backrest support

MORE: Convenient side pockets | Durable | Assembly without tools

Save up to 30% on the Evolur Raleigh Nursery Chair

Best Black Friday Deals for Newborn Baby Gear

Black Friday deals on Nurser Rockers

Rocking chairs rock in an arc. Their arched legs create a swaying motion that is typically stronger than the movement of gliders. Rocking chairs don’t swivel, and most don’t recline either.

However, the best rocking chairs are as comfortable and cozy as the nursery gliders above. In addition, they remind us of old times, which increases our sense of comfort and well-being. So sit back, relax, and enjoy their gentle rocking!

Delta Children Emma Upholstered Rocking Chair

Delta Children Emma Upholstered Rocking Chair

MOTION: Gentle rocking motion

BASE: Sturdy and stable wood frame

FABRIC: Soft, microfiber fabric

SEATING SURFACE: Fully upholstered chair, thickly padded armrests, soft foam cushion with pocketed coil support

MORE: Seat cushion is durable and removable for easy cleaning | Non-toxic | Tasted for safety

Save 26% on the Delta Children Emma Rocking Chair in Dove Gray

Baby Relax Robyn Rocker Recliner Chair

Baby Relax Robyn Rocker Recliner Chair

MOTION: Recline + smooth rocking motion

BASE: Sturdy and stable

FABRIC: Upholstered in a soft linen fabric

SEATING SURFACE: Supportive pocket coil seat cushion

MORE: Accented with contrasting white welting | Contemporary design

Save $40 on the Baby Relax Robyn Rocker Recliner Chair

MoDRN Glam Velvet Rocking Chair with Lumbar Pillow

MoDRN Glam Velvet Rocking Chair with Lumbar Pillow

MOTION: Smooth rocking motion

BASE: Satin brass legs

FABRIC: Luxurious velvet, LiveSmart Fabric by Culp

SEATING SURFACE: Seat Cushion foam with pocketed coil spring construction, polyester fabric

MORE: Lumbar support pillow included, available in Teal, Off-White, and Charcoal colors, coordinates with other pieces from the MoDRN Glam Nursery Collection

Save $150.99 on the MoDRN Glam Velvet Rocking Chair with Lumbar Pillow

Is buying a nursery rocker or glider on Black Friday worth it?

Yes, it can be, as long as you stick to a few guidelines!

  1. Firstly, consider whether this nursery chair is really what you want or if it is just an appealing purchase due to the Black Friday discount.
  2. Next, decide between a classic nursery rocker or a nursery glider. If opting for a glider, determine if additional features such as swivel or reclining mechanisms are necessary.
  3. Consider the type of recliner you prefer. Would you like a traditional one activated by a lever or button, or are you leaning toward nursery recliners with electric reclining capabilities?
  4. Ensure the chair fulfills all your requirements.
  5. Is this chair a new model or an older one being discounted? While older models aren’t necessarily inferior, this detail might be important to you.
  6. Lastly, research the price history of your chosen nursery chair. Verify if the Black Friday deal truly offers substantial savings.

Following these steps can help you decide whether purchasing a nursery rocker or glider on Black Friday is worth it.

What is the benefit of ordering a nursery rocker or glider recliner online on Black Friday?

  • You will avoid big crowds on Black Friday. Especially if you are pregnant, that is much more comfortable and less stressful.
  • A big crowd and closed space are perfect for catching a disease. You don’t need that, especially during pregnancy!
  • The online market is huge. So you will have a bigger chance to find the best Black Friday deal there.
  • You can access “web only” deals, special coupons, etc.

Tips to make the most out of Black Friday

  1. Make a plan and stick to it! Do it before Black Friday! Think about when and where you are going to buy things.
  2. Impulse purchases on Black Friday are very common! Don’t spend your money on things you don’t need!
  3. Frequently check our site, as we will update it with current Black Friday offers!
  4. Set your budget for Black Friday and stick to it!
  5. Sign up for retailers’ newsletters, as they will help you make the plan.
  6. To save more, focus on expensive items like cribs, nursery gliders, and rockers first!
  7. Don’t take the first deal you see! Compare them, or look for tips on online sites and blogs like ours.
  8. Don’t shop with your friends on Black Friday! You will lose much-needed time and concentration. You will probably end up with a bunch of unnecessary things too.
  9. Don’t buy toys on Black Friday. There will be toy sales throughout the whole of December.

Should I pick a nursery rocker or glider?

You can pick from many different nursery chairs. Depending on your nursery style, you can choose a vintage rocking chair or a modern swivel glider of various sizes, colors, materials, etc. You can even pick an ottoman that matches the nursery chair.

Nursery Rocker:

Nursery rockers have two curved bands attached to the bottom of the chair. That creates a classic rocking base, with floor contact only at two points. You can rock back and forth by shifting your weight or pushing lightly with your feet back on the ground.

Nursery Glider:

Nursery Gliders simulate a rocking chair motion. The seat swings back and forth on a stationary frame base. They cost more than a classic rocking chair but also have more features.

Glider’s benefits:

  1. Pinch points are moved away from the floor, making them safer for toddlers.
  2. Their movement is smoother and quieter than the rocking chairs.
  3. Some of them can even swivel.
  4. Usually, they have an optional matching ottoman.
  5. There are models with recliners, which are a comfortable choice if you intend to sleep in them from time to time.
  6. Gliders usually include a locking mechanism that keeps the chair in place if you don’t want to move.

What to look for when buying a nursery chair?

A nursery chair must be comfortable and safe! A good nursery chair seamlessly conforms to your body, providing essential support for areas like the spine and neck, ensuring a relaxing experience in the chair.

The ergonomic design of a glider or rocker should cater perfectly to your specific needs.

Safety comes first, especially for products intended for babies and new moms. Verify if your nursery rocker or glider has passed safety tests and meets the required standards.

For breastfeeding, consider your preferred position. If you plan on lying down while breastfeeding, opt for a glider with a recline feature.

An often overlooked yet crucial aspect is a comfortable armrest. Babies grow quickly, and during prolonged periods of holding them, a supportive armrest becomes invaluable.

An ottoman can alleviate pressure on the spine by elevating the legs. Investing in a compatible ottoman is worth considering if your chair doesn’t recline.

Ease of use matters significantly. While getting into the chair should be simple, the ability to exit without disturbing a sleeping baby is crucial.

Squeaking noises can disrupt your baby’s sleep. Look for a rocker that operates quietly to avoid unnecessary disturbances.

Consider the ease of cleaning. Choose a chair made from durable materials like leather or microfiber that are easy to maintain.

Lastly, think beyond the nursery. Select a rocker or glider that can transition to other spaces once it’s no longer needed in the children’s room.

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