Guava Family Lotus travel crib Review

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Guava Family Lotus crib Review

Guava Family Lotus Crib Review

Traveling with a baby, especially for the first time, can be a little intimidating. However, if you make a plan and focus on things that will make the journey easier, it’s a great and unforgettable experience. And because providing a safe and familiar sleeping environment is essential, is choosing a lightweight travel crib such as Guava Family Lotus crib, one of the best choices you can make.

Our Guava Family Lotus travel crib review will provide you with all the information you need to know before the purchase!

With its ultra-light construction, Guava Family Lotus become one of the BabyBjorn’s biggest rivals. BabyBjorn travel crib Light is another lightweight travel crib, which is very popular among parents. These two cribs weight the same and are also the lightest travel cribs on the market.

Therefore many parents hesitate between them. If you are one of them, you can check-up our comparison further in the review.

Let’s start with the pros and cons we had found during our Guava Family Lotus crib review:

Guava Family Lotus travel crib Review


  • lightweight
  • a backpack instead of a classic travel bag
  • a multipurpose Pack ‘N Play
  • setting up is easy and fast
  • a unique side door
  • good airflow through the crib
  • Lotus travel crib meets or even exceed all safety standards
  • eco-friendly materials
  • the included mattress is better than an average Pack’ n Play’s mattress
  • optional bassinet
  • available accessories, like Lotus Playard Fun Shade or mosquito net


Few parents reported problems with the insertion of Velcro strips through the slits. Straps didn’t stay in place when they tried to secure the Playard’s mattress. While we didn’t have such problems, we had minor difficulties with placing the folded crib back into the backpack. It could be a little more spacious, but that is not a significant problem. All I want to say is, this could take you an extra minute or two, but that is it.

What makes the Guava Family Lotus Everywhere crib different from similar models?

  • Crib’s lightweight: With only 13lbs (crib + backpack) is the lightest travel crib on the market.
  • The backpack: It folds-up small into a convenient carrying bag that can double as a backpack.
  • Side door: The zippered side door allows easy access to the baby.
  • Conversion into a bassinet: It can transit into a bassinet for a newborn, but you need to purchase a bassinet conversion kit.
  • Lotus Playard Fun Shade: is designed specifically for use with the Lotus Everywhere Crib. You can use it to darken the sleeping area for naptime, as a convenient shade on the beach, or to build a quick fort for your toddler. The Lotus Fun Shade is machine washable, constructed out of 100% quick dry polyester, and with UPF50+, provides the maximum protection for your child.
Guava Family Lotus Playard Fun Shade

Guava Family Lotus travel crib vs. BabyBjorn travel crib Light

I have unintentionally compared Lotus everywhere crib with BabyBjorn travel crib Light from the very beginning. Why? Because they are so similar yet different.

In my opinion, you really can’t go wrong with either one. Both travel cribs are highly-rated products that parents adore. They are one step ahead of other similar models.

Both cribs meet or even exceed all required safety standards. While Babybjorn is a little easier to use has Lotus unique features like a zippered side door.

Guava Family Lotus travel crib BabyBjorn travel crib Light
assembled crib dimensions 45″ L x 32″ W x 25″ H 44″ L x 32″ W x 24 “H
travel bag23″ L x 11″ H x 7″W23,5″ L x 19″ H x 5,5 W
setting up4srce 5
access to the baby5srce 4
travel mattresssrce 4srce 5
comfort when used with a newbornsrce 5srce 3,5

Guava Family Lotus Crib Review

We have evaluated the most important features you should look for when choosing a travel crib:

  1. portability
  2. ease of use
  3. travel mattresses 
  4. design
  5. safety

If you want to know more about people behind this great product, you can also read Guava Family about page.

Lotus’ portability Review

Guava Family Lotus travel crib Review of backpack

Lotus has excellent portability! It folds into one of the smallest packages on the market, and I also appreciate that it doesn’t weigh a lot. With only 13lbs, it can be easily carried around by women too.
We didn’t notice any difficulty in folding the crib into the provided carrying bag. In my opinion, this fact is not negligible at all! The inability to stuff the crib back into the bag, can soon become very frustrating and nerve-wracking, believe me, I know.
Its backpack is the feature I love the most! Guava Family Lotus crib can be carried as a carry-on or as a convenient backpack. Having free hands with a baby is such a benefit!

Because all of the above, is Guava Family Lotus crib a perfect choice for traveling by car, bus, train, or plane.
It is appropriate either for camping or staying in the hotel. Of course, it’s also a perfect choice for naptimes at home, or sleepovers in grandparent’s house.

Ease of use

Setting up the Lotus crib does take more than claimed 15 seconds. But, with a little practice, the process is not complicated or time-consuming at all.

Guava Family Lotus travel crib Review - setting up the crib

We had minor problems with folding the crib at the beginning, but we became better and better. It is surprisingly easy when you get used to it.

The travel mattress is secured with Velcro straps. I have to say that it does take a little effort to secure them well. Velcro straps are a common feature on travel cribs, and the process is not easier on any of them.

When this travel crib is set-up, it is one of the best, if not the best, and most comfortable for use. Side zip-up door is a killer feature. 

 Lotus’s side door Review

As I already said, this is a very cool feature that most travel cribs can’t offer. It is surely unique and suitable from newborn to toddler age.

Placing a sleeping baby into the crib from the side is more comfortable from leaning over the rail to the bottom mattress. If you want, you can even lay down with a baby and cuddle her to sleep.

Guava Family Lotus travel crib review

Side door represents many playing opportunities for toddlers. Leaving the door open, give them the way in and out of the crib, which makes them so happy. For extra fun, you can cover the crib with a blanket and make them their own little house.

I know that it is impossible to keep an eye on a toddler 24/7, so knowing you can securely zip the Playard while he is playing helps you a lot too.

Travel mattress Review

Guava Family Lotus crib has a standard 1″ thick travel crib mattress, made of flame-retardant free polyurethane foam.

Don’t use a standard, thicker mattress in any travel crib! Travel cribs are surrounded by mesh fabric, so the sides are not as hard as on wooden cribs. Baby could roll down from the thicker mattress and become trapped between the mesh and mattress. That could lead to potential injuries or even suffocation.

Because of that, travel mattresses such as this one are not as comfortable as classic crib mattresses. But they are safe, which is the most important. Travel mattress has suppressed all safety tests, and it’s comfortable enough for sleep on holidays, occasional sleepovers, or afternoon naps.

The thing that causes concerns among some parents is the position of the mattress.

The mattress rests on the floor. Such design contributes to the stability of the sleeping area, and the sleeping surface is also evener. Because it is safer, is such construction another standard for all lightweight travel cribs.

Anyway, babies tend to sleep well in the crib, and we do not think it is too cold for them.
If you have cold floors, you can place the crib on a blanket or carpet. Unlike other lightweight travel cribs, you can even opt for a Guava Family Lotus bassinet. You can read more about Lotus travel crib bassinet at the end of this review.

The Lotus’ everywhere crib design

Lotus has a smaller footprint than classic Pack ‘N Plays, which are bulkier and weigh lots more. Comparing to the same crib’s type, it’s pretty spacious and fit even for a bigger toddler. Guava Family also nailed it by added a zippered door on the side.

It is a thoughtfully designed portable Playard, which is suitable for sleep or play.

The whole crib is surrounded by breathable and transparent mesh. Babies can breathe squeezed close to the side, you can see your baby from any angle of the room, and the baby doesn’t feel trapped in the crib.

The only thing I miss is the lack of color choices. It is available only in one color, but this seems to be typical for travel cribs of such type.

Safety Review

Guava Family Lotus travel crib is safe and meets or even exceeds all required safety standards. Lotus is the only Pack ‘N Play on the market with GREENGUARD Gold safety certification. The certification ensures that the product meets some of the World’s most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into indoor air.

Lotus also meets all required flammability standards and does not contain toxic materials. The crib is sturdy, doesn’t wobble, and your toddler can’t tip it over easily.

Lotus bassinet Review

With the purchase of a Lotus bassinet conversion kit, you can transform the Lotus into a safe bassinet. By using it, your newborn will sleep on your hand reach, lifted from the floor.

Lotus bassinet is a versatile free-standing bassinet, which you can use at home or during travel. It is durable, stable, and you can set it up very easily and quickly.

The bassinet uses the same frame as the crib, so you can easily convert it back and forth. Having both a travel crib and travel bassinet is a vast benefit for the Lotus.

I think it is one of the best bassinets to travel with. Easy set-up and take down is very convenient during traveling.

The crib’s backpack can’t carry the crib and the bassinet at the same time. It holds either the Lotus Everywhere Crib or Lotus Bassinet separately. However, you don’t need both at the same time, so I think that’s not a problem.

The Lotus bassinet provides a safe sleeping place for your infant. It is stable and breathable, si it is surrounded by mesh.

Guava Family Lotus travel crib specifications

Measurements and Weight:

  • assembled crib dimensions: 45″ L x 31″ W x 25,5″ H
  • collapsed dimensions: 23″ L x 7″ W x 11″ H
  • included mattress: 42″ L x 24″ W x 1″ H
  • weight (including backpack): 13lbs
  • available colors: dark grey with white legs
Guava Family Lotus travel crib Reviews: measurements and weight
How long can your child use the Lotus Everywhere crib?

The Lotus Everywhere Crib is good for newborn to 3+. It has 42″ long mattress, which is longer than the standard Pack ‘N Play. A child that outgrows the Pack ‘N Play is still comfortable in the Lotus travel crib.

Because the mattress is supported by the ground, Lotus Everywhere Crib doesn’t have a weight limit. A child of any weight can use the Guava Family Lotus crib.

Frequently asked questions about Guava Family Lotus crib

How do you clean the Guava Family Lotus crib?

Cleaning is simple, as it has the machine-washable fabric. The Lotus crib has hidden zippers, which enable removing the whole fabric from the aluminum frame. Toss it in the washer and wash it in hot water, using only a gentle, bleach-free detergent. Let it air dry. Do not tumble dry or iron!

The rest of the Guava Family Lotus crib, so the aluminum frame, can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth.

Can I replace the Guava Family travel mattress with a thicker one?

Federal Safety Standards for travel cribs limit the mattress’s thickness to 1″. That minimizes the risk of suffocation if an infant is placed on their stomach. 

Manufacturers are not legally allowed to produce the travel cribs with a thicker mattress. And I do not recommend using it in any travel crib or Pack ‘N Play of any brand. Using a thicker mattress in a crib surrounded by mesh increase the risk of injuries and even suffocation. Because there is no solid side, the baby can roll out of the mattress and trapped between the mattress’ edge and crib’s side

Is Guava Family Lotus durable enough to survive being checked with luggage?

Yes, it is! Parents reported they took it onto numerous plane trips without any problems or damages.

Both, Guava Family Lotus crib and the Lotus Bassinet are also designed to fit within the carry-on allowance of most US airlines. But to be sure, it is better to check directly with your airline to find out about their carry-on allowances.

Does zipping the Lotus’ side wakes up a sleeping baby?

The zipper can be closed without noise, but you have to do it slowly.

The verdict

Guava Family Lotus travel crib is an ultra-portable crib, designed for multiple uses. The carrying bag, which doubles as a convenient backpack and a lightweight of the whole unit, makes it perfect for all kinds of travel. Of course, that doesn’t mean it is not a great choice for everyday use at home. It is a nice Playard and a comfortable napping station for your child.

Lotus has few unique and cool features, like Fun Shade, mosquito net, or bassinet, which makes this crib very versatile.

We are pleased with the results of our Guava Family Lotus crib review and highly recommend Lotus Everywhere crib to young parents, especially if they travel a lot!

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  • Really nice layout to your site. I didn’t know very much about travel cribs before. Your Guava Lotus travel crib and other travel crib reviews were really helpful. Tnx 

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    • Thanks for your kind words. I strive to make helpful reviews, so such words give me/use a boost to work further and help as many young parents as we can.
      I am always happy when we get such great result as after Guava Family Lotus travel crib review. The price is also not too height for the quality you get, so we highly recommend it, especially to the parents that intend to travel with their babies a lot.

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    • First of all, congratulations on your becoming uncle! Yes, we would recommend Guava Family Lotus travel crib, as it is a good, quality travel crib! 

      As we have already mentioned in our review, Guava Family Lotus travel crib is the best choice for traveling, as a secondary crib for afternoon naps, or as a crib in grandparents’ house for an ocasionaly sleepover. 
      Although some parents use it all the time, as a primary crib, I would not use it every day. I would rather choose a good wooden convertible crib as a primary crib. But, this is only my personal opinion!

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