Black Friday deals on baby furniture

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The Best Black Friday baby furniture deals

The best Black Friday baby furniture deals in 2021

A perfect nursery includes a safe crib, changing table, storage for baby belongings, and a comfortable and calming ambiance for new parents. Through Black Friday, we’ll be tracking sales of baby cribs, crib mattresses, gliders, and other nursery furniture. So bookmark this page and come back on Black Friday to find the best Black Friday baby furniture deals!

Furnishing a nursery room is a fun and exciting job. But unfortunately, it can quickly become stressful and overwhelming. There are thousands of baby furniture pieces on the market. You need to concentrate on many features, from safety to the design, price, and usability. And it is also not cheap at all!

This year Black Friday falls on November 27. As a lot of big-name baby furniture brands, like Babyletto, Graco, DaVinci Baby, Storkcraft, Sprou, etc., are set to be on sale on Black Friday, we will help you find their best deals on that day.

The Best Black Friday nursery furniture deals

On all nursery furniture:

The Best Black Friday deals on baby cribs
Best Black Friday deals on crib mattresses
Black Friday Nursery Rockers and Gliders Deals

Will Black Friday nursery furniture deals Start Any Sooner?

Yes, we’ll be expecting nursery furniture deals to start ramping up a week to even a month in advance.

That means deals on nursery furniture will start creeping up around early November, and in most cases, lasted until the end of the weekend after Black Friday.

Feel free to bookmark our page and revisit. We’ll be updating it with the most recent deals, more information on what to expect, and finally, with the very latest Black Friday nursery furniture deals in 2021.

Baby Furniture

Buying on Amazon? Subscription to Amazon Prime will help you catch the best baby furniture deals on Black Friday!

Current nursery deals on Amazon

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What is the cost of Amazon Prime?

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  • Monthly Prime membership costs $12.99 per month. And monthly Prime Student membership costs $6.49 per month.

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Make the most out of Black Friday baby furniture sales!

Here are a few tips to make the most of your Black Friday shopping!

Evolur Julienne 5 in 1 Convertible Crib, Antique Grey Mist
Evolur, an Affordable Luxury

1. Do the research before Black Friday!

Don’t wait until the last day, but research everything about nursery furniture before Black Friday. You will know what are you looking for, what are your family needs, and most of all, you won’t waste your time reading all the specifications.

2. Think about where will you shop on Black Friday!

Will you buy online or you prefer your local baby furniture stores. Buying online will give you access to the broader nursery furniture market, and boost your chances to get higher discounts.

But seeing furniture in person has its advantages as well. It gives you a better idea of how will your nursery look like, you might notice details that you didn’t see on pictures, etc.

My advice for getting the best Black Friday deal on baby furniture is the prior research. If you have a chance, check up how your preferred nursery furniture looks like in your local store, then find the best deal online. If your local store offers the best Black Friday baby furniture sales, be there early on that day!

3. Set your budget, and stick to it!

Black Friday deals are tempting, but most of us have limited funds. Nursery furniture like cribs, gliders, rockers, dressers, and changers are high-ticket nursery items, so focus on them more than on nursery decoration, sheats, or toys.

4. Resist the impulse purchase!

Stick to your list and buy things you need! Write down what you need, what would be nice to have, and what you don’t need. Focus on high-ticket items you really need first.

Look for first “web-only” Black Friday deals and sign up for retailers newsletter.

You might get an early “web-only” discount, as many online Black Friday deals will be already available on Thanksgiving day.

Retailers’ notifications will help you decide if it’s better to buy online or in a local furniture store.

5. Bookmark our site and check up Black Friday baby furniture deals here!

We will regularly update our site with the best Black Friday nursery furniture deals.

6. Shop high-ticket items first!

As high-ticket item deals maximize your savings, they will be the first to seel out. Lots of parents will concentrate on those items on Black Friday, so expect a big competition for them.

7. Do not shop with your friend on Black Friday!

Don’t spend your time searching the Black Friday deals for your friend, because you might miss yours.

8. Don’t buy toys on Black Friday!

Toys will be on sale throughout the whole of December, so in our opinion, there is no need to search Blac Friday toy sales.

9. Don’t buy nursery furniture based only on the price!

You will spend a lot of time in the nursery. Stick to the plan, and buy baby furniture you like and suit your needs.

What you need for the best nursery you can imagine?

First, and most important is a safe crib and fitted crib mattress. There are tones of different cribs on the market, so which one to choose?

How to choose the best crib for your nursery?

The Best Black Friday deals on baby cribs in 2021

1. The size of the nursery:

Determinate the available space for your crib. Do you have enough space for a full-size crib or you need a mini crib?

If your nursery is big enough, we recommend choosing a full-size crib, because your baby can use it longer. Of course, the mini crib is not a bad decision at all! Mini cribs have the same features as full-size cribs, they are as safe as bigger sisters, and can even grow with your child. Because your baby can use mini crib longer than a bassinet, and because it is more stable, it is also a better alternative to a bassinet.

2. Your preferred crib’s feature:

I want a sturdy, stationary crib that will stay in the same place all the time!

In that case, you need a convertible crib or a classic full-size crib. Because convertible cribs are so convenient, we don’t see a point in choosing a model without possible conversions. It seems that retailers agree with us, as it is hard to find a classic crib with no additional features.

Convertible cribs
DaVinci Piedmont's conversions
DaVinci Piedmont 4-in-1 convertible crib

Convertible cribs are available in a mini or a full-size version. Especially, full-size cribs can transit even to the adult bed.

Convertible cribs are marked with numbers, where the number in the name tells you how many possible conversions a particular model has. In most cases, you won’t get conversion kits in the price!

That is the most common confusion among parents. They see a higher number in the crib’s name, and an affordable price tag, so they conclude they will get a great deal for their money. Only later, they realize they need to buy additional parts for their crib, which are sometimes not cheap at all.

Best convertible cribs

Read what is included in the price!

On days like Black Friday, there may be exceptions where the conversion kit is included in the price. If there is such a bargain on Black Friday, we will surely add it to our list of the best Black Friday deals on baby cribs!

Amongst cribs we have reviewed so far, only Babyletto includes toddler safety rail in the package! And you have to buy a convertible kit for all cribs that transit into adult beds.

Convertible crib models:

Convertible crib with additional features:

I want a crib on wheels with or without a folding mechanism.

Best portable folding crib on wheels

Caster wheels are very convenient if you intend to move the crib around the house. There are more mini cribs with that feature, but you can get a full-size model on wheels as well.

Lots of cribs on wheels feature a folding mechanism. That is a very convenient feature for those who don’t use the crib all the time, like grandmom’s house. The ability to fold the crib small, quick, and easy saves a lot of space!

Of course, there are few unique models in this group as well. For instance, Babyletto Maki is a full-size folding crib on wheels, that is also convertible. DaVinci Jenny Lind is a beautiful full-size convertible crib on wheels, etc.

The Best Black Friday deals on Baby Cribs

Choosing the right crib mattress is extremely important!

Best Black Friday deals on crib mattresses in 2021

The size of the crib mattress

I think we all know you need a small mattress for a mini crib and a standard size crib mattress for a full-size crib. But, do all mini crib mattresses fit in all mini cribs? And, do all standard size crib mattresses fit into all full-size cribs?

They should! Sizes of crib mattresses and cribs are regulated by the government, so all should fit. But it won’t hurt if you compare the size of a crib mattress with the inner dimensions of your crib!

You can even make a home fitting test. Place two fingers between the crib mattress’ edge and cribs frame. There shouldn’t be more than two finger space there!

Do you want a 100% organic, “green”, “Eco”, … crib mattress?

I am sure you want a non-toxic crib mattress for your baby. In general, all crib mattresses on the market meets or even exceeds required safety standards. They are certified as safe for your baby! But regards to the natural materials, there are differences amongst them.

I will not go into detail in this article, but if you are interested, you can find more information in this article: Are organic crib mattresses really % organic?

Foam or innerspring crib mattress?

As long as you pick a safety model, both are OK! The difference is in weight and price. In general, foam mattresses are lighter and cheaper from innerspring models.

Some think coil mattresses are because of their hardness a better choice, but that is not entirely true. With normal use, a quality foam mattress will hold up just as an innerspring model.

Foam crib mattresses:

Better foam models are made from the denser foam of better quality. Those models are heavier but still slightly lighter from innerspring mattresses.
Most foam crib mattresses have a polyurethane core surrounded with a waterproof cover.

Innerspring crib mattresses:

These models have a core made of coils, which is covered with foam, padding, and fabric. When choosing an innerspring crib mattress, you must concentrate on the number of coils and their thickness.

The number of coils can range between 80 to 280, where a model with 135 and more coils is a safe and quality choice.

You can find the coils’ thickness under the name “coil gauge”. The best innerspring crib mattresses have coil gauge less than 15,5.

The Best Black Friday deals on Crib Mattresses

Nursery rocker or glider

Black Friday nursery rockers and gliders sales in 2021

What to look for when choosing a nursery rocker or glider?

1. Comfortability:

Nursery chair must adapt nicely to your body. It must provide sufficient support to your body, especially to the spine and neck. Only this way it will help you relax.

2. Perfect for breastfeeding:

Think about what is your preferred breastfeeding position. Do you rather sit, or it would be helpful that the chair ensures lying position too.

3. Armrest:

Baby in your lap becomes heavier and heavier, so your chair must have a comfortable armrest, to support your elbow and the weight of your baby.

4. Safety:

Same as all mom’s and babies’ products, your nursey chair must be safe too! It must be carefully tested and meet all required safety standards!

5. Easy use:

Getting into the nursing chair must be easy. Even more important, getting out must be hassle-free! You don’t want to disturb your sleeping baby while you are struggling to get out of the chair!

6. Easy cleaning:

When choosing the material, keep in mind that the recliner will get dirty. The ideal choice for a nursery chair is leather or microfiber, as all stains can be wiped off with a cloth only.

7. Long usability:

Choose the model that you can use outside the nursery too. Why won’t you use it longer?

The Best Black Friday deals on Nursery Gliders and Rockers

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