Is a Pack ‘n Play bassinet safe for sleeping?

Manufacturers must follow strict Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) guidelines when making Pack ‘n Plays. But what about their accessories, such as the bassinet insert? Is it safe for a baby to sleep in? Find out everything about Pack ‘n Play bassinet safety.

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Pack ‘n Play bassinet safety

Nowadays, you can purchase a Pack ‘n Play (also called a Playard) with almost any accessory you think about. You can opt for a Pack ‘n Play with a full-size bassinet, newborn clip-on bassinet, newborn napper, changing table, storage units, toys, etc.

Amongst all, a full-size bassinet insert is undoubtedly the most common one. Actually, almost all Pack ‘n Plays come with one. Such a bassinet takes the Pack ‘n Play mattress pad and hangs inside the unit.

It is like a raised mattress in a crib, but naturally, its construction cannot be as sturdy as a wooden crib, leading many to uncertainty if the Playrad’s bassinet is safe for the baby to sleep in.

Is a Pack ‘n Play bassinet safe for the newborn?
Best Graco Pack ‘n Plays with Bassinet

Is a Pack ‘n Play bassinet safe for sleeping?

The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) policy classifies the crib, a Pack ‘n Play, and a Bassinet as the safest sleeping options for the baby. But does this applies to the Pack ‘n Play bassinets too? Are they safe for sleep?

The answer is yes. It also applies to Pack ‘n Play bassinets. Of course, to be safe for a baby, a Pack ‘n Play bassinet has to meet particular CPSC safety standards, just like any crib, regular bassinet, or Pack ‘n Play.

The Pack ‘n Play bassinet that meets all required safety standards is as safe as a regular free-standing bassinet and a crib!

Pack ‘n Play accessories classified as a “Bassinet” (NOT nappers, rockers, etc.) are safe for sleeping. They correspond to CPCS safety standards and act as a regular free-standing bassinet. These Pack ‘n Play bassinets have mesh sides, a flat and firm surface, and all the necessary features that babies need for healthy sleep.

But remember that a Pack ‘n Play “Bassinet” is not the same as a Pack ‘n Play “Napper”. A Pack ‘n Play attachment must be called a “Bassinet” to be safe for sleeping! Check the manufacturer’s definition, not only the seller’s description, to be sure!

Full-size bassinet vs. infant bassinet

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Depending on the model you choose, you can get a Pack ‘n Play without a bassinet, with one, or even with two different bassinets.

Two types of Pack ‘n Play bassinets that are safe for your baby:

  1. a full-size infant bassinet insert 
  2. an infant portable/raised bassinet
Pack ‘N Play Bassinet Safety | 2 bassinets on the Graco Pack 'n Play Day2Dream

Graco Pack ‘n Play Day2Dream with a Portable Raised Bassinet and Full-Size Infant Bassinet

1. full-size Pack ‘n Play bassinet Insert

The full-size bassinet takes the whole Pack ‘n Play surface. It clips on Pack ‘n Play sides, hangs inside the unit, and takes the Pack ‘n Play’s mattress pad.

It is surrounded by breathable mesh, which contributes to good air circulation and temperature regulation inside the Pack ‘n Play bassinet.

Such a bassinet provides an elevated spot for the baby to sleep, similar to the adjustable crib mattress support.

Full-size bassinet inserts hold a higher weight than the raised portable bassinets. Most of them are usable from infancy up to the baby’s 20 lbs.

2. Pack ‘N Play’s Infant Portable/Raised Bassinet

The portable bassinet is a smaller, raised unit. It clips on the top of the Pack ‘n Play and stands above the Pack ‘n Play. Such bassinet is lifted to position the baby at your eye level. 

It usually takes half of the Pack ‘n Play’s surface, while the other half can be a clip-on changing table or another accessory.

Most raised Pack ‘n Play bassinets can be used as a free-standing unit. You can place it on or off the Playard to keep your baby in sight and by your side. 

To be safe for a baby’s sleeping, it must have a firm sleeping surface and airy mesh sides. But it can also possess other features, such as canopy, portability, height positioners, toys, vibration, music, rocking, soothing, nightlight, etc.

The raised bassinet is smaller than a Pack ‘n Play’s full-size bassinet insert. You can usually use most of them from infancy up to the baby’s 15 lbs.

Take Away

Safety of a Pack ‘n Play bassinet

Yes, Pack ‘n Play and its bassinet is an AAP-approved baby product for safe sleep

However, you must consider the bassinet’s weight limit and choose the one that meets all safety standards. 

If you are buying a new Pack ‘n Plays with a bassinet, do not worry. All units sold today meet the latest CPSC safety standards. They undergo extensive testing to ensure that they are safe and pose no danger to your child.

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