Best Graco cribs with Reviews​

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Best Graco crib Reviews

The best Graco baby cribs in 2020

Graco is one of the World’s most recognized baby products company. It is a reliable and well-trusted brand, which has been delivering safety, innovation, and durability with all of its baby products for almost 80 years. Since Graco has had great success with their Pack ‘N Plays, they have decided to bring classic cribs to the market too. That proved to be a very good decision as Graco convertible cribs soon became one of the best selling and most desirable baby cribs on the market.

That’s why we have decided to make a list of the best Graco cribs in 2020. I could say that after our numerous Graco crib reviews, we have picked only the best from the best. I hope our list will help you with your decision!

Graco is well known for its affordable prices and quality, which gives its products even higher value. We’ve already done a lot of Graco reviews, and I have to say that they kept the principle of good quality for a reasonable price for their wooden baby cribs too. Because Graco wants only the best, their cribs are made in cooperation with Storkcraft, which is one of the leading baby furniture manufacturers. With combining Graco’s vision and Storkcraft’s experiences, parents are supplied with a wide assortment of stylish, quality convertible cribs that are safe and don’t cost a lot.

Best Graco convertible cribs:

Graco Benton
Best Graco crib - Benton convertible crib
5-in-1 convertible cribBEST Price
Graco Lauren
Best Graco crib - Lauren convertible crib
4-in-1 convertible cribBEST Price
Graco Hadley
Best Graco crib - Hadley convertible crib
4-in-1 convertible crib with drawerBEST Price
Graco Solano
Best Graco crib - Solano convertible crib with drawer
4-in-1 convertible crib with drawerBEST Price
Graco Remi
Best Graco crib - Remi convertible crib with changer
4-in-1 combo crib with under-crib drawerBEST Price
Graco Linden
Best Graco crib - Linden upholstered crib
upholstered 3-in-1 convertible cribBEST Price

Safety Review

As this applies equally to all Graco cribs and I do not want to repeat myself, I want to summarize the main safety features at the beginning.

All Graco cribs have been tested by an independent facility and met the guidelines set by the standards’ developer. Graco’s convertible cribs meet or even exceed all required ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and CPCS (Consumer Product Safety Commission) safety standards. 

In short, Graco cribs are steady, without any moving parts, sharp edges or rough areas. They do not have drop sides, which are banned since 2011.   The width between slats is smaller than the maximum allowed distance. Graco also uses only non-toxic materials, its cribs are lead and phthalate safe, and all the finishes are safe too.

Do not use drop-side cribs, as it’s just not worth the risk! That’s very important! You can read more about this topic in our article about safety standards.

No matter if you are using an old or new crib, you need to consider safety first! Make sure that the crib is safe!

Regardless of how much the crib costs and how beautiful it is, if the crib is not safe, do not use it!

Quick Reviews of the Best Graco cribs

Best convertible crib:

Graco Benton crib Review

If you like simple yet elegant arched cribs, this is the one you have to consider. Graco Benton is an affordable baby crib, which grows with the child. Because it converts all the way to an adult bed, it can be the only bed you will ever buy for your child. Yes, you need to purchase a full-size conversion kit and mattress for an adult bed, but that is the same with all convertible cribs, of all brands.

Best Graco crib Reviews - Benton 5-in-1 convertible crib

Why we love it:

  • timeless design
  • doesn’t have a huge footprint, so it’s great for smaller rooms too
  • good value for the price
  • it grows with your child, from newborn to adulthood
  • sturdy crib, which doesn’t wobble after conversions
  • it meets and even exceeds all required safety standards
  • easy to assemble
  • adjustable mattress support

Keep in mind:

Graco Benton doesn’t have a safety guardrail for a toddler bed. Conversion into a toddler bed is made by removing the front rail and setting the crib mattress into the lowest position. That’s not uncommon for convertible cribs, and most parents are OK with it. But if you don’t feel safe using it without safety guardrail, check-up Benton’s combo crib with an attached changing table or Graco Solano and Hadley cribs, which are described below.

Graco Benton is a 5-in-1 convertible crib that transits into four different beds, where the last two conversions are basically the same. The crib converts into a toddler bed, daybed, and full-size bed with or without a footboard.

Number 5 in Benton’s name is more of a marketing gimmick than a huge added value. Benton is like most convertible cribs, a 4-in-1 model.

More about Graco Benton 5-in-1 convertible crib:

I like Benton’s simple style, with clean lines and minimalistic arch. Such design allows Graco Benton to take up less space as bulky convertible cribs. That’s why it’s an excellent solution for small nurseries or twin rooms as well.

Considering its low price, I’m impressed by Benton’s quality. The crib is sturdy and doesn’t wobble after conversions, but you have to follow the assembly instructions and assemble it carefully.

As I already mention, Graco Benton is an arched crib. The arch makes crib’s backside higher from the front, which is also very convenient in the last conversion into adult bed, where it serves as a headboard. That’s why the crib might look a little better placed beside the wall. However, its backside is not completely closed, so it’s one of the rare arched cribs that look good in the center of the room too.

MATTRESS information:

  • Graco Benton has a metal spring support, which you can set on three different heights.
  • Of course, Graco recommends using their crib mattress, but you can pick any standard size crib mattress in the crib.

Runner up:

Graco Lauren convertible crib Review

I love Lauren’s simple yet elegant look with clean lines. And the fact that it’s not expensive is not negligible too!

Graco Lauren doesn’t differ much from the Benton. The main difference between these two convertible cribs is their design. While Benton poses Graco’s typical style, curved lines, and arched backside, is Lauren’s frame more modern with straight and clean lines.

Of course, Graco left its distinguish touch in this crib too. The crib’s frame is straight, but slats on the back are carefully arranged to resemble an arch. Isn’t that cute or not? With such design, Lauren could be a perfect solution for parents, where one parent likes arched cribs and other cribs with straight lines.

Best Graco crib - Lauren 4-in-1 convertible crib

Why we love it:

  • it is available in multiple non-toxic finishes: white, whitewash, cherry, espresso, driftwood, black and pebble gray
  • Graco Lauren grows with your child
  • you can adjust the height of the mattress into three positions
  • it is a safe crib, without dropping sides
  • it meets and even exceeds all required safety standards
  • assembling doesn’t take you a lot of time
  • it’s a sturdy crib
  • Graco Laursen posses an open design, which enables you to see your baby from any angle of the room

Keep in mind:

Graco Lauren is a 4-in-1 convertible crib, which means it converts into three bigger beds. A toddler bed, daybed, and a full-size bed.

As it is typical for Graco’s cribs, Lauren’s toddler bed doesn’t have a safety guardrail too. The conversion into a toddler bed is made by removing the crib’s front rail and placing the mattress into the lowest position.

When your toddler is old enough and more secure on the bed, you can transit Lauren into a daybed. This conversion is simple. All you have to do is raise the mattress to a higher level, and you are done.

The last conversion into a full-size bed is the second difference from Benton. While Benton has two options, Lauren converts into an adult bed with a headboard only.

Mattress Information:

Best Graco convertible crib with clean lines:

Graco Hadley crib review

Hadley has the cleanest lines amongst Graco’s convertible cribs. It doesn’t have Graco’s typical curves, but I love Hadley’s timeless design with clean headboard lines, which makes it easy to pair with any accompanying fixtures of the nursery.

Graco Hadley is a 4-in-1 convertible crib. It converts into a toddler bed with or without a safety guardrail, a daybed, and a full-size adult bed. But clean, straight lines aren’t the only feature that makes Hadley different from other Graco cribs. Hadley owns a spacious drawer under the whole mattress area. As a mom, I know that space is always an issue. That’s why I think that cribs with under crib drawer are perfect for modern families with such problems.

Best Graco crib Reviews - Hadley 4-in-1 convertible crib with drawer

Why we love it:

  • because of a specious drawer underneath the crib
  • for better organization, is the drawer divided into two equal parts
  • it is compatible with the Graco toddler guardrail
  • it grows with your child
  • it has a timeless design
  • Graco Hadley is a sturdy crib without dropping sides
  • it meets and even exceeds all required safety standards
  • it has an adjustable mattress support

Keep in mind:

As far as Hadley’s convertibility, it is the same as most convertible cribs. The crib converts into a toddler bed, daybed, and full-size bed. The thing that makes Hadley better from most Graco’s convertible cribs is an optional safety guardrail for the toddler bed. You can convert it into a toddler bed with or without a safety guardrail!

Graco Hadley is available only in three finishes. I’m not going to lie, that was a minor disappointment for me. However, it is available in Espresso, Pable Gray and white, which are the colors that match with most nursery furniture.

If Hadley’s color assortment didn’t impress me, Graco redeemed with offering Hadley’s nursery furniture. You can choose between Hadley’s dresser with four or six drawers, which are an exact match to the crib.

Mattress information:

More about Graco Hadley 4-in-1 convertible crib:

Graco Hadley is for those who like straight lines more than arches and curves. Hadley is also for those who prefer cribs with one or more closed sides. I find this feature very convenient if the crib is placed next to the wall. And last but not least, Graco Hadley is for those who need extra space for all baby belongings.

Best Graco convertible crib with under crib drawer:

Graco Solano crib review

When Graco first launched the sale of Solano, the crib quickly became popular among parents. The first model was a classic 4-in-1 convertible crib. But Graco soon realized that the Solano is popular mainly among modern families with space issues. 

With a sleek, minimalistic design, Solano doesn’t take up a lot of space for a standard size crib. But Graco wanted even more from this crib and designed two slightly modified models, whose main purpose is an efficient use of space.

The first one is a convertible crib with under crib drawer, which efficiently uses otherwise unutilized space below crib’s mattress. The second one is the same, with an additional changing table attached to the crib. 

Of course, the last one takes up more space, but still much less than a separately placed crib and changing table. Such cribs are so-called combo cribs.

You can choose from three versions of the Solano convertible crib:

  1. a classic 4-in-1 convertible crib
  2. 4-in-1 convertible crib with under crib drawer
  3. a 4-in-1 convertible crib with under crib drawer and attached changing table
Best Graco crib - Solano convertible crib

Why we love it:

  • because it doesn’t take up a lot of space
  • as it is available in three different options
  • Solano grows with your child, and can be the only bed he or she will ever need (It converts into a toddler bed, daybed, and full-size bed with headboard and footboard.)
  • it has an optional toddler bed safety guardrail
  • it is available for a reasonable price
  • Graco Solano has a minimalistic design
  • it meets and exceeds all required safety standards
  • it has adjustable mattress support (3 levels)

Keep in mind:

The price of the Graco Solano goes up with the extra features:

  1. A basic Graco Solano will cost you around $160, which classifies this convertible crib amongst the cheapest convertible models with great value for the price.
  2. For less than an extra $ 50, you’ll get a spacious drawer below the entire mattress surface too. As it’s still very affordable, with plenty of storage space under the crib, is this the one we recommend the most!
  3. Combo crib offers the most, but it is the most expensive amongst them as well. It has a reasonable price comparing to other combo cribs, but I would rather decide on the Graco Remi combo crib described below.

Mattress Information:

Graco Solano is a full-size crib, so any standard size baby crib mattress fits into the crib. You can choose from an affordable Graco Premium crib and toddler bed mattress to the more expensive crib mattresses, like Newton Wovenaire crib mattress.

Best combo crib:

Graco Remi 4-in-1 convertible crib and changer

Buying a full-size convertible crib is the most rational decision in the long run. However, if you have a small nursery, you may not have enough room for a changing table anymore. If you want both, then a convertible crib with attached changing table might be perfect for you.

Graco Remi 4-in-1 convertible crib and changer is like a nursery combined in one piece of furniture. This bed combines a safe sleeping area for your baby, a changing table, and storage space.

Not only the drawers and shelves on the changing table but a large drawer underneath the mattress area classifies Remi amongst cribs with the most storage space you can get.

Best Graco crib - Remi convertible crib with changer

Why we love it:

  • because it grows with your child
  • it has a lot of storage space on the changer
  • a large under-crib drawer
  • because it has a carefully designed changing table, that also grows with the crib
  • you get a water-resistant vinyl change pad and safety strap for additional safety of your baby with the changing table
  • you can choose between different colors and color combinations: from white and espresso to pebble gray/white & natural/white
  • adjustable mattress support
  • it has a modern look
  • because of special design, it’s a perfect choice for short moms as well
  • it is a safe and sturdy crib, which meet and exceeds all required safety standards

Keep in mind:

Remi is certainly not a small piece of furniture, but it takes less space than separately placed standard crib and changer. So, although mini cribs are perfectly fine, you should consider if a combo crib like Remi may fit into your home.

Graco Remi is a 4-in-1 convertible crib, which transits into a toddler bed, daybed, and full-size adult bed. Its toddler bed is designed without a safety guardrail. As I already said, that is not uncommon for convertible cribs, but if you don’t feel safe using the toddler bed without a guardrail, you can choose Graco Solano instead.

Graco Remi has clean lines and a slightly curved front and back rails. Such design, along with the low profile, gives short parents easy access to their child too.

Changing table:

The changing table is attached to the right side of the crib. It has three spacious drawers on the front and two open shelves on the back.
As this is a convertible crib, Graco designed its changing table to grow with the crib. In the last conversion into a full-size bed, the detached changing table serves as a nightstand beside the adult bed. Isn’t that great?

Mattress Information:

  • Graco Remi has a metal spring support that is adjustable into three different heights.
  • Any standard size crib mattress fits into the crib.

Best unique Graco’s convertible crib:

Graco Linden upholstered crib Review

Linden is a unique crib with a luxurious design. It has elegantly curved side panels and plush upholstery. Probably you have noticed that Graco convertible cribs are quite similar. That’s why I’m glad that Graco took a different direction for this crib.

I have to admit that as a fan of modern furniture, I liked its design as soon as I saw it.

Linden costs little more from other Graco convertible cribs. But comparing to similar cribs with unique, luxurious design, its price is not very height.

Best Graco crib - Linden upholstered 3-in-1 convertible crib

Why we love it:

  • Graco Linden has a unique, modern design
  • it grows with your child
  • it has a three-position adjustable mattress support
  • it’s affordable compared to other luxurious cribs
  • Linden has an optional toddler safety guardrail
  • it’s available in multiple designs
  • the crib meets and exceeds all required safety standards

Keep in mind:

Graco Linden is the only convertible crib on this list, which doesn’t convert into an adult bed. I think that the 3-in-1 design is completely enough for the crib, but that’s your decision.

The crib is available in five different designs:

  1. white crib with plush upholstery in a color of the sand
  2. black with gray plush upholstery
  3. pebble gray crib, with dark gray plush upholstery
  4. walnut with sand upholstery
  5. white with gray plush upholstery

Mattress Information:

Graco Linden is a full-size baby crib with standard dimensions. That’s why any standard size baby crib mattress fits snuggly into the crib. Graco recommends its full-size crib mattress, which we have also reviewed. It’s an excellent mattress for the price you pay!

How to choose the best crib for your needs?

Choosing the right crib for your baby is one of the first and most important decisions you will make. Babies sleep more than half a day, so providing a safe sleeping environment is essential. According to AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) is the crib the best place for your baby.

1. Which crib’s features do you need?

Do you need a crib on wheels or a steady crib? Do you want a crib that will grow with your child? Maybe you need extra storage space for all baby belongings or even an attached changing table.

2. Start early:

With so many different cribs, styles, shapes, colors, etc. it can soon become overwhelming. So start early, at the beginning of your pregnancy, and think through what you need.

3. How much space you have for a crib?

Before you start choosing the crib, measure the available space in your home. If you are limited by space, you can narrow down the list of your preferred cribs right away. You can decide on a big and bulky crib or the one with a sleek and minimalistic design. You can choose amongst mini or full-size cribs, etc.

4. Set your budget for the crib!

How much money are you willing to spend on a crib? A baby industry is one of the biggest markets in the World, so you can choose amongst so many cribs. Don’t get carried away! Graco’s convertible cribs are an excellent example of quality and safeness for a reasonable price. More expensive doesn’t mean better quality and safeness! Low budget cribs can be as good as any other cribs or even better!

5. The crib must be safe!

The crib you choose must meet all required safety standards set by CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials).
It has to be sturdy, without dropping sides!

6. Choose the design you like:

Of course, you must like your chosen baby crib’s design. It is also good that the crib matches other furniture in the nursery. I am sure you can find the one with a beautiful look, for a reasonable price.

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