Best cribs on wheels

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Best crib on wheels

Best baby cribs on wheels in 2020

Cribs on wheels are the best solution for those who intend to move them from one room to another. Cribs on wheels are perfect for parents who decided for the safest co-sleeping option, having a newborn in the same room, but not in the same bed! Cribs on wheels that also fold are great for grandparents’ house. And last but not least, cribs on wheels are perfect for moms who don’t want to struggle cleaning under the baby crib.

Depending on the available space, you can choose between a standard size and mini cribs on wheels. As they are smaller and little more practical when moving around, the assortment of mini cribs is wider from full-size portable cribs. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a quality full-size crib on wheels. Even more, some models are even convertible!

Regardless of the size, the majority of baby cribs on wheels fold-up for easy storage until another use. But there are few exceptions, like DaVinci Jenny Lind 3-in-1 convertible crib, or a mini rocking crib by DaVinci.

We have compiled a list of the best cribs on wheels, based on our reviews and extensive research. Of course, we didn’t forget about parents’ opinions. We have asked numerous parents who already have such a crib for their reviews. I have to say that their opinion was no different from our conclusions, so I think we have really chosen only the best of the bests.

Best cribs on wheels in 2020

Babyletto Makifull-size folding cribBest full-size portable folding crib
DaVinci Jenny Lindbest convertible that doesn’t fold upBest full-size portable crib on wheels
Dream On Mefull-size affordable cribBest affordable full-size folding crib
Delta Childrenmini affordable cribDelta Children folding mini crib on wheels
Davinci Alpharocking cribBest mini rocking crib DaVinci Alpha
Babyletto Origamimini portable cribBabyletto Origami mini crib

Are cribs on wheels safe?

Cribs on wheels are as safe as any other crib on the market. They must go through rigorous testing and meet all safety standards set by the government. Of course, you must follow the crib’s safety guidelines to use it as safe as possible.

Such cribs must have wheels with a reliable locking mechanism, to be approved. But you mustn’t forget to lock them down when your baby is in the crib!

If a crib on wheels also folds up, it must have a quality locking mechanism, which poses no safety risk when the baby is in the crib.

Which portable crib is the best choice for me?

That’s up to you! It depends on what you need, but keep in mind:

  1. If you like a rocking crib, then a foldable model is not an option. The rocking feature is also available only on mini cribs.
  2. If you need convertibility, then you can decide only for a full-size crib on wheels, as mini models don’t convert into bigger beds.

Other than that, you are free to choose whatever you like.

Should I decide on a foldable or no-foldable crib?

If your baby won’t use it every day, then, in my opinion, a folding crib is a better choice. Folding cribs are also a perfect choice for grandparents or caregivers’ homes. They can easily fold it away and put it back up in a minute.

If this is a crib for everyday use, then it’s up to you. You can’t miss either way. In such a case, I would decide on a folding model like Babyletto Maki. Why? Just because I would have everything if I needed it.
First of all, it is a full-size crib, so my child can use it longer as a mini crib. Second, it is convertible, with the included toddler safety guardrail. Third, it is portable and can be even fold down if needed. And last but not least, I like Babyletto’s modern style.

The Editor’s choice:

Babyletto Maki Full-Size Portable Folding Crib 
Best portable full-size crib


  • wheels glide smoothly
  • it has removable caster wheels, so you can use it as a portable or regular crib
  • a quality locking mechanism
  • quality folding mechanism
  • it grows with your child
  • toddler safety guardrail is included
  • a beautiful modern design
  • adjustable mattress support (2 levels)
  • it meets or even exceeds all required safety standards
  • GREENGUARD Gold certified


  • it’s not available in a wide range of different colors

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Best crib on wheels that doesn’t fold up:

DaVinci Jenny Lind 3-in-1 convertible crib on wheels
Best full-size portable convertible crib


  • a beautiful design with vintage charm
  • a wide range of different finishes, including unique colors like navy, pinky, or lagoon
  • thoughtfully designed crib’s frame, so it fits through most door frames
  • it is convertible & portable 
  • wheels glide smoothly
  • when locked down, the crib stays in place
  • it meets and even exceeds all required safety standards
  • it is GREENGUARD Gold Certified


  • some unique colors, like coral, or sunshine are not always on stock
  • a toddler safety guardrail is not included

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Most affordable full-size crib on wheels:

Dream On Me full-size folding crib on wheels
Best full-size portable crib


  • affordable choice
  • timeless, classic look
  • wheels have a reliable locking mechanism and glide smoothly
  • 2 level adjustable mattress support
  • decent color selection
  • a patented folding system, which works great
  • it doesn’t take a lot of space when it is folded up
  • it meets and even exceeds all required safety standards


  • if you are a petite mom, check if the crib is not too high for you

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Affordable mini crib:

Delta Children portable mini crib
Best affordable mini portable crib


  • good value for the money
  • it doesn’t occupy a lot of space
  • casters glide smoothly
  • a quality folding mechanism
  • you get a 1,5″ mattress beside the crib
  • two-level adjustable mattress support
  • a better choice as bassinets (it’s sturdier and lasts longer)
  • it meets all safety standards


  • wheels don’t have a locking mechanism

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Best mini rocking crib on wheels:

DaVinci Alpha mini rocking crib
The best mini rocking crib


  • wheels glide smoothly
  • wheels with a reliable locking mechanism.
  • The rocking feature gently comforts newborns, so it is one of the best bassinet alternatives on the market.
  • small footprint
  • 3 levels of adjustable mattress support
  • cute design
  • it meets all safety standards
  • it is GREENGUARD Gold certified


  • you have to remove the wheels for a rocking feature

Best wooden mini portable crib:

Babyletto Origami
Best mini portable crib


  • easy movement throughout the home
  • reliable locking mechanism
  • collapsible for easy storage and transport
  • a quality folding mechanism
  • lightweight
  • modern design
  • available in unique colors
  • adjustable mattress support: 2 levels
  • meets and even exceeds all safety standards
  • a better alternative to a bassinet


  • higher price

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Can I take a portable crib with me on holiday?

Cribs on wheels are classified as portable cribs. That sometimes confuses parents, as they think they are buying a crib that will easily fit into their car. Although few mini cribs on wheels, like Delta Children or Babyletto Origami, do fit in many car trunks, the main purpose of such crib is not traveling.

If you need a travel crib, you can pick amongst lightweight travel cribs or Pack ‘N Plays.

Anyway, the purpose of a wooden crib on wheels is mainly easy moving around your home. Anyway, the purpose of a wooden crib on wheels is mainly easy moving around your home. And if it’s also foldable, for easy storage when it’s not in use.

Baby cribs on wheels – comparison chart

Babyletto Maki cribbest full-size crib on wheelsyesfull-sizeyesyesBabyletto Pure coreBest full-size portable folding crib
DaVinci Jenny Lind cribrunner up yes full-size noyesDourxi crib and toddler bed mattress Best full-size portable crib on wheels
Dream On Me cribbest budget buy yes full-size yes noGraco premiumBest affordable full-size folding crib
Delta Children cribmini affordable cribnomini yes noDelta Children twinkle star miniDelta Children folding mini crib on wheels
Davinci Alpha Rocking crib best rocking crib yes mini nonoDelta Children twinkle star mini Best mini rocking crib DaVinci Alpha
Babyletto Origami cribbest mini crib on wheels yes mini yes noBabyletto Pure Core miniBabyletto Origami mini crib

Which crib mattress is safe to use in baby cribs on wheels?

A crib mattress must be firm and fits snugly in the crib. The gap between the mattress’s edge and crib’s frame shouldn’t be larger than two fingers. We call that a two-finger test.

Another significant crib feature is firmness. Crib mattresses, particularly those for newborns, must be firm. The mattress with sufficient firmness is probably too hard for you, but that is how it should be!

The size of full-size cribs and their mattresses is set by the government, so any standard size crib mattress fits into any full-size crib.

is a baby crib with the following measurements: 52 3⁄8 ± 5⁄8 inches in length by 28 ± 5⁄8 inches in width

is a baby crib mattress with the following measurements: at least 27 1/4 inches by 51 5/8 inches and no more than 6 inches thick

But that’s not the case for mini cribs and their mattresses. Their dimensions are not regulated. Any crib that is smaller from a standard crib is defined as a mini crib. They can be in numerous sizes and shapes, but luckily in most cases, their inner dimensions are around 38″ (96,52cm) by 24″ (60,96cm), which is great because most mini crib mattresses correspond to those measurements.

You get a basic 1″ crib mattress with most mini cribs. However, that is not a mattress I would use for my child every day. Maybe, only for an occasional sleepover, but certainly not for every day.
Rather purchase a thicker mini crib mattress. Lots of them are of good quality, way better than an included pad, and don’t cost a lot. Just don’t forget to compare the crib’s inner dimensions, with the mattress’s measurements you intend to buy.

You have numerous choices for a full-size crib. First of all, you can decide on foam or innerspring crib mattress. There is even a crib mattress made of special, wovenaire material. Newton Wovenaire baby crib mattress is the only 100% breathable and 100% washable crib mattress on the market!

Of course, there are other safe crib mattresses of good quality. If you decide for a convertible crib on wheels, like Maki or Jenny, you should think about a dual-sided crib mattress. A dual-firmness crib mattress is made of two sides with different firmness, a firm side for infant, and a softer side for toddle. From our experiences, Colgate Eco Classica III crib mattress and Dourxi crib mattress and toddler bed mattress are one of the best.

Baby’s Little Place tip: We do not recommend the use of old crib mattresses, especially if you do not know how it was used. Only a crib mattress from an older sibling could be useful and safe. You know how it was used and maintained, how much mess it survived, and how it was stored. There can be hidden pathogens in the mattress’s core, like mold, mildew, mites, or bacterias, which you can’t see. With using a crib mattress of an older child, you can at least predict what’s inside.

There are affordable standard size crib mattresses, like Graco Premium or Delta Children Twinkle Stars baby crib mattress. Think about purchasing one of them instead of using an old one.

Benefits of using a wooden crib on wheels

The ability to move the crib from one room to another, without disassembly, is a handy advantage for parents whose baby otherwise sleeps in her room. For instance, if the baby gets sick, it’s better to have her nex to you. Having sick baby close to you, it’s more convenient for both of you. With crib on wheels, that is an easy task. Just unlock the wheels and push it into your room. It couldn’t be easier!

A newborn should sleep in your room, but not in your bed! If you decide on a portable crib, you don’t need bassinets, co-sleepers, or snuggle nests. You can later move the crib to the nursery without disassembling it.

Your baby can start learning sleeping in her bed right away. You have your newborn close but in her bed

Changing the sheets and vacuuming under the crib is much easier.

If you decide on a folding model, you can store it away until another use.

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