How to choose the best sheet for your Pack ‘n Play?

Last updated on January 23rd, 2023 at 06:10 pm

This article includes everything you need to know when buying Pack ‘n Play sheets. Follow our recommendations, and you will easily find the best sheet for your Pack ‘n Play.

Best Pack 'n Play Sheets

Pack ‘n Play Sheets

Regardless of what sleeping equipment you will use, you will want to create a comfortable and safe sleeping space for your baby.

Numerous factors affect the safety and comfort of a crib, bassinet, or Pack ‘n Play, including choosing the suitable sheet.

Choosing the right sheet is actually very important. After all, it is the only bedding you need! Blankets and pillows raise the risk of suffocation, meaning the tight-fitting sheets remain the only bedding considered perfectly safe for your baby!

Best Pack ‘N Play Sheets | Best Selling Playard Sheets
Parents’ favorite Pack ‘n Play sheets

So when you decide to buy a Pack ‘n Play, you will probably also want some Playard sheets. To find the best Pack ‘n Play sheet, you must consider certain things, like the size of your selected Pack ‘n Play or the quality and material of the sheet.

Do you need a sheet for your Pack ‘n Play?

Whether you will use it occasionally or every day, the first thing that might pop into your mind is whether or not you actually need a Pack ‘n Play sheet.

In theory, your baby can use a Pack ‘n Play without sheets. It is safe and perfectly fine. However, it is not cozy for the baby or convenient for you.

Pack ‘n Play sheets provide babies with a more comfortable and warm sleeping environment. Furthermore, sheets keep the mattress clean, which you will surely appreciate when having a baby!

Thus, I definitely recommend having at least two Pack ‘n Play sheets, better three or four. Yes, sheets are an additional cost, but I can help you find the best Pack ‘n Play sheets that are safe, quality, and do not break your bank!

So, I suggest you read the recommendations below and then jump on the list of the best Pack ‘n Play sheets in 2023.

How to choose the right sheet for a Pack ‘n Play?

Keep in mind the following factors, and I am sure you will find the best sheet for your Pack ‘n Play.

1. Pack ‘n Play mattress size:

Choosing the sheet that fits securely onto your Pack ‘n Play mattress is crucial to ensure the baby’s safety! You have to find the one that is not too tight or too loose!

  1. Your Pack ‘n Play sheet shouldn’t be too large. Such sheets may loose or wrinkle, posing a safety risk for your baby.
  2. On the contrary, the sheet shouldn’t be too small either. A small sheet may cause your Pack ‘n Play mattress to bunch up like an accordion. That is something you don’t want!
Mini crib vs. Pack 'n Play vs. Standard crib - Differences in size
A crib sheet is not an appropriate choice for a Pack ‘n Play mattress!

Pack ‘n Plays come in multiple sizes, so you can not simply buy a sheet as you would with the crib. However, most Pack ‘n Play mattresses measure around 27-inches by 39-inches, which suits most Playard sheets on the market.

Do not forget! Pack ‘n Plays come in various shapes and sizes, so there is a chance a standard sheet may not fit on your Pack ‘n Play mattress.

Thus, double-check your Playard mattress size and compare it to the measurement of the sheets you intend to buy! Also, do not forget to consider the depth of your Pack ‘n Play mattress!

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2. Elasticated sheet’s corners:

The second thing you have to look at when buying Pack ‘n Play sheets are elastic corners!

I highly recommend buying a sheet with elastic corners instead of a sheet without them! Most Pack ‘n Play sheets come with elastic corners but check it out before purchasing anyway.

Elastic corners help the sheet stay in place, which is essential to ensure your baby’s safety. It is also convenient for you, as you do not need to readjust the sheets over and over.

3. Materials:

Pack ‘n Play sheets come in various fabrics and thread counts, leaving some softer and more durable than others.

Cotton is a classic Pack ‘n Play sheet option. It is soft and breathable and will help keep your baby cool during the Summer and warm in Winter.

Another common material is Polyester. It is budget-friendly but a little less breathable than cotton. Still, there are a lot of quality, breathable, and safe Pack ‘n Play sheets made of the cotton-poly blend!

Choosing a flannel Pack ‘n Play sheet is ideal for keeping your baby warm in colder climates, but it is not appropriate for the warm weather as it may overheat your baby.

Other materials used for Pack ‘n Play sheets are organic cotton, jersey cotton, muslin, microfiber, and bamboo. All provide softness, but the most popular fabrics known for their softness are cotton, muslin, organic cotton, and bamboo.

It is best to feel the sheet before purchasing, but there is nothing wrong with ordering online. In this case, I recommend you check our selection of the best Pack ‘n Play sheets and other online reviews first.

4. Do you need a waterproof Pack ‘n Play sheet?

I didn’t use a waterproof Pack ‘n Play sheet, and it was fine, but it is up to you.

You have three options:

  1. a regular Pack ‘n Play sheet
  2. a waterproof Pack ‘n Play sheet
  3. a waterproof mattress protector

A regular Playard sheet will catch most diaper blowouts, reflux, spit-up, and drool. Pack ‘n Play mattresses are also easier to clean and dry than standard crib mattresses, so you can easily remove the sheet and wipe out any mess. 

Still, an extra layer of protection doesn’t hurt. Therefore you can opt for a waterproof sheet that will protect the mattress from all leaks, and you won’t have to spend time on any cleaning. Or decide on a third option, a waterproof mattress pad that you place over the Pack ‘n Play’s mattress.

5. Design:

Used to, the selection of Pack ‘n Play sheets was not very versatile. However, the offer increases every year, so nowadays, you can find Pack ‘n Play sheets of all colors and patterns, which is great!

6. Price:

Sheets prices range from cheap to expensive ($8 – $30 a sheet), most being around the twelve to fifteen dollar range.

The price of Pack ‘n Play sheets depends on the quality of the fabric, thread count, thickness, quality of the stitches, color, and print.

Bottom Line

How to choose the best sheet for your Pack ‘n Play?

The best Pack ‘n Play sheets provide babies with the safest and most comfortable sleeping environment. They fit snuggly on the mattress, are gentle and soft to the baby’s skin, and are made of materials that are easy to clean (e.g., machine washable, dryable). Last but not least, quality sheets also protect the Pack ‘n Play mattress and save you the time you would otherwise spend cleaning the mattress.

If you want a little help with choosing the best Pack ‘n Play sheet, check our list of this year’s best models.

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