Standard size baby crib measurements

Standard size baby crib - measurements and facts

Standard size baby crib dimensions

Standard size baby cribs are full-size cribs of different types and models. Internal dimensions of standard size cribs are the same for all full-size cribs. But their overall measurements (external dimensions) are not the same!

Why? Because of the material, design, and crib’s type!

  1. First of all, frames of standard size cribs are made from different materials. The thickness of different wood, metal, or acryl is not the same. 
  2. Second, standard size cribs have multiple designs and shapes. For example, you can buy a full-size convertible crib with a sleek, minimalist frame. Or you can decide on a bulky full-size crib with an arch and curves.
  3. And last but not least. Standard size cribs are available in many different types, making their outer dimensions vary by several inches. A portable, standard size crib needs a minimalistic frame, full-size convertible cribs can be sleek or bulky, a combo crib has an attached changing table, so it is even bigger, etc.


Internal dimensions of standard size baby cribs are regulated by the government, so they are approximately the same for all full-size cribs! All standard size crib mattresses fit into all standard size cribs!

Due to different materials, frame designs, and style, the external dimensions of standard size baby cribs can vary by a few inches, even if they belong to the same crib type.

External and internal dimensions of standard cribs

Full-size crib’s external measurements are important if you are on tight with space! Carefully check what the crib’s measures are before you make a purchase!

Internal measurements of standard size cribs are important while picking the right mattress for your selected crib. Luckily inner measurements for standard size cribs are standardized, so any standard size crib mattress should fit into any full-size crib.

Standard size baby crib - measurements and facts

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What size is a standard crib mattress?

Measurements of standard size baby cribs and standard crib mattresses are regulated by the government!

Any new full-size crib mattress fits into any new standard size baby crib. Just, make sure you choose a firm and safe mattress for the crib!

If you use an older mattress, check if it’s still firm and fits tight in the crib. Press on the mattress with your hand, if it springs back in place quickly, it’s firm enough. Also, make sure there is a room for no more than two fingers between the side of the crib and the edge of the mattress. That way your baby can’t slip in and get trapped between the mattress and crib side.

The mattress and the crib have to meet all Crib Safety Standards, to ensure the safest sleeping environment for your baby!

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Types of full-size standard cribs

A picture says a thousand words! That’s why we used them to present standard size cribs’ types. We were wondering how to do it most practically and understandably and came up with the idea of a hierarchy graph.

Below is a graph with standard size baby cribs of all types. We have also made a short description of each type and incorporate the links to their detailed description.

Types of Standard size baby cribs

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Non-convertible traditional standard size baby crib

Standard size baby cribs: traditional non-convertible crib
  • Those are regular, classic full-size cribs. A non-convertible crib is a traditional first bed for your baby, which serves only as a crib.
  • The crib doesn’t have any extra features, it doesn’t convert into bigger beds, and it’s not portable at all.
  • Finding this type is hard, as they are not on the market anymore. Parents usually expect more from the crib, so there is virtually no demand for such cribs.
  • Because it doesn’t have additional features, it is the cheapest type amongst standard size baby cribs.

Convertible standard size baby crib

Standard size baby cribs: convertible crib

Convertible cribs convert into one or more different bed options. Those cribs grow with your child! Some models can transform up to the full-size adult bed. Such convertible cribs can be even a lifetime bed for your child.

You have to buy conversion kits for transformations separately for most models. Only a few convertible cribs have the safety guardrail for a toddler bed included in the price. A great example are Babyletto’s convertible cribs.

Why am I telling you this? Because it is very important to read the specifications for a specific convertible model thoroughly. Lots of times parents think they will get everything included in the price. As such, the crib looks affordable. But when they buy all the extra parts, it is quite expensive.

Also, make sure what the numbers in the name of convertible crib mean! For example, it is not necessary that all 3-in-1 convertible cribs convert into a toddler and daybed. Some can skip one of these phases and convert directly into a full-size bed. Check what numbers in the name means!

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Based on the number of conversions certain crib has, they are divided into:

Full-size convertible cribs with an attached changing table = Combo cribs

Full-size convertible crib with changing table

A convertible crib with an attached changing table (combo or combination crib) is a multifunctional crib. It has an area for sleep and the area for changing the nappies, combined into one piece of furniture.

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Combo cribs are space and money savers!

Although combo cribs take up more space as standard types, they are actually space-saving furniture. Why? Because they take up less space as stand-alone changing table and crib. Combo cribs are usually cheaper as a combined price of a crib and stand-alone changer as well!

All combo cribs are convertible to some point. It is worth to mention their last conversion, as it is unique. If such crib converts into a full-size bed, a detached changing table serves as a nightstand beside the full-size bed.

Combo cribs have many names, which all mean the same:

  1. combo crib
  2. multipurpose crib
  3. combination crib
  4. multifunctional crib
  5. convertible cribs with changing table

Full-size portable cribs

Portable cribs with a standard size, which is defined by law, are rare. Portable types such as mini portable cribs, travel cribs, or Pack ‘N Plays are much more common and familiar to the ordinary consumer. But their measurements are not regulated by the government and can differ from model to model.

Only a full-size portable crib has the standard measurements we are talking about here! We all know that the measurements of mini cribs and standard cribs are not the same. But it is important to remember that the inner dimensions of cribs vs. Pack ‘N Plays can differ a lot as well. A crib mattress doesn’t fit into a Pack ‘N Play!

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Few facts about standard size portable cribs:

  • their portability is tied to moving around the house
  • some of them can even fold up for quick and easy storage
  • these cribs take a standard crib mattress


1. Folding standard size baby crib on wheels:
  • it has wheels for easy moving around the house
  • it has a minimalist designed framework, to fit through room doors
  • it can fold up for easy storage
  • you don’t need any tools for the folding
  • no disassembly is needed for the folding
  • perfect for the secondary crib in grandparents, or holiday house
  • two of the best full-size folding cribs are Babyletto Maki and Dream On Me full-size folding crib
2. Crib on wheels that doesn’t fold up:
  • it doesn’t have a bulky design, that it can fit trough room doors
  • easy moving around the house
  • it must have a good locking mechanism, so the crib will stay sturdy in place while your baby is in it
  • the best model in this group: DaVinci Jenny Lind 3-in-1 convertible crib on wheels

Are standard size baby crib measurements the same as Pack ‘N Plays’ dimensions?

Measuremets of standard size crib vs. Pack' N Play

No, they are not the same! While standard cribs’ measurements are regulated by the government, the dimensions of mini cribs, Pack ‘N Plays, and travel cribs are not defined by the law.

Although, in theory, especially in bigger Pack ‘N Plays, you could use a classic standard crib mattress, manufacturers do not recommend it. Crib mattresses are thicker from those in Pack ‘N Plays, so the baby could trap between the soft side of the Pack ‘N Play and crib’s mattress!

Facts about travel cribs:

  • you can choose between a lightweight travel crib, traditional Pack ‘N Play, or care station Playard
  • they can fold up in a second
  • most of them double as a Playard
  • you can store them in a travel bag, suitcase, or in a convenient backpack
  • lots of models have included an infant insert
  • care station Playards have many additional features, like crib mobiles, toys, napping station for a newborn, changing table, additional storage pockets, and more

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