Best Milliard crib mattresses with Reviews

Milliard's crib mattresses reviews

The best Milliard crib mattresses in 2023

Milliard is a well-established baby company that has been grown from a small family business. The Milliard’s priority is product safety, and their baby crib mattresses are not an exception. Here are review summaries of their best-selling crib mattresses, but I will give you the links to our in-depth Milliard crib mattress reviews too.

The Milliard:

I love the atmosphere in this company! In addition to focusing on customers, they are also trying to make a friendly, non-stressful working environment for their employers. Isn’t that great?

Milliard’s crib mattresses are among the best-selling baby mattresses, which says a lot. But parents are often confused about what a particular model offers and which one is the best choice for their needs. So, for ease of comparison, I’ve combined their reviews in this article.

We think that the following crib mattresses are the best Miliard’s choice:

  • Milliard crib mattress with a dual comfort system
  • Milliard crib mattress and toddler bed mattress
  • Milliard memory foam crib mattress

Milliard’s crib and toddler bed mattresses side by side

MATERIALSfirm foam & memory foamfoammemory foam
SIZEstandard size
(52″ x 27,5″)
standard size
(52″ x 27,5″)
standard size
(52″ x 27,5″)
THICKNESS4.75″ 4.75″5,5″
WEIGHT9,35lb19 lbs19 lbs

Which Milliard crib mattress is the best for you?

If we compare each of them with crib mattresses of their type, they are among the better ones. But if we compare them with each other, there are differences, not in quality, but usability and price.

All Milliard’s crib mattresses cost less than $100, so they are considered affordable. The one with memory foam is the most expensive, but I do not think it the best. After our reviews, we’ve found the one with a dual-comfort sleep system better. Not only that it is better, but it also costs less. That is why we’ve concluded that it has a better value for the price.

The cheapest one is the Milliard crib and toddler bed mattress made of regular foam. Because of its affordable price and good quality, it is also the best selling Milliard’s crib mattress.

All of them have been tested to be suitable for babies and toddlers. However, I wouldn’t pick the one with memory foam for my newborn. And why, should I if the Milliard crib mattress with flip technology costs less and it’s better.

Decide based on your child’s age

In my opinion, you should decide amongst them regards to the age of your child.

  • Milliard dual-comfort crib mattress with flip technology is the best choice if you intend to use it in a convertible crib, from newborn to toddler’s age. It is the best choice overall! 
  • Milliard baby crib and toddler bed mattress from regular foam is for those who need a cheap mattress that will also last from newborn to toddler. Because it offers everything, but it’s might a little less durable than the first one, it’s a perfect choice for grandparents’ or caregiver’s homes.
  • Milliard Premium Memory Foam crib and toddler bed mattress is a quality mattress for older babies and toddlers!

Milliard crib mattress reviews

Best overall:

Milliard baby crib mattress with dual comfort sleeping system (Flip Technology)

Milliard Crib Mattress with Flip Technology Review
  • a firm side for newborns and babies
  • cozy memory foam for toddlers
  • it grows with your child
  • a perfect choice for convertible cribs
  • maintains a good toddler’s posture
  • meet and exceeds all safety standards
  • natural foam
  • perfect breathability
  • 100% natural cotton cover
  • waterproof and hypoallergenic
  • we’ve noticed a mild smell on the first day when we unpacked the mattress


Flip technology Review

This one is the perfect choice for convertible cribs. Milliard grows with your child, so you can safely use it in a crib, toddler bed, and daybed.

It is a dual-sided crib mattress, which means that it consists of two sides of different firmness. While the side for newborns and babies is firmer, it is a toddler’s side made of comfortable memory foam.

When your baby outgrows the crib’s stage, just flip the mattress, and you get a perfect one for your toddler. Milliard’s dual-sleeping system serves its purpose well, and the mattress also doesn’t sag over time, which is also great!


When parents get this mattress, they often think it’s too firm, but that is how it should be! If it’s too firm for you, then it’s perfect for your baby!

Babies need a firm sleeping surface because it reduces the risk of SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome) and contributes to a proper baby’s bone and muscle development. First of all, because of the firmness, babies don’t sag into the mattress. And second, babies can push up from the firm surface, which strengthens their muscles and adds to their development.

In my opinion, you shouldn’t rush by flipping the mattress to the softer side. Believe me, your baby won’t miss it until you don’t introduce it to him.


I like the Milliard’s memory foam on the toddler side. It gently contours to the shape of the toddler’s body. It is softer from the baby’s side, but not too soft, so your toddler won’t sink into the mattress. It’s perfect for the toddler’s comfortable but healthy sleep.

Milliard’s memory foam possesses an ideal combination of firmness and support. It offers excellent support to the important body parts, like neck and head!

Cottoned encasement:

Another thing I like on this mattress is its natural 100% cotton cover. The Milliard’s cover is multi-functional, with a soft quilted cotton face, and a vinyl-free waterproof backing to protect the mattress against accidents.

You can wipe it with a damp cloth or throw it in the washing machine. Oh, and I love that the cover doesn’t feel plasticity, or leave annoying cracking sounds while your child moves.

Other features of Milliard crib mattress with dual comfort sleeping system:

  • it is made of natural foam, which has a CertiPUR certificate
  • it’s hypoallergenic
  • it has just enough bounce to ensure a comfortable sleeping space, without the ability to use it as a trampoline
  • it has a good edge support
  • fits perfectly into all full-size cribs

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Best budget buy:

Milliard foam crib mattress and toddler bed mattress

Milliard crib and toddler bed mattress Review
  • very affordable
  • it keeps the shape
  • good breathability
  • lightweight
  • meet all safety standards
  • good foam quality
  • waterproof
  • hypoallergenic
  • the mattress’s cover is not as good as the one on the dual-sided crib mattress


Milliard foam crib mattress and toddler bed mattress Review

Milliard crib and toddler bed mattress is one of the cheapest baby mattresses on the market. It is made from regular foam, which is CertiPUR certified, so it is chemical-free and completely safe for your baby.

It’s certainly not the baby mattress with the highest quality, after all, you get what you pay. But it is one of the best cheap baby crib mattresses on the market. I would definitely decide between that one and the Graco Premium foam crib mattress.


For such a cheap mattress, it has excellent quality. It’s firm and offers excellent support to the baby.

Although it’s designed to be used by babies and toddlers, it’s might little too firm for some toddlers. From a health point of view, a solid sleeping surface is great, but toddlers might feel uncomfortable about it.

The best combination of safeness and comfortability are dual-sided crib mattresses. A Milliard dual-firmness crib mattress described above is a great choice, but you can choose amongst other dual-sided crib mattresses, such as Dourxi, NapYou, Colgate, or Moonlight Slumber.


Mattress’s core is surrounded by a removable cover. It supposed to be machine washable, but its quality is not as good as I was expected. I don’t recommend using the washing machine. There were many reports it started shredding on the underside very quickly. If you don’t wash it in the washing machine, it will last much longer!

That is the only downside of this mattress, so I don’t understand why Milliard doesn’t replace it with their other covers.

Other features:

Milliard’s crib and toddler bed mattress fits perfectly into all standard size cribs, it is incredibly breathable, with just enough bounce. It is also hypoallergenic and waterproof.

For such an affordable price, you can expect a few issues. But keep in mind that its most important features, the firmness and support, are as they should be.

If you do not mind, that you might need to replace the cover with a new one, then go for it. There are plenty of high-quality covers, for an affordable price on the market.

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The best choice for toddlers:

Milliard Memory foam toddler bed mattress

Milliard Memory Foam Crib Mattress Review
  • an affordable mattress
  • a great choice for toddlers
  • it is very durable
  • offers an excellent blend of support and coziness
  • meets all industry standards
  • removable and machine washable cover
  • hypoallergenic
  • fits all regular size cribs
  • little too soft for babies under 6 months of age


2023 update: After our and some other reviews, Milliard has changed the purpose of this mattress. It is now classified as a toddler bed mattress and that is how it should be! The mattress is the same as I have written below, they just don’t claim it’s suitable for babes anymore.

Milliard’s memory foam toddler mattress Review

Milliard’s memory foam crib mattress is an excellent and quality product. However, I would rather call it a toddler bed mattress, as it’s a little too soft for newborns. So, if you need a mattress for a newborn, I suggest the first two options on our list.

However, if you are looking for a crib mattress for older babies and toddlers, then it’s one of the best models you can pick.

If it’s not suitable for newborns, how come it’s one of the best-selling crib mattresses anyway? Because many parents co-sleep with infants or use the bassinet and mini crib for the first six months. When they transit their baby into a crib or toddler bed, she’s old enough for this mattress, which is as I said, an excellent choice for older babies and toddlers.

Milliard’s memory foam crib mattress is high quality and comfortable crib mattress available for an affordable price. But it is still the most expensive of all three Milliard mattresses on our list.

While memory foam enables coziness, the firmer foam’s base holds the proper firmness of the mattress. Such a structure combines durability, comfort, and support for better sleep.


Memory foam is much more than just a soft and comfortable material. It contours to the shape of the child, and supports the important parts of his body, like neck and shoulders. By supporting these areas, the mattress improves the child’s posture and helps with proper bone development.


Because it is such a comfortable mattress, toddlers really like to sleep on it. Many parents claim their sleepless nights improve after purchasing this model, and we have to agree.


The quality of the cover is amazing. After our disappointment with the quality of the Milliard crib mattress and toddler bed mattress cover, that was a pleasant surprise.

It is made of bamboo, plushy, and incredibly soft. It doesn’t have a plastic feel, so it doesn’t leave an irritating crackly sound when your child is moving. It is also hypoallergenic and waterproof, and you can easily remove it and wash it in the washing machine.

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