Best Full-Size Folding Cribs

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Best Full Size Portable Folding Baby Cribs On Wheels

Best Full-Size Portable Folding Cribs in 2020

Best full-size folding cribs on wheels need little more than just a quality folding mechanism and smooth-gliding caster wheels. Of course, these two features have to be flawless, but the best full-size models offer additional features, which contributes to the overall crib’s usability even more.

A full-size folding baby crib is a suitable choice for everyone. But those who live in smaller homes and parents who want to use it in different rooms will appreciate its rolling feet and folding mechanism even more.

First of all, a full-size portable crib has a sleek minimalist design, which gives it the ability to fit through all standard room doorways. As such, you can move it from room to room without folding it down, let alone disassembling!

The best affordable full-size folding crib:

Dream On Me full-size folding crib

Best Full Size Folding Cribs On Wheels - Dream On Me

Why we love it:

  • because of its great value for money
  • Dream On Me is a full-size crib, which doesn’t occupy a lot of space
  • it has a patented folding system and folds down small
  • caster wheels run smoothly and possess a reliable locking mechanism
  • two levels adjustable mattress height
  • decent color choice
  • classic design that fits with most furniture
  • it meets all required safety standards
  • it takes all standard size crib mattresses
  • affordable price


Because of its minimalist design, a full-size folding crib also doesn’t take up a lot of space. Its small footprint allows many parents to opt for a full-size crib over the mini model. Although there are lots of excellent mini portable cribs, a full-size crib last longer, so it’s more money efficient.

And second, you can easily fold it down and set it back. The ability to fold down without disassembly and store it into small spaces is another reason why such cribs are so popular among modern parents living in small urban homes. Due to this feature, it is also a perfect choice for grandparents’ or caregivers’ homes. They can just store it away until another use.

The best full-size portable crib:

Babyletto Maki full-size folding crib

Best Full Size Folding Cribs On Wheels - Babyletto Maki

Why we love it:

  • it folds down for easy storage, stands on caster wheels, and even grows with your baby
  • modern design
  • standard size crib with a small footprint
  • great folding mechanism
  • caster wheels are removable, so you can use it as a stationary crib too
  • it converts into a toddler bed and daybed
  • a toddler bed safety guardrail is included in the price
  • two-level adjustable mattress support
  • it meets and exceeds all safety standards
  • GREENGUARD Gold certified


Facts about full-size portable folding cribs on wheels:

  1. Their inner dimensions are standardized, so any new standard size crib mattress fits into any new full-size folding crib.
  2. You can easily fold and store them without any disassembly.
  3. They stand on wheels.
  4. They belong to a broad group of portable cribs, which also includes mini portable cribstravel cribs, and Pack ‘N Plays.

Is a folding full-size baby crib suitable for every day?

Of course, it is! Full-size folding baby cribs are perfectly suitable for everyday use.

If you are on the search for a full-size crib on wheels, and you don’t need a folding feature, you have another option, a baby crib on wheels that doesn’t fold up. Such cribs, are also classified as portable. And the best one amongst them is the DaVinci Jenny Lind, which is also convertible and grows with your child.

If you want, you can jump on the reviews of the best models:

Dream On Me full-size folding crib review
Babyletto Maki full-size folding crib review

Babyletto Maki vs. Dream On Me full-size folding crib

CRIBBabyletto MakiDream On Me
(assembled dimensions)
(53.6″L x 29.4″W x 37.25″H)
(54″ L x 31″ W x 46 “H)
COLLAPSED DIMENSIONS53.6” L x 8.5” W x 35” H 54″ L x 6″ W x 46″ H
FITTED MATTRESSstandard sizestandard size
2 levels

2 levels
Is convertible kit included?X
LATEST PRICEBabyletto Maki Full-Size Portable Folding Crib with Toddler Bed Conversion Kit
Dream On Me full-size folding crib review

Full-size folding cribs’ safety

Full-size portable cribs are lighter from other cribs and stand on wheels. Because of that, it’s normal that they can’t be as sturdy as baby cribs with heavy, bulky frames. 

However, they are sturdy enough, especially the best full-size folding crib we’ve listed here. With a strong folding mechanism and lockable wheels, they stand firmly in place and are almost as sturdy as other stationary cribs. 

Don’t forget to lock the wheels when your baby sleeps in it!

Full-size portable cribs meet and exceed all required safety standards. They are made of safe materials, finished with non-toxic paint, and rigorously tested to be safe for your baby!

Best full-size folding cribs in 2020

Best portable folding crib on wheels


Babyletto Maki foldable crib on wheels

It is not a secret that I love Babyletto cribs, and Maki is one of their best models. Babyletto cribs have a beautiful, sophisticated design.

Clean lines, without a bulky design, this is something for me! But if the crib is not safe and functional, it could be the most beautiful piece of furniture in the World, and I would not buy it!

Babyletto Maik is our winner because it’s a multifunctional, quality, and safe baby crib! Not only, that it’s portable, but it’s also convertible. And because it is so durable, you can use it more than just for one child.

Best portable cribs - Babyletto Maki

Maki’s Description and Specifications

Maki is a full-size version of a popular Babyletto Origami mini crib. It has clean, geometric lines, with slats all around the crib. The crib is made from sustainable New Zealand pine wood and meets and even exceeds all ASTM International and US CPSC Safety Standards.

Babyletto uses only non-toxic finishes. The Babyletto Maki portable crib is available in four different colors: black, white, gray, and ash. As you can see, you won’t get the Maki in a classic wooden color. That is a small disadvantage, but in my opinion, Babyletto deliberately chose only those colors, as they fit perfectly with its modern design.

Collapsed Babyletto Maki
  • Manufacturer: Babyletto
  • Model: Maki
  • Type: full-size portable folding crib on wheels
  • Style: modern sophisticated design
  • Material: natural New Zealand pine wood
  • Color: black, white, gray and ash
  • Assembled dimensions: 53.625″L x 29.375″W x 37.25″H
  • Assembled weight: 62 lb

Stop using Babyletto Maki as a crib when your child begins to climb or reaches 35 inches. Why did I say as a crib? Read below how Maki can offer you much more than you think.

Babyletto Maki, a full-size portable and convertible crib

Babyletto Maki stands on quality wheels. They glide smoothly and posses a locking mechanism that keeps the crib in place. It has a foldable frame and folds down small for a full-size portable crib. Because of that, you can store it in a relatively small space.

But that is not all! Babyletto Maki stands on removable wheels. By removing the wheels, together with its all-wood slat construction, Maki suddenly becomes a sturdy, stationary crib.

And still, that is not everything Babyletto Maki can offer to you and your baby. It’s also convertible. By replacing the front rail with a safety guardrail, it becomes an excellent bed for your toddler. And another cool thing, everything for the conversion is included in the price.

  • Convertible: yes
  • Number of conversions: 2
  • Conversion types: crib & toddler bed
Best full-size portable crib - Babyletto Maki features

Mattress Information

Babyletto Maki is a crib with a solid mattress support, which is made from the Carb II Compliant MDF board.

Babyletto Maki is a foldable crib, but you can adjust the mattress height on two levels anyway. So, start with the highest position for a newborn and lower it down while your baby grows.

It is a full-size baby crib, with a standardize inner dimensions, so it takes any standard full-size crib mattress, which is no more than 6″ thick. As the Maki grows with your child, I recommend you take a look into a dual-sided crib mattress, such as Dourxi, which is a perfect choice for convertible cribs.

But if you want to go with the Babyletto, they recommend using their PureCore non-toxic mattress for the Maki crib.


If you need a full-size portable crib, you won’t find a better model from the Babyletto Maki. I think the only one who can compete with the Maki at least a little is the Dream On Me full-size portable crib.

If you are on the budget or need a traditional-looking crib in classic tones, then buy a Dream On Me baby crib, otherwise, pick the Babyletto Maki. You won’t be disappointed!


Dream On Me full-size folding crib on wheels

Dream On Me is more of a traditional-looking crib. It is available in all classic finishes, such as Cherry, Espresso, Natural, etc. Together with a simple design and affordable price, it’s a perfect choice for grandma’s home, caregivers, daycare, or guests with babies.

Of course, it’s a suitable choice for everyday crib too! It doesn’t have a bulky design, so it fits through standard room doorways. You can move it around your home easily, without even folding it down.

Best portable cribs - Dream On Me full-size folding crib on wheels

Description and specifications

Dream On Me is a simple full-size folding crib. But lets its affordable price and simple design doesn’t live you thinking it’s not a quality portable crib, because it is!

It’s safe and thoroughly tested to ensure it meets all applicable ASTM, JPMA, and CPSC standards. It doesn’t possess drop-sides, which are dangerous and banned since 2011!

It has a minimalist frame and slats on all four sides. Its open design enables a good airflow through the crib and helps to prevent the baby’s overheating. This design also allows you to see your baby from any angle of the room, which is especially hand for portable models. These cribs are designed to move around your home. So it is handy that you can place it in the middle of the room, or with either side against the wall.

The color choice is with six non-toxic finishes broader from the Babyletto’s Maki.

Collapsed Dream on Me
  • Manufacturer: Dream On Me
  • Model: strange, it doesn’t have a name, they call it only a folding full-size convenience crib
  • Type: full-size portable folding crib on wheels
  • Style: traditional design
  • Material: pine wood
  • Color: black, cherry, espresso, natural, white and French white
  • Assembled dimensions: 54″L x 31″W x 46″H
  • Assembled weight: 46 lb

Stop using Dream On Me full-size portable folding crib when your child begins to climb or reaches 35 inches.

What Can You Expect From The Crib?

Dream On Me full-size portable crib has a patented folding system. Folding and setting back is simple and not time-consuming at all! It folds down small, so you can store it into small spaces, where it will wait until another use. Of course, disassembly is not needed!

Its rolling feet works perfectly. It has a locking, heavy-duty, commercial size wheels, which keeps the crib in place when a baby sleeps in it.

Mattress Information

Dream On Me has solid mattress support, with two adjustable levels. As it is a full-size crib, you can use any standard full-size mattress in it, but Dream On Me recommends using a Spring crib and toddler bed mattress.

The conclusion

Dream On Me is, without a doubt, besides Babyletto Maki, the best full-size portable crib! It has all the required features to be portable, but it can’t transform into a bigger bed like Babyletto Maki.

It is a perfect choice for traditional homes. With a broader color choice than Babyletto’s, you can match it with almost any furniture.

Yes, it can’t offer as much as the Maki, but because of that, it is around 100$ cheaper than Babyletto. It is a perfect and affordable solution for everyday use, or as a secondary crib in grandparents’ homes.


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