Why are bassinet mattresses so thin?

Bassinet mattresses are so thin mainly for one, but extremely important reason – your baby’s safety!

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A thin bassinet mattress: Why is it crucial for your baby’s safety?

Whether it’s a crib, a Pack ’n Play, or a baby bassinet, parents are already surprised by the hardness of their mattresses. But when it comes to baby bassinets, they are also concerned about the mattress’s thickness. 

It is hard to take in that such a thin mattress can be comfortable for your baby.

However, this is how it should be! A thin and firm bassinet mattress reduces your baby’s risk of injuries, suffocation, strangulation, and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)! 

Do not worry about your baby’s comfort. Babies sleep on hard and thin surfaces perfectly fine! They do not miss the softness of a foamy mattress, as they are not familiar with it yet!

And not only that it is safer, but such a sleeping surface also contributes to the better development of the baby’s bones and muscles.

Reasons why are bassinet mattresses so thin:

  1. Bassinet mattresses are thin to prevent the baby’s entrapment between the mattress and the bassinet’s wall. This is particularly important in bassinets with soft, flexible mesh sides. Mesh sides are great for better breathability and even reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) – the baby can breathe right through if she presses the mouth and nose against it. But mesh is also soft and flexible, so if the bassinet mattress is too thick, infants can become wedged between the mattress and the bassinet’s side.
  2. Thicker mattresses in rigid-sided bassinets may pose more of a risk of babies falling out when a baby rolls to one side and the product tilts.
  3. Bassinet mattresses are thin to minimize the possibility of suffocation due to excessive padding. If the mattress is too thick and soft, a baby may sink her head into the padding, increasing her risk of suffocation.

How thick should a bassinet mattress be?

The bassinet mattress shouldn’t be more than one and a half inches thick. Anything thicker may pose a risk for your little one.

Why Are Bassinet Mattresses So Thin? | How Thick Should It Be?

Of course, it shouldn’t be too thin either. Yes, babies do not miss fluffy padding, but they can not sleep comfortably on a “thin board” either.

The right mattress thickness is essential for both safety and comfort in the bassinet!

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  1. I think you have a very important typo – I believe you meant ‘shouldn’t’ below:

    “ The bassinet mattress should be more than one and a half inches thick. Anything thicker may pose a risk for your little one.”

    It may be worth changing this so as not to confuse expecting parents (like myself) – thank you for your site and the information!

    1. You are absolutely right!
      Thanks for the notification!
      We have already fixed the typing mistake.

      Regards, Baby’s Little Place

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