Tiny Love Take Along Mobile Review – Best Portable Mobile

If you are on the market for a quality baby mobile that you can take with you wherever you go, then you have probably found your winner! But read our Tiny Love Take Along Mobile review first, and see for yourself.

The Tiny Love portable mobile was also my choice, and I couldn’t be happier with it! I have chosen a Princess Tales design, which is perfect for a baby girl!

Tiny Love Take Along Mobile

Tiny Love Portable Mobile Review

The Tiny Love portable mobile is a colorful and engaging mobile that can go everywhere with you and your baby. It is one of the rare mobiles that can fasten securely on a crib, Pack ‘N Play, car seat, or stroller.

Handling with the mobile is so easy and fast. One moment is on the crib, and another already hangs from the stroller’s canopy. The Tiny Love Take Along Mobile is the number one choice for parents on the go, with a reason!

It can entertain or soothe babies, and most of all, it gives them a sense of security. Why? It is a familiar toy for your baby, which can calm her down wherever you are.

I know that it sounds like I am selling the Tiny Love portable mobile. Of course, that’s not the case, but I can’t help myself, as I really love it!

If you are familiar with my site, Baby’s Little Place, you know that there are only a few reviews where I show such enthusiasm at the outset. Well, this review is one of them.

Tiny Love Portable mobile review as a glance:

Tiny Love Take-Along Portable Mobile Review
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  • not only mobile’s toys, but you can take the whole spinning motor with you
  • high versatility: you can attach it to most baby equipment
  • four different models
  • different melodies
  • easy assembly
  • two settings: rotation with or without music
  • good value for the price
  • easily folds up


  • it doesn’t have an option to choose which song/tune is playing
  • older babies can grab and pull down mobile pretty easily

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Why is Tiny Love Take Along the best portable mobile?

Most portable mobiles have the option to take only hanging toys on the go. Such hanging toys do not spin when attached to the stroller or car seat but just bouncing because of the car or stroller movements. 

As the mobile base of those portable mobiles stays at home, your baby can’t listen to lullabies when you are on the go either.

That is not the case if having a Tiny Love Take Along crib mobile! With Tiny Love portable mobile, you take the whole spinning unit with you. Toys don’t just dangle but also rotate accompanied by music.

It even gives you a chance to take the whole unit or leave the mobile arm at home. It has two additional connectors, giving you the option to chose the one that secures best to the equipment you are using.

Different connectors:

The Tiny Love travel mobile has three different connectors. You can switch between them quickly and easily. Each connector is specific, allowing the mobile to secure onto almost any baby gear.

Tiny Love Take-Along Mobile Review
  1. long arm attachment that fits on almost any crib, and most of the bassinets, Play-yards, and Pack ‘N Plays
  2. a crocodile type clip, which is the best for fastening to a stroller’s canopy
  3. a Velcro strap, which is very convenient for the handle of a car seat

Tiny Love Take Along mobile review

I love its versatility. Depending on the type of objects you will attach the mobile, you can take the whole unit (a mobile arm, a spinning motor, and hanging toys) or leave the mobile arm at home and use only the upper part of the mobile.

Either you are using the mobile arm, clamp, or Velcro strap, the mobile attaches and detaches in a second. That is very convenient because you don’t want to waste time every time you want to go around by car or stroller.

All three connectors are sturdy and cleverly built, but I find the clamp the most versatile as it can easily clip onto almost anything.

The mobile is also very light and doesn’t take a lot of space in the luggage, so it is perfect for travelers.

And for everyone who wants to use the Tiny Love Take-Along mobile at home. Use it as any other baby crib mobile, because its arm easily attaches on the top of the crib rail, Playard, or Pack ‘N Play.

The Design

The Tiny Love Take Along portable mobile is a colorful baby crib mobile, which nicely catches the baby’s attention. It has a lot of bright, vivid colors and patterns that contribute to a better engagement.

Lots of colorful crib mobiles seem kitschy to me, but not this one. Probably because the Tiny Love added enough white contrast, which nicely balances the vivid toy colors on the top.

The Tiny Love portable mobile is available in five versions. I think they are all appropriate for girls. But if you have a boy, choose a Magical TalesMeadow Days, or Animal Friends version.

With their pink shades are the Tiny Love Tiny Princess Tales Take Along mobile and Princess mobile, of course, a more common choice of those who have a girl.

Tiny Love Take-Along Portable Mobile Review
Tiny Love Take-Along Portable Mobile designs

All of them have three soft hanging characters that rotate facing downwards, so the baby can see them well. 

  1. The Tiny Love Animal Friends mobile in a blue-white combination, and a hanging frog, bunny, and little bird, is the only one that is meant more for boys.
  2. The Tiny Love Meadow Days Take Along Mobile is a cute unisex mobile with a hedgehog, fox, and bird on the top.
  3. The Tiny Princess mobile is available in a white-pink combination and a hanging flower, butterfly, and ladybug.
  4. The Tiny Love Tiny Princess Tales Take Along Mobile is the one in more gentle shades of pink, with a mouse, chicken, and fox dangling from the top.
  5. The Tiny Love Take Along Mobile Magical Tales is the newest version of this portable crib mobile. It has a modern, black and white contrast with a hedgehog, fox, and deer on the top.

Tiny Love portable mobile specifications

  • weight of the mobile: 1.44 pounds
  • mobile’s dimensions: 4.3 x 13.6 x 7.7 inches
  • required batteries: 3 AA batteries required


  • rotating direction: clockwise
  • it can rotate with or without music


  • music duration: it turns off automatically after 30min
  • volume setting: no
  • number of melodies: 5 different nursery rhymes
  • switching between sounds: the mobile plays on a continuous loop and doesn’t have an option to choose which song/tune is playing

How long can babies use the Tiny Love portable mobile?

  • as a crib mobile: 0 to 6 months (You are not always beside the baby when he is in the crib. So when the baby can reach the mobile you need to detach it from the crib.)
  • if he can’t reach the mobile, you can use it longer
  • you can use it longer on a stroller canopy or car seat, where you can see your baby


The warranty for Tiny Love portable mobile is 6 months from the date of purchase with a receipt.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tiny Love portable mobile

1. Does the mobile rotate while the music plays, or is it in a fixed position and only plays music?
The mobile has two settings. It can rotate with or without music. It does not play only the music in a fixed position.

2. How to clean/wash the animal friends?
Tiny Love recommends cleaning the mobile and toys with a damp cloth and mild soap.

3. Are toys removable?

4. Is this mobile lead, latex, and BPA free?
Tiny Love Take-Along Mobiles are lead, latex, and BPA free.

5. What is the difference between mobile versions?
The only difference is the colors used and the toy characters.

6. Do mobile toys make noise when shaken or does it just spin and play music?
It just spins and plays music.

The verdict

As you already know, I love this portable mobile. I am happy that our Tiny Love Take Along review confirmed what I already knew. The Tiny Love portable mobile is a quality and versatile crib mobile!

The ability to take the whole spinning motor with you, its affordable price, and easy installation with multiple options are those features that place it at the top.

And last but not least, the mobile is not just for entertaining and soothing your baby. It also contributes to her language and visual development! While music stimulates baby linguistic faculties, vivid colors, textures, different patterns, and moving parts enrich her visual experiences, helping her learn to focus on objects and track movement with her eyes.

Tiny Love portable mobile is a perfect solution for parents

  • who don’t like big, bulky crib mobiles
  • who travel a lot
  • who wants to use the same mobile on various baby equipment

We’ve found the best price for the Tiny Love portable mobile here:
Tiny Love Take Along Mobile

    6 thoughts on “Tiny Love Take Along Mobile Review – Best Portable Mobile”

    1. What does it mean when the mobile itself doesn’t fully complete a song and just stops and restarts the song at a certain point over and over again.

      1. The arm of a Tiny Love Take Along Mobile consists of two parts. The “button” serves for disassembling – when you want to separate the upper part from the bottom of the mobile’s arm.
        I hope this helps!


      1. I apologize for my delayed response. The mobile plays classical/nursery tunes.
        The songs are:
        – Debussy Claire de Lune
        – Hush Little Baby
        – Johannes Brahms- Lullaby
        – Ocean – Original by Tinylove
        – Twinkle Little Star

        Regards, BLP

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