Hello and welcome to my site!


My name is Ines, and I am the founder of Baby’s Little Place. I have a beautiful one-year-old daughter, so my knowledge about baby’s first year is extensive and up to date.

I set up this site because I want to do something I am passionate about, as well as I want to help new parents and parents to be.

There are a million baby products on the market, million advice on the internet and tonnes of forums. As a new parent, you can get overwhelmed quickly.

So my idea for this site is, to gather all the newest baby trends, health and safety tips confirmed by specialists. Here you can find the best and the safest baby gear, which is useful for you and your baby.Also, I want to write about everything you don’t need for the baby. Yeah, you heard me right! You don’t need everything on the market and certainly not every advice is good advice.

Believe me, when you are looking something for your baby, you are like, “I need it all!”. That is a natural feeling, as we all want only the best for our children. And the market is stuffed with baby cribs, carriers, furniture, toys,… On this site, we want to help you with the decision if the certain thing or advice is a good choice for you, or direct you to the right place to find it.

All the best,