Are Drop Side Cribs Safe?

Drop-side cribs were the cause of numerous injuries and tragic deaths, so NO, drop-side cribs are not safe! In fact, drop-side cribs are dangerous!

Drop Side Crib Safety

Never use a drop-side crib!

Drop-side cribs are not on the market since 2011 when the Consumer Product Safety Commission banned their sell. According to their research, drop-side cribs were the cause of numerous injuries and at least 32 infant deaths between 2001 and 2010.

These numbers were really high and alarming, so it was high time for banning the sale of such cribs. New federal crib safety standards entered into force in June 2011. Since then is the sale, manufacture, resale, or distribution of drop side cribs illegal.

The following year, they had also banned the use of drop-side cribs in motels, hotels, and child care facilities.

Of course, the government cannot prevent you from using such a crib at home, but … If you have an old drop-side crib at home, do not use it! Drop-side cribs are not safe! They are not worth the risk, especially with so many other cribs on the market.

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Why is a Drop Side Crib Dangerous?

The problem is a side rail, more precisely, the mechanism that moves the side rail up and down to create easy access to the inside of the crib. The side rail can malfunction, creating a space big enough for an infant to become trapped and suffocate.

The side rail mechanism can break or deform, causing a drop-side to detach. When a drop-side divides from the crib’s frame, it creates a space between a drop side and a crib mattress. Infants and toddlers roll into that space and become entrapped, which can lead to suffocation.

Other CPSC crib Safety Standards:

Baby crib safety specifications

What can you do with a drop-side crib?

Do not use a drop-side crib, and do not try to fix it either! Doing yourself crib repair can be very dangerous, and the results can be deathly.

Easy access to the inside of the crib, provided by the drop side, was especially convenient for short moms. That is undeniable, however, it is not worth the risk.

If you are a short mom, you might like one of the low-profile cribs. These cribs are as safe as any other cribs on the market. Their side rails are not lower than others as well. The secret is in the crib’s frame construction, which enables a lower profile and easier access to the baby. Such cribs have shorter legs, their upper rail is not bulky, etc.

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If you have an old drop-side crib at home, do not place your baby into it. If you are short of money, there is a lot of low-budget cribs that are much safer from drop-side models. After all, the crib can’t be on the market if it doesn’t meet all the required safety standards.

Baby’s Little Place Tip: If you’re good with your hands and you like home DIY projects, you can also repurpose your old drop-side crib. Pinterest is full of ideas, so I am sure you will find the one for yourself too.

Bottom Line

Drop-side cribs are not safe, and repairs will not improve their safety either! The fact that they have been banned since 2011 proves how much danger they pose! Drop-side cribs are just not worth the risk!

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