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The Best Sitting Position in Pregnancy

What Is The Best Sitting Position In Pregnancy?

Wrong sitting posture, before and during pregnancy, results in low back pain. By sitting properly, you can avoid many problems, or at least alleviate them. Let me tell you a secret, the best sitting position in pregnancy, is the same sitting posture that should be followed by everyone, not just pregnant women! But is your sitting posture correct?

Back Pain in Pregnancy

What is The Cause of Back Pain During Pregnancy?

Back pain is a common problem in pregnancy. In most cases, it is not dangerous, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer! We researched what the common causes of back pain in pregnancy are and how to relieve it.

When Should Pregnant Women Stop Driving?

There is no need for a healthy pregnant woman to stop driving. However, a pregnant woman should aware of her limitations and adapt to them. Only then a driving during pregnancy can be safe.

Is Lemongrass Safe During Pregnancy?

Is lemongrass safe during pregnancy?

Is lemongrass safe during pregnancy? Can you drink lemongrass tea in pregnancy? What about lemongrass essential oil? Is it safe for a pregnant woman?
Answers on all your questions regarding consuming lemongrass during pregnancy.

How to relieve morning sickness during pregnancy?

How to relieve morning sickness during pregnancy?

How to relieve morning sickness during pregnancy naturally? A pregnant woman can help herself with these natural home remedies, tips & tricks.

We’ve also answered all questions about morning sickness in pregnancy.

Best fruits in pregnancy

Best fruits in pregnancy

Although all fruit is healthy, some fruits are particularly beneficial for a pregnant woman and her baby. Which are the best fruits to eat in pregnancy?