All-natural crib mattress

What is a natural crib mattress?


What is a natural crib mattress?

When you start looking for a new crib mattress, the choice is overwhelming. First of all, you can choose between innerspring or foam crib mattresses, single or dual-sided mattresses … then there are different sizes, firmnesses, etc. And last but not least, there are so many tags, from Eco-friendly, all-natural, organic, green, etc.

So, what is a natural crib mattress? Like any other baby crib mattress on the market, all-natural crib mattresses must meet certain safety standards set by the government! Therefore, natural crib mattresses are a safe choice for your baby. But the term “natural” or “all-natural” alone, doesn’t tell you precisely what you are buying.

A natural crib mattress can be made of 100% natural, 99% natural, or even only 1% natural materials. If the label doesn’t state what the certain crib mattress contains, that should raise concerns. There is a chance the seller wants to take advantage of the selling potential of natural products.


Organic vs. all-natural baby crib mattress

FTC (US Federal Trade Commission) doesn’t define “natural” or “all-natural” terms for crib mattresses, so there is no weight behind them. A safe, natural crib mattress must have a label with a clear explanation of what it contains. Otherwise, there is a possibility the manufacturer just trying to make us think that a crib mattress is purer and environmentally friendlier than it is.


[stextbox id=’ovcka’ image=’null’]The all-natural baby crib mattress is a safe choice for your baby, if it meets specific safety standards, fits into your selected crib, and have the right firmness for your infant![/stextbox]


But if you want a 100% organic crib mattress, the term “all-natural” could mislead you thinking you are getting all-organic crib mattress. Natural mattresses are made from a blend of organic and conventional, otherwise safe, non-organic material.
There are only a few baby crib mattresses on the market that are certified 100% organic. They cost much more than regular crib mattresses and must be backed up with organic certifications GOTS or GOLS. Example of a very good organic crib mattresses are innerspring and foam crib mattresses by Naturepedic.

I will explain more about organic crib mattresses and their certifications below.


What is a natural crib mattress?

Facts about natural crib mattresses:

    1. Natural crib mattresses are available in both sizes. Choose between mini or standard full-size crib mattress depends on the size of your crib.
    2. All-natural crib mattresses come with innerspring or foam core.
    3. You can choose between one or dual-sided natural crib mattresses. One-sided crib mattress has the same firmness on both sides. A dual-sided crib mattress has two sides of different firmness, one for infants and one for toddlers.
    4. A natural crib mattress can be everything you want, but it doesn’t have to be 100% organic! It might have only an organic cottoned pad, etc.
    5. You have to check up from what material a particular model is made of, not only rely on the “natural” or “all-natural” term!
    6. There are a lot of really good natural crib mattresses on the market!
    7. A good natural crib mattress costs more than regular crib mattresses, and less than 100% organic crib mattresses.


Best natural crib mattresses:


We had reviewed all of them. If you want to know more about the best natural crib mattresses on our list, you can click on the links below.

Top 3 natural baby crib mattresses:

  1. Kolcraft Pure Sleep Therapeutic 150 toddler and baby crib mattress
  2. Colgate Eco Classica III crib mattress
  3. Babyletto Pure Core crib mattress


Organic crib mattress

Instead of conventional materials used in majority crib mattresses, organic crib mattresses are made of 100% organic and non-toxic materials.

A 100% all-organic crib mattress must have one of the following certifications!

  1. GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)
  2. GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard)


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Global Organic Textile Standard certifies fiber-based products. It is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers.

Global Organic Textile Standard ensures the textile is organic, from harvesting of the raw materials, through manufacturing up to labeling. It gives you a credible assurance that a product you are buying is certified organic and non-toxic to a strict standard.



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Global Organic Latex Standard ensures the latex in crib mattresses is organic. The latex used in organic crib mattresses has to met or even exceeded specific standards in the processing and manufacturing steps.



Without these third-party certifications, is hard to know how “organic” a crib mattress really is.


GOTS & GOLS certified organic crib mattresses



Does GOTS or GOLS certification reassure me, I am getting a 100% organic crib mattress?

Yes, but only if the whole mattress is certified! Crib mattress’s label might have a GOTS logo that only applies to the one component of the crib mattress. Lots of crib mattresses have an organic cottoned cover that is GOTS certified, while the mattress’s core is made of conventional materials.
If you want a 100% organic crib mattress, read carefully if the entire crib mattress, not only a specific part, is GOTS or GOLS certified!

Other terms used for natural crib mattresses

While searching for a suitable crib mattress, you will come across many different terms that are often confusing. Here is the list of commonly used phrases in the crib mattress industry.

  • Eco-friendly crib mattress
  • Eco-foam
  • green mattress
  • green foam
  • non-toxic
  • soybean or plant-derivated foam
  • soy foam
  • bamboo fabric

All terms above can mean what you expected, but you have to remember that they are not regulated with relevant standards. That is why you shouldn’t rely on the crib mattress’s name alone!


Things worth remembering:

    1. Eco and green materials sound excellent and healthy, but it is not necessarily they are all-natural, without harmful chemicals.
    2. Green foam, soy foam, soy-based foam, plant-derivated foam, etc. are polyurethane foam made with added plant oil.
    3. Those mattresses are safe for your child, and they must meet all required safety standards!
    4. They are made of safe and certified materials, but they are probably not 100% organic.
    5. If it is not 100% organic, it’s very good if your selected natural crib mattress has one or more of following certifications:

    • CertiPur-US certification: If the mattress is CertiPur-US certified, it is made of polyurethane foam. Such foam is safe for your child and doesn’t pollute your indoor air.
    • GREENGUARD Certification: GREENGUARD certification reassures the foam and other parts of crib mattress doesn’t pollute your indoor air.
    • The mattress should meet all applicable federal flammability standards.


CertiPUR and Greenguard certificated baby crib mattress


Is a natural or all-natural crib mattress the right choice for you?

Depends on what you are looking for. It could be everything you want, it can be little less “organic” that you’ve expected, or in the worst-case scenario, it could be only a marketing gimmick.

Read carefully what a particular crib mattress contains and make sure it’s the right choice for your baby! We have already reviewed many natural crib mattresses. You can find links to the best ones below!


Top 3 natural baby crib mattresses:

  1. Kolcraft Pure Sleep Therapeutic 150 toddler and baby crib mattress
  2. Colgate Eco Classica III crib mattress
  3. Babyletto Pure Core crib mattress


If you want a 100% organic crib mattress, the all-natural crib mattress is probably not the right choice for you. While they are made only from safe materials, in most cases natural crib mattresses are not completely organic.

Here is the best all-organic crib mattress, but unfortunately, you will have to spend more money on it: Naturepedic breathable organic crib mattress.

Another great crib mattress is Newton crib mattress, which is made of unique Wovenaire material. I think it is worth of your attention because it is indeed special and different from any other baby crib mattress on the market.


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