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Can a Baby Taste Food Womb?

Can a baby taste food in the womb?

The baby’s sense of taste begins to develop in early pregnancy. The fetus tastes everything you taste, and research shows that your food choice during pregnancy impacts what the baby will like to eat years later.

Fish on a Plate

Can Pregnant Women Eat Fish?

Fish are very beneficial for a pregnant woman and her baby! However, pregnant women should follow the recommendations on safe consumption to avoid the risk posed by certain fish. Here is everything you need to know about eating fish in pregnancy!


Is Sushi Safe in Pregnancy?

Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish that is popular all over the world. Although the choice is diverse, it is most often made from raw fish. That raises a question if sushi is safe during pregnancy. Some are, others not!

Use Olive Oil for Pregnancy-Related Problems

Olive Oil in Pregnancy

Olive oil is considered safe in pregnancy! There are many health benefits of consuming olive oil during pregnancy. Find out how to use olive oil for pregnancy-related problems efficiently!

Is Moringa Safe in Pregnancy?

Moringa in pregnancy

Moringa is a plant with numerous health benefits. It’s full of nutrients and one of the best natural remedies for various problems, including those pregnancy-related. With such high potential, it raises the question if it is safe to take moringa in pregnancy.

Is Turmeric Safe In Pregnancy?

Is turmeric safe in pregnancy?

Turmeric is a popular spice in today’s culinary, but is it safe during pregnancy? Find out everything you should know about turmeric and curcumin in pregnancy.

Is Lemongrass Safe During Pregnancy?

Is lemongrass safe during pregnancy?

Is lemongrass safe during pregnancy? Can you drink lemongrass tea in pregnancy? What about lemongrass essential oil? Is it safe for a pregnant woman?
Answers on all your questions regarding consuming lemongrass during pregnancy.

How to relieve morning sickness during pregnancy?

How to relieve morning sickness during pregnancy?

How to relieve morning sickness during pregnancy naturally? A pregnant woman can help herself with these natural home remedies, tips & tricks.

We’ve also answered all questions about morning sickness in pregnancy.