When should I stop using baby mobile?

We get a lot of questions about the usability, duration, and safety of crib mobiles. But those who already have a crib mobile are most interested in when they should stop using it.

When should you take down the nursery crib mobile?

There are some general recommendations as to what age babies could use crib mobiles, but I would say it depends on an individual situation.

Note! If your baby already reaches her mobile’s dangling toys, it is high time you take it down from her crib!

General recommendations for the length of crib mobile’ use are:

You should stop using baby mobile when your baby starts pushing up on her hands and knees, which is in most cases around 4 to 5 months of age.

Baby crib safety guidelines recommend using a crib without any other object in it. Although the crib mobile attaches to the crib, it is safe for your baby. But only if it is properly mounted and your baby doesn’t reach it! Strings in the baby’s reach pose a safety hazard and could lead to strangulation.

The age limit (4 to 5 months of age) is a general assessment, so you have to observe your baby. It also depends on the crib mattress position. Most cribs have adjustable mattress support, allowing parents to set it up higher for infants. By lowering the mattress, you may extend the use of the crib mobile.

Furthermore, the time for removing your baby crib mobile also depends on the mobile’s type and model, crib type, and baby’s body construction.

Best battery operated crib mobiles
Best battery-operated crib mobiles

Other things you should pay attention to when using a crib mobile:

First of all, no matter what type of toy you attach to the crib, it should be well mounted and out of your baby’s reach.

Follow the provided installing instructions, and make sure you fasten the nursery mobile to the crib well so it can’t fall off. Also, no strings or cords from the crib mobile shouldn’t dangle into the crib.

I also recommend avoiding crib mobiles with small objects that can easily detach from the mobile and pose choking-hazard. Babies can swallow them and suffocate.

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