Benefits of adjustable crib mattress support | Do you need it?

A crib is an essential piece of nursery furniture that provides a safe and secure sleeping environment for your baby. But not all cribs are the same. While some are basic and bare, others offer numerous features that can benefit you. And one of these features is an adjustable crib mattress support.

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Is a crib with an adjustable mattress height better than one without it?

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Yes! A crib with an adjustable mattress height provides better convenience and usually lasts longer, so it’s generally better than a crib without one.

However, there are exceptions, like portable cribs. Not all portable cribs, especially those that fold down, have adjustable mattress support. Those who need a portable folding crib for easy storage probably won’t miss an adjustable mattress as other features are more important to them.

What is an adjustable crib mattress support?

An adjustable crib mattress support is a feature that allows you to adjust the mattress to different heights. You can start with the highest setting for a newborn and gradually lower it down while your baby grows.

An adjustable crib mattress support will make handling the baby easier for you while maintaining a sufficient height of the crib rail to keep your child safe at all times, which is a perfect combination!

You may think the more height settings it has, the more adjustable your crib is. This is true to some extent, but based on our experience, you really don’t need more than four heights.

The majority of baby cribs include three to four options. But there are also cribs with only two settings and some that do not have adjustable crib mattress support. These are usually older models or portable cribs that fold down for easy storage.

Benefits of Adjustable Crib Mattress Support

The ability to raise or lower the mattress in your crib has several benefits making it worth your consideration.

1. It contributes to your baby’s safety and security:

Setting the crib mattress on the highest level brings your newborn closer to you, making her feel more secure.

With adjustable mattress support, you can set the crib mattress at the proper level without using extra objects like wedges or pillows to hold up the mattress, which is much safer for your baby!

In time, your baby will become more mobile. Lowering the mattress keeps kids safe by preventing them from falling or climbing out of the crib.

2. Convenience: 

A crib mattress support that adjusts makes it easy to care for your baby. Reaching in and picking up the baby is much easier if you can set your crib mattress on the higher setting. You won’t strain your back whenever you try to reach your baby! This is especially convenient for short moms!

3. Longevity: 

A crib with adjustable mattress support grows with your baby, making it a long-term investment. We suggest you pick a convertible crib with adjustable mattress support to extend the crib’s life to the maximum. You don’t have to purchase a new crib as your baby grows, which is great.

4. An adjustable mattress support adds value to the crib:

If you plan to sell or donate your crib after your baby has outgrown it, a crib with adjustable mattress support may be more desirable to potential buyers or recipients.

Safety Regulations on the Crib Mattress Height

There are several safety regulations regarding the crib mattress’s height, which may differ from country to country.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the minimal distance between the top of the mattress support and the top of the crib side rail in the U.S. is 26 inches when the mattress support is at its lowest level.

Crib mattresses shouldn’t be more than 6 inches thick! So, when the mattress is in the crib, the actual height of the crib side as a fence must be a minimum of 20 inches.

These crib regulations also require you to stop using the crib once your child is 35 inches tall.

Other safety requirements include strong and sturdy mattress support that is securely attached to the crib.

Frequently asked questions about adjustable mattress support

How many levels of support should a good adjustable crib mattress have?

A high-quality adjustable crib mattress typically has three or four levels of support.

When should I adjust the mattress support level on my baby’s crib?

A proper time for adjusting the crib mattress support depends on the baby’s age and development stage.

The crib mattress should be in its highest position for newborns so you can easily lift your baby in and out of the crib.

But lower the crib mattress to the middle position when your baby starts pushing up and rolling to prevent her from falling out of the crib.

And when your child starts to stand and pull up, it’s time to set the mattress to its lowest position to prevent climbing out of the crib.

Can I adjust the crib mattress support with my baby in the crib?

No! Trying to adjust the crib mattress support with your baby in the crib would raise the risk of injury or accidents!

How difficult is it to adjust the mattress support level?

To adjust the height of your mattress, you will likely have to remove the mattress and crib’s front panel. However, if you are lucky, you will get a crib where you can set the height without removing the mattress or any other crib components.

This speeds up the process, but such a mechanism is very rare. And on the end of the road, you’ll only adjust the height of the mattress every few months, so it’s not a feature you desperately need.

The difficulty of adjusting the mattress support level varies depending on the crib model and design.

Adjusting the mattress support level may require basic tools, such as a screwdriver or Allen wrench. You have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. And yes, it may take some time and effort, but it is typically a straightforward process that one person can complete.

Can all cribs accommodate an adjustable mattress support system?

No. Not all cribs are designed to accommodate an adjustable mattress support system. Some older or less expensive cribs may not have it, while others may have a limited number of height settings. Also, some portable cribs do not have it either.

Do all adjustable crib mattress supports work the same way?

No, not all adjustable crib mattress supports work the same way. The design and mechanism vary depending on the specific crib model and manufacturer.
Some cribs have a hook or peg system that allows you to adjust the height by moving the mattress support up or down along the hooks or pegs.

Can I add an adjustable mattress support to an existing crib?

No, that is not recommended because it would jeopardize the stability and safety of a crib that wasn’t built with an adjustable mattress support.

Such a crib may not be able to properly support the additional weight, increasing the risk of injury or accidents.

Modifying a crib in any way voids the manufacturer’s warranty and results in a safety hazard!

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