Convertible crib on wheels – Best portable full-size crib

* DaVinci Jenny Lind is the best portable crib that does not fold up. If you want folding or travel crib, you can find them in our article: Best rated portable cribs!


DaVinci Jenny Lind convertible crib on wheels reviews

We did our research, questioned numerous parents and searched the internet, to find the best convertible crib on wheels.

With a beautiful design, wide selection of colors and versatile use, DaVinci Jenny Lind 3-in-1 convertible crib on wheels stands out from the average. Without a doubt, we can claim Jenny is the best convertible crib on wheels, you can find.


DaVinci Jenny Lind convertible crib on wheels in ebony color


But, is Jenny Lind the best portable full-size crib overall?

Depends on portability you are looking for. You are a little lost, don’t you? You see, there are three different types of cribs in this group. All three are portable, but they have different features which makes them a portable crib.


portable full-size cribs:

  1. wooden cribs on wheels that do not fold up: for everyday use & moving around the house → DaVinci Jenny Lind
  2. folding wooden cribs on wheels: for occasional usage (grandmas house, holiday house, sleep ower…)
  3. travel cribs, made from polyester or fabrics: for traveling


You see, what I am trying to explain here? We can’t pick the best portable full-size crib overall, because parents expect different things from the crib.

For a parent who is looking for a travel crib, a wooden convertible crib on wheels won’t be useful, so it won’t be the best choice for him. And vice versa, if you need a crib on wheels, travel crib is not what you are looking for.


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There can be only the best models in a certain sub-group. And DaVinci Jenny Lind certainly is the best amongst crib on wheels that do not fold up. Why? Because it will grow with your child, which a lot of cribs in this sub-group can’t.

Don’t forget what portability means for the Jenny Lind convertible crib! It has wheels for moving around the house, but that’s it! It doesn’t fold up! You can find the folding full-size cribs on wheels here!


Description And Specifications

The whole Jenny Lind collection by DaVinci is timeless, as it brings vintage-inspired charm to the nursery. Jenny has a classic style with spindles all around the crib. That gives the crib an open design, which allows you to see your baby from any angle of the room.

And the color choice? Allow me to say: wooowww! We didn’t see a crib with such a wide selection of colors, before Jenny Lind convertible crib. You can get the crib in…prepare for this…ten different colors: coral, ebony black, emerald, lagoon, navy, slate, white, fog gray, rich cherry, and sunshine. Did I miss any color? I don’t think so, but I had to count them several times, to make it sure.

So, I think you won’t have problems with matching Jenny Lind convertible crib with any furniture. If you want a changing table that fits perfectly with Jenny, DaVinci made Jenny Lind changing table as well. Don’t ask me why, but unfortunately, you can get it only in three colors: white, cherry and ebony black. The crib also pairs perfectly with a DaVinci Jayden 6-drawer double wide dresser.

  • Manufacturer: DaVinci
  • Model: Jenny Lind
  • Type: 3-in-1 convertible crib on wheels
  • Style: timeless, vintage style, with rounded spindles around the crib
  • Material: 100% sustainable New Zealand pine wood
  • Assembled dimensions: 54.75″ length x 30.375″ depth x 41.375″ height
  • Assembled weight: 45,5 lbs
  • Color: coral, ebony black, emerald, lagoon, navy, slate, white, fog gray, rich cherry, and sunshine

Best Portable full size crib - convertible crib on wheels - colors of DaVinci Jenny Lind convertible crib on wheels


What Can You Expect From the Jenny Lind 3-in-1 Convertible Crib?

As the name already told you, that is a 3 in 1 convertible crib. So, Jenny Lind is a crib which can transform into two other beds.

The first conversion is with the help of toddler guard rail, which you have to buy separately. With removing the front rail of the crib and replacing it with a guardrail, you get a toddler bed.

If you don’t want to make any additional purchase, you still have one option. You can skip the toddler phase and transform the crib directly into a daybed. As you can see, your child can take full advantage of the DaVinci Jenny Lind, even without an intermediate toddler bed phase.

The only difference is, that he will have to climb over the front rail or you will have to pick him up before you decide on a daybed. Of course, because of the safety issues, don’t allow him to climb or decide for a toddler guard rail instead. It’s not a big purchase, and you will save yourself a lot of troubles.

  • Convertible: yes
  • Number of conversions: 3
  • Conversion types: crib, toddler bed, and daybed


As mention before, Jenny Lind is a portable crib on wheels. Besides a unique look, this is the feature which makes it so special. Of course, wheels have a locking mechanics to keep the crib in place. Just don’t forget to lock them, before you put your baby to sleep!


DaVinci Jenny Lind convertible crib on wheels - Best portable full size crib

We found a place, where you can get Jenny Lind
in special colors with the toddler rail included in the price.
To find out more click on the picture!


In addition to a rich selection of colors, wheels differ the Jenny Lind most from other convertible cribs. Because of them and with sleek minimalist design, you can easily move the crib around the house, as it will fit through the room doors.


How long can my baby use the crib?
You have to stop using DaVinci Jenny as a crib when your child begins to climb or reaches 35″. The weight capacity of a daybed is 50 lbs.

DaVinci Jenny Lind Mattress Information

DaVinci Jenny Lind features four level mattress support. That allows you to adjust the mattress into the highest position for your newborn and lower it down while your child grows. The ability to have the mattress high will help you a lot, believe me. It will spare you so many back pains. Just don’t forget to lower the mattress down, when your baby starts to sit on her own.

The interior crib dimensions are 52″ length x 27.75″ width. So you can use any standard full-size mattress in the crib. However, a lot of parents decide for the Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams crib & toddler bed mattress in the Jenny Lind crib.


  • Compatible Mattress Size: standard
  • Mattress Included: no
  • Recommended mattress: Newton Baby crib mattress or Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams crib & toddler bed mattress
  • Adjustable Mattress Height: yes, 4 positions


Newton Baby

 What Do We Like About The Crib?

  • first and foremost the huge number of available non-toxic finishes
  • the wheels with locking mechanism
  • a vintage, timeless design
  • it is a safe crib
  • it is a convertible and portable crib at the same time


Down Points And Solutions For Them

A difference in price for classic colors and additional choices. Classical colors are ebony black, white, cherry, slat and fog gray. All other colors are a bonus, so you might have to pay some extra bucks for them.

DaVinci treats some colors even as a limited edition, but you can get all colors most of the time. The difference in price is not huge, in most cases a few dollars, and no more than 30 dollars. So if you want a unique colored crib, this is not such a big investment.

Don’t Forget About The Safety!

DaVinci makes their furniture from 100% sustainable New Zealand pine wood. They screened Jenny Lind for 360 VOCs and over 10,000 chemicals, so it has GREENGUARD Gold certificate. Also, they use non-toxic multi-step painting process, and the crib is lead and phthalate safe.

Best Portable Full Size Crib - convertible crib on wheels safety standards

As such, DaVinci Jenny Lind meets or even exceed all ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) international and U.S. CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission) safety standards.

The conclusion

If you want a unique looking wooden crib on wheels, DaVinci Jenny Lind convertible crib is a perfect choice for you! Without a doubt, this is the best portable full-size crib which doesn’t fold up. And the convertibility makes it even better.


DaVinci Jenny Lind convertible crib on wheels in white - Best portable full size crib
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And Jenny Lind’s unique look? You won’t get another crib in such a wide assortment of colors. Also, with the vintage design, rounded spindles around the crib and convertibility, the crib stands out of the average amongst full-size portable cribs on wheels.


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